88 Good Christmas Jeopardy Questions and Answers

Christmas Jeopardy questions and answers provide the materials for a fun holiday game you can play with friends, family, or coworkers. The goal is to create questions that are challenging without being too difficult for players to answer. You can set up a simple game using Christmas Jeopardy questions and answers to enjoy an office party or Christmas dinner.

This gameshow is example of a Christmas quiz, Christmas team building activity, and Christmas trivia.

This list includes:

  • Christmas Jeopardy questions for students
  • Christmas Jeopardy questions for adults
  • family Christmas Jeopardy questions
  • Christmas double Jeopardy questions
  • Christmas final Jeopardy questions
  • Christmas song Jeopardy questions
  • Christmas food Jeopardy questions
  • easy Christmas Jeopardy questions

Let’s get to it!

Christmas Jeopardy Questions for Students

1. Q: This magical household figure moves from room to room, helping Santa by making sure children are being good.

A: What is the Elf on a Shelf?

2. Q: This piece of clothing brought Frosty the Snowman to life.

A: What is his old silk hat?

3. Q: Children who misbehave may find a lump of this black rock in their stockings on Christmas morning.

A: What is coal?

4. Q: The other reindeer would not let Rudolph join in any of these activities.

A: What are reindeer games?

5. Q: In Mexico, children break open these hanging papier mache sculptures to release the gifts inside.

A: What are pinatas?

6. Q: If you leave treats for Santa’s reindeer, then make sure you put out these crunchy orange vegetables.

A: What are carrots?

7. Q: This dark fairy tale about a brother, a sister, and a witch they meet in the woods, was the inspiration for gingerbread houses.

A: What is Hansel and Gretel?

8. Q: When the Grinch discovers the true meaning of Christmas, his heart grows this number of sizes.

A: What is three?

9. Q: These three words are what best describe the Grinch, “and I quote.”

A: What are stink, stank, and stunk?

10. Q: This familiar sleighing song was the first Earth tune played in outer space.

A: What is “Jingle Bells”?

Christmas Jeopardy Questions for Adults

11. Q: This tradition, now associated with Christmas, began in Ancient Greece as a blessing of fertility in wedding ceremonies.

A: What is kissing under the mistletoe?

12. Q: This giggling red monster was the hit of the holidays as the best-selling Christmas toy of 1996.

A: What is Tickle Me Elmo?

13. Q: It takes this many years for a pine tree to grow to an acceptable Christmas tree height.

A: What is 15?

14. Q: One in three men wait until this day to do their Christmas shopping.

A: What is Christmas Eve?

15. Q: In Germany, this frightening anti-Santa Claus with goat’s hooves and horns punishes children who misbehave instead of bringing them gifts.

A: Who (or what) is Krampus?

16. Q: The English also refer to Santa Claus by this proper-sounding name.

A: What is Father Christmas?

17. Q: This real-life department store served as the setting for the Christmas film “Miracle on 34th Street”.

A: What is Macy’s?

18. Q: The color of Elvis’s suede shoes, as well as the Christmas he will have without you.

A: What is blue?

19. Q: During the holidays, this famous New York City landmark features a colossal Christmas tree and a popular ice-skating rink.

A: What is Rockefeller Center?

20. Q: It is Hawaii’s way to say, “Merry Christmas to you.”

A: What is “Mele kalikimaka”?

Family Christmas Jeopardy Questions

21. Q: “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” with every one of these.

A: What is “Christmas card I write”?

22. Q: There were no creatures stirring on the night before Christmas, not even one of these.

A: What is a mouse?

23. Q: This mythical winter sprite is nipping at your nose in “The Christmas Song.”

A: Who is Jack Frost?

24. Q: Popping tubes used in the U.K. to hold gifts and small treats go by this explosive name.

A: What are Christmas crackers?

25. Q: You can get your Christmas card postmarked not at the North Pole, but at the city called North Pole, located in this, the largest U.S. state.

A: What is Alaska?

26. Q: In The Twelve Days of Christmas, lords a-leaping appear in this quantity.

A: What is ten?

27. Q: This Christmas plant, popular for its bright red leaves, is native to Mexico and Central America.

A: What is a poinsettia?

28. Q: The wise men brought these three gifts for the baby Jesus, not the most useful items to give a newborn.

A: What are gold, frankincense, and myrrh?

29. Q: This holiday, observed in the U.K. on the day after Christmas, originated as a way for the rich to give their servants boxes of items to share with their families.

A: What is Boxing Day?

Christmas Song Jeopardy Questions

30. Q: In “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” Grandma had been drinking too much of this festive holiday beverage.

A: What is eggnog?

31. Q: This catch 1994 Christmas tune is the best-selling Christmas single ever recorded by a female artist, as well as being one of the highest-selling singles in music history.

A: What is “All I Want for Christmas is You”?

32. Q: In his original 1943 recording of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, Bing Crosby crooned, “Christmas Eve will find me…” here.

A: What is where the love light gleams?

