Christmas Bingo

Christmas Bingo is a fun game you can play with friends families and coworkers. The game follows familiar rules and format of Bingo, with clues that are holiday themed. For example, “can sing Jingle Bells” or “still believes in Santa Claus.” The purpose of this game is to bring people together for festive fun. Here … Read more

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

Ho, ho, ho! You found our list of festive virtual Christmas party ideas. Virtual Christmas parties are online events meant to celebrate the holidays and the passing of the year. These parties usually include holiday games, activities and museum. For example, virtual Holiday scavenger hunts, and Christmas Bingo. These virtual parties are generally held in … Read more

What is a Virtual Holiday Party?

A virtual holiday party is an online celebration you do with remote groups. These events usually take plan over platforms like Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and FaceTime. The occasion can take on a number of structures, include virtual happy hours, game-oriented, mixers and more. Virtual holiday parties first became popular in 2020 when … Read more