6 Kwanzaa Activities, Games & Ideas for Work

Here is our list of fun Kwanzaa activities, games & ideas for work. Kwanzaa ideas for work are Kwanzaa-related activities performed from 26th December to 1st January. Examples include setting up the Kwanzaa display, lighting the candles (Mishumaa Saba), and exchanging gifts. The purpose of these activities is to celebrate the African American heritage and … Read more

31 Festive & Fun Holiday Email Ideas for Work

You’ve found our list of the best holiday email ideas. Holiday email ideas are festive messages you can send to coworkers and colleagues. These cheerful messages help spread seasonal cheer without the expense of money or time that comes from sending physical holiday cards. Examples of holiday email ideas include messages from the North Pole … Read more

16 Best Virtual Employee Gifts to Give Remote Workers in 2022

You found our list of good virtual employee gifts. Virtual employee gifts are rewards and incentives you can send remote workers to appreciate their efforts during the holidays. Examples of virtual gifts include online fitness memberships, streaming service subscriptions, and gift cards. Giving presents to remote employees might help them feel more a part of … Read more

17 Virtual Christmas Party Boxes

Virtual Christmas party boxes are premade and DIY packages containing a variety of Christmas party favors, like wines or tasty snacks. Examples include Gourmet Gift Boxes by Mrs. Fields, Hot Chocolate Gift Sets, and Wine Advent Calendars. Gifting Christmas party boxes is a great way to appreciate your party guests and spread festive cheers. These … Read more

195 Christmas Icebreaker Questions

Christmas icebreaker questions are prompts you can use during a virtual or in-person gathering with families and coworkers. Examples include “do you love baking Christmas cookies?,” “What is your best Christmas cookie recipe?,” and “What holiday books do you love reading?” Alongside boosting engagement in your meeting, the questions can help you learn more about … Read more

16 Fun Virtual Christmas Games

Virtual Christmas games are challenges and exercises that can spread the festive spirit remotely with families and friends. Examples include Blind Hot Chocolate Tasting, Christmas Movie Trivia, and Two Truth and One Lie. Playing these games is a great way to stay connected with your remote team during the holiday season. These activities are similar … Read more

19 Top Party Planning Books to Read in 2022

You found our list of the best party planning books. Party planning books are reading resources that offer event planners handy tips and ease the process of hosting guests. Examples include Good Things for Easy Entertaining by Martha Stewart, Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln by James C. Humes, and Haunt Your House For Halloween by Cindy Fuller. … Read more

21 Best Christmas Books to Read around the Holidays in 2022

You found our list of famous Christmas books. Christmas books are exciting stories that broaden your horizons and honor the holiday season. Examples include The Polar Express, The Toymakers, and Twelve Nights. A good Christmas book is one of the finest ways to get into the holiday mood. These stories are similar to holiday books. … Read more

17 Best Holiday Care Package Ideas

Holiday care package ideas are items you can send to your employees, colleagues, and clients during the festive period. Examples include a well-packed breakfast from The Breakfast Box, festive cookies using boxes by ClipnBox, or a fitness kit from BODI BOX. Sending a care package is an excellent way of showing the recipient that you … Read more

16 Fun Remote New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Remote New Year’s Eve party ideas are online celebrations, games, and fun activities done in anticipation of the new year. You can host a remote New Year’s Eve party via a web conferencing app like Zoom, Skype, or WebEx. You can use many ideas to create long-lasting memories during the event, such as pajama parties, … Read more

61 Creative Christmas Family Feud Questions

Christmas Family Feud questions are creative and fun ways to get the entire team involved and socializing during the holiday season. Some of the best Christmas Family Feud questions include “What are the most popular Christmas songs?” or “What present would you get Santa for Christmas?”. You can utilize these questions at holiday parties, Zoom … Read more

21 Creative Holiday Swag Ideas

You found our list of the best holiday swag ideas. Holiday swag ideas are free promotional items that display a brand’s logo, slogan, or mascot. You can hand these items to your employees and customers during the holiday season. Examples include snack boxes, Zen gift back, and frosted lip balms. These holiday-themed items benefit companies … Read more

18 Creative Holiday Bonus and Incentive Ideas

You found our list of the best holiday bonuses and incentive ideas. Holiday bonuses and incentive ideas refer to any initiative an organization takes to reward or recognize employees for good work at year’s end. Examples include monetary rewards, professional development opportunities, and extra vacation time. These gestures allow businesses to recognize and appreciate their … Read more

17 Fun Zoom Holiday Party Ideas

Zoom holiday party ideas are virtual experiences you can enjoy via the web conferencing platform during seasonal gatherings. Examples include virtual holiday happy hour, holiday Bingo, and cookie decorating party. Zoom’s user-friendly features make the program one of the top options for your virtual gatherings. These events are similar to virtual Christmas party activities and … Read more

30 Best Holiday Gifts for Employees

Holiday gifts for employees are items to offer employees during the holiday season. Examples include desk organizers, workout mats, and cell phone camera lens kits. These gifts aim to appreciate employees, boost staff morale, and enhance employees’ commitment to the organization. This list includes employee holiday gifts under $50 and virtual employee Christmas gifts. These … Read more

134 Christmas Quotes of the Day

Christmas quotes of the day are statements and sayings by prominent figures like authors, actors, and musicians that can promote the spirit of Christmas. For example, “Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling,” “At Christmas, all roads lead home,” and “The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!” The purpose of these quotes is … Read more

17 Christmas Spirit Week Ideas for Work

Christmas spirit week ideas for work are activities, games, and experiences you can share with colleagues during the days leading up to Christmas. Examples include Secret Santa, Christmas Bingo, and Ugly Sweater Contest. While you celebrate the season, the experiences give you and your coworkers a chance to bond and learn more about each other. … Read more

31 Fun Office Christmas Decorating Ideas for Work

Office Christmas decorating ideas are themes and features to encourage team members to get into the holiday spirit. For example, you can recreate the Polar Express in the reception area or turn each team member into an elf on the shelf. The purpose of decorating the office is to bring some happiness and joy into … Read more

17 Unique Office Christmas Tree Ideas

Office Christmas tree ideas are ways to create a unique Christmas tree in your workplace during the festive period. You can use unique themes like Snowing Christmas Tree, The Gingerbread Man Tree, and Representational Christmas Tree. Setting up an office Christmas tree can also be a bonding experience for you and your colleagues. During the … Read more

19 Fun Office Christmas Party Ideas for Work in 2022

Office Christmas party ideas are enjoyable activities to celebrate the festive season with your team or department. Examples include Office Decorations, Movie Nights, and Secret Santa. The purpose of these party ideas is to encourage team spirit and lightheartedness in the workplace during the holidays. These suggestions are similar to virtual Christmas party ideas. You … Read more