33. Q: These barnyard beasts kept time for a humble percussionist in the Christmas carol, “The Little Drummer Boy”.

A: What are the ox and lamb?

34. Q: Spotify has a playlist featuring 100 different versions of this holiday bop, which was originally written and recorded by 1980s Brit Pop duo Wham!

A: What is “Last Christmas”?

35. Q: In “A Holly, Jolly Christmas,” singer Burl Ives suggests that you say hello to these two classifications of people.

A: What are folks you know and everyone you meet?

36. Q: It may sound like a composition from the Middle Ages, but this classic Christmas hymn appeared in 1843 and made its debut in 1847.

A: What is “O Holy Night”?

37. Q: This ex-Beatle wrote and recorded “Wonderful Christmastime” in 1980 for his second solo album.

A: Who is Paul McCartney?

38. Q: The lyrics to this timeless Christmas song describe a wintery ride in a one-horse open sleigh, but never once mention the word “Christmas.”

A: What is “Jingle Bells”?

39. Q: “A Charlie Brown Christmas” features a Christmas song composed especially for the show, with lyrics written on the back on an envelope in ten minutes by the show’s producer.

A: What is “Christmas Time is Here”?

Christmas Movie Jeopardy Questions

40. Q: Will Ferrell played the oversized North Pole adoptee who sets off to find his father in this 2003 Christmas classic.

A: What is “Elf”?

41. Q: The role of Ebenezer Scrooch in 1992’s “A Muppet Christmas Carol” featured this two-time Academy Award-winning British actor.

A: Who is Michael Caine?

42. Q: This 2004 animated Christmas feature was an adaptation of an illustrated storybook by Chris Van Allsburg, the same author who created “Jumanji.”

A: What is “The Polar Express”?

43. Q: Sarah Jessica Parker’s character spills this multi-layered egg dish all over herself in the 2005 holiday romantic comedy, “The Family Stone.”

A: What is a strata?

44. Q: In the 1983 holiday favorite “A Christmas Story,” Ralphie’s father wins a lamp shaped like this body part as a runner-up prize from a newspaper contest.

A: What is a woman’s leg?

45. Q: The actor who plays long-suffering Clark Griswold in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is this original SNL cast member.

A: Who is Chevy Chase?

46. Q: Jim Carrey’s grumpy green gremlin lays siege to this town in the 2000 film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

A: What is Whoville?

47. Q: In 1994’s “The Santa Clause,” Tim Allen’s character takes over as Santa after this accident kills the original Santa Clause.

A: What is falling off a roof?

48. Q: This “Home Alone” character fends off a pair of robbers by building slapstick traps in his house.

A: Who is Kevin McAlister?

49. Q: There is an ongoing debate online about whether this action flick starring Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman is actually a Christmas film.

A: What is “Die Hard”?

50. Q: In this cinematic holiday heart warmer, George Bailey receives a visit from an angel who helps him realize the importance of his own existence.

A: What is “It’s a Wonderful Life?”

Christmas Food Jeopardy Questions

51. Q: Edible houses with candy decorations are made from this traditional baked substance.

A: What is gingerbread?

52. Q: One of the key flavors in eggnog is this aromatic spice, often sprinkled on top as a garnish.

A: What is nutmeg?

53. Q: In “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, the carolers threaten to stay put until they receive this proper English dish.

A: What is figgy pudding?

54. Q: Consumers buy an estimated two million of these sugary Christmas loaves each year, a surprising amount for a dessert many people love to hate.

A: What is fruitcake?

55. Q: This traditional Christmas beverage, made with brandy, fruit juices, and spices, is also the subject of an English folk song

A: What is wassail?

56. Q: Christmas pies, served in many English-speaking countries, are also known by this more descriptive name, inspired by the blend of beef suet and fruit in the filling

A: What are mincemeat pies?

57. Q: These classic Christmas sweets begin as striped loaves before a machine pulls and twists it into thin, hook-shaped treats.

A: What are candy canes?

58. Q: The smooth, candy-like hard frosting used to decorate sugar cookies goes by this regal name.

A: What is royal icing?

59. Q: Rather than dining on turkey, the Whos in Whoville in Dr. Seuss’s Christmas classic “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” enjoy this descriptively named main dish.

A: What is roast beast?

60. Q: These are the four major food groups for elves in the Christmas film “Elf”.

A: What are candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup?

Easy Christmas Jeopardy Questions

61. Q: In the “Twelve Days of Christmas”, The singer’s true love gives them five of these shining pieces of jewelry on day five.

A: What are golden rings?

62. Q: This is the true number of Santa’s reindeer in the Christmas poem T’was the Night Before Christmas.

A: What is eight? (Rudolph isn’t mentioned.)

63. Q: Children leave this tasty treat for Santa on Christmas Eve.

A: What are milk and cookies?

64. Q: These two items traditionally appear at the tops of Christmas trees.

A: What are stars and angels?

