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What is a virtual holiday party?

A virtual holiday party is an online celebration, usually done by remote teams around Christmas. The parties usually include a range of holiday themed games and activities, such as gift exchanges and happy hours. The events usually take place on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Google Meet and other video platforms.

Virtual Holiday Party provides these experiences as a hosted service for corporate groups.

Why are virtual holiday parties important?

Virtual holiday parties are important because they are an opportunity for connection and shared spirit amongst distributed teams. The events became prominent in 2020 at the height of the COVID pandemic. Teams in self-isolation and lockdown needed a way to connect and celebrate at the end of the year.

Virtual holiday parties continue as a way to bond employees, celebrate the year, and boost morale.

How it Works

1. Plan your party with our Event Specialist

We have a complimentary event planning service. You can choose from our activities, and make easy customizations like adding a keynote or gift exchange.

  • Quick and easy bookings
  • Friendly service
  • Range of budgets

2. Choose gift packages to mail your guests

You can choose from a variety of gift packages to mail your guests. The gifts are professionally wrapped, and include shipping anywhere within the continental US.

Package options include:

  • Mixed Holiday Gift Bag
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Gingerbread Kits
  • Food Lovers
  • Custom Swag

3. Attend the event and have fun with your team

Our experienced hosts will bring your people together for fun and excitement. Your team will finish the event feeling better connected and in the holiday spirit.

Joyful Guest Reviews

Great time with Nathan and Tyler for a holiday event!
Brent W.
Brent W.
fun, energetic, great way to spend the holiday season together with the team!
Tracey H.
Tracey H.
We had lots of fun with Jerica and Leo at our departmental virtual holiday party. They had lots of energy, and the games were fun.
Renee G.
Renee G.
A great way to start the holiday season. Steven and Becca were great hosts and made it a ton of fun! Highly recommend this for a team building experience!
Corin R.
Corin R.
Great holiday party experience! Thanks Nathan and Happy Holidays!
Melanie R.
Melanie R.

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