195 Christmas Icebreaker Questions

Christmas icebreaker questions are prompts you can use during a virtual or in-person gathering with families and coworkers. Examples include “do you love baking Christmas cookies?,” “What is your best Christmas cookie recipe?,” and “What holiday books do you love reading?” Alongside boosting engagement in your meeting, the questions can help you learn more about … Read more

61 Creative Christmas Family Feud Questions

Christmas Family Feud questions are creative and fun ways to get the entire team involved and socializing during the holiday season. Some of the best Christmas Family Feud questions include “What are the most popular Christmas songs?” or “What present would you get Santa for Christmas?”. You can utilize these questions at holiday parties, Zoom … Read more

159 Fun Christmas Trivia Questions

Christmas trivia questions are Christmas-related prompts you can use during a quiz. Examples include “What is the capital city of Christmas Island?” “What country is the largest exporter of Christmas trees?” and “What are the ingredients for mulled wine?” With these questions, you and your colleagues or family members can show how smart you are … Read more

63 Happy Holidays Messages to Employees

You found our list of the best happy holidays messages to employees. Happy holiday messages to employees are warm greetings you send to your coworkers during the holidays. For example, “Thanks to you, we have had many successes this year. Now is the time to send warm wishes of the season’s best to you and … Read more

88 Good Christmas Jeopardy Questions and Answers

Christmas Jeopardy questions and answers provide the materials for a fun holiday game you can play with friends, family, or coworkers. The goal is to create questions that are challenging without being too difficult for players to answer. You can set up a simple game using Christmas Jeopardy questions and answers to enjoy an office … Read more

150 Christmas Quiz Questions and Answers

Here is our list of the best Christmas quiz questions. Christmas quiz questions are prompts you can use to test your knowledge about Christmas. For instance, “In Sweden, what beverage do children leave for Santa Claus?” “Which country started the tradition of putting up Christmas trees?” and “Panettone originated from which country?.” These questions are … Read more

164 Fun Christmas Would You Rather Questions 

Christmas would you rather questions are fun prompts for players to choose between two holiday-themed options. Example prompts are “would you rather prepare Christmas ham or turkey?”, “would  you rather have a carrot nose or eyes made out of coal?”, and “would you rather walk or ride Santa’s sleigh to work?.” These questions are great … Read more

230+ Best Christmas This or That Questions

Christmas this or that questions are prompts for a fun holiday game where players get several two-option prompts and select their preferred choice in each question. For example, “watch movies or sing Christmas carols?”, “angel topper or star topper on a Christmas tree?”, and “handmade gifts or bought gifts?” The purpose of these questions is … Read more