65. Q: This popular reindeer began as a promotional character for Montgomery Ward department stores.

A: Who is Rudolph?

66. Q: It consists of inexpensive foil now, but this glittery decoration started as strips of real silver.

A: What is tinsel?

67. Q: Visions of these holiday treats danced in the heads of the children “nestled, all snug in their beds.”

A: What are sugarplums?

68. Q: More than 1.5 billion of these travel through the U.S. Postal Service every year.

A: What are Christmas cards?

69. Q: It takes more than eight million lights to decorate this “magic kingdom” for Christmas.

A: What is Disneyland?

70. Q: Santa keeps these two lists to track which children get presents and which get coal.

A: What are the Naughty and Nice lists?

Christmas Double Jeopardy questions

71. Q: These candlelit paper lanterns are a Christmas tradition in Mexico and in the Southwestern U.S.

A: What are luminarias?

72. Q: This type of calendar contains pockets filled with treats, one for each day of December through Christmas Day.

A: What is an advent calendar?

73. Q: This is the family name of Tiny Tim and his father Bob in Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol.”

A: What is Cratchit?

74. Q: In the classic stop-motion animation Christmas special “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” Hermie the Elf would rather be this as an occupation.

A: What is a dentist?

75. Q: This instrumental Christmastime theme from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite was also used in early versions of the video game Tetris.

A: What is Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy?

76. Q: The Rockettes perform their Christmas spectacular, high kicks and all, in this famous New York theater.

A: What is Radio City Music Hall?

77. Q: In “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” this character recites the Bible passage detailing the angel appearing to shepherds in the fields.

A: Who is Linus?

78. Q: A witch drops presents down chimneys in this European country’s Christmas traditions.

A: What is Italy?

79. Q: The number of lights on the Griswold house in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

A: What is 25,000?

80. Q: At Christmastime, Santa rings a bell in front of grocery stores and collects money in red kettles for this charitable organization.

A: What is the Salvation Army?

Christmas Final Jeopardy Questions

81. Q: This office of the U.S. Armed Services tracks Santa’s voyage around the world on Christmas Eve.

A: What is NORAD?

82. Q: The total number of ghosts that visit Ebenezer Scrooge in the Dickens novel, “A Christmas Carol” is this.

A: What is four? (Bob Marley, Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas Future)

83. Q: The tradition of using a decorated tree as a symbol of Christmas began in this European country.

A: What is Germany?

84. Q: Instead of receiving cash as a holiday bonus in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, Clark Griswold receives this sweet yet disappointing surprise.

A: What is a subscription to the Jelly of the Month club?

85. Q: This beverage giant was the first company to use Santa Claus in an advertising campaign.

A: What is Coca-Cola?

86. Q: With more than 50 million copies sold, this classic Christmas tune holds the Guinness World Record for the all-time best-selling single.

A: What is White Christmas?

87. Q: The name “Santa Claus” appears in the Christmas poem “T’was the Night Before Christmas” this number of times.

A: What is zero?

88. Q: The Ukrainian legend of this crawling creature inspired the Christmas of hiding a similarly shaped ornament on the tree in its honor.

A: What is a spider?


With so much material to cover, almost any Christmas fact can become a Christmas Jeopardy question if you phrase it in the form of a question. You can set up a simple game board using a grid on a whiteboard. To play the game virtual, create a grid on an Excel or Google spreadsheet to use as a game board on a shared screen in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or your company’s designated virtual meeting site. By assigning each square in the grid a number and a point value, you can read the questions from a document or spreadsheet and keep track of each player’s score as the game progresses.

You can also play Christmas Family Feud and Christmas facts of the day.

FAQ: Christmas Jeopardy questions and answers

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Christmas Jeopardy.

What is Christmas Jeopardy?

Christmas Jeopardy is a holiday version of the popular television trivia show Jeopardy. In this format, the host reads the questions as statements, and each player must phrase their answers in the form of questions. Each game consists of a Single Jeopardy round, a Double Jeopardy round with questions covering multiple subjects, and a Final Jeopardy round, with a single question deciding the winner. In Christmas Jeopardy, all categories and questions relate to Christmas subjects such as music, food, and movies.

How do you play Christmas Jeopardy?

Christmas Jeopardy is a three-player game you can play by setting up a simple gameboard using a whiteboard or spreadsheet on your laptop. Each column represents a different category, and each of the five spaces in those columns represents a question with an assigned point value. Players choose a space anywhere on the board to reveal a question. All players “buzz in” after the host reads the question. The first to buzz in gets a chance to answer and add the points assigned to that space to their score. If their answer is incorrect, then the two remaining players can buzz in to answer. If no player answers correctly, then no one adds points to their score.

What are some good Christmas Jeopardy questions?

A good Christmas Jeopardy question is, “This popular reindeer began as a promotional character for Montgomery Ward department stores.” The answer: Who is Rudolph? Another good question is, “Decorative houses for the Christmas table feature this traditional baked substance.” The answer: What is gingerbread?