150 Christmas Quiz Questions and Answers

Here is our list of the best Christmas quiz questions.

Christmas quiz questions are prompts you can use to test your knowledge about Christmas. For instance, “In Sweden, what beverage do children leave for Santa Claus?” “Which country started the tradition of putting up Christmas trees?” and “Panettone originated from which country?.” These questions are a great way to get your families and friends in the holiday spirit while doing a friendly competition.

These prompts are similar to Christmas trivia and Christmas Jeopardy questions.

This list includes:

  • easy Christmas quiz questions
  • hard Christmas quiz questions
  • funny Christmas quiz questions
  • Christmas pub quiz questions
  • Christmas quiz questions for adults
  • children’s Christmas quiz questions

Let’s get to it!

Easy Christmas quiz questions

  1. Q: How many days are there between Christmas and Epiphany?
    A: 12 days
  2. Q: What Christmas accessories hide the trunk or stand of a Christmas tree?
    A: A tree skirt
  3. Q: What is the color of mistletoe berries?
    A: White, red, or pink
  4. Q: How many times does the number “one” appear in an advent calendar with 24 boxes?
    A: One appeared 12 times in boxes 1, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21
  5. Q: How many tips does a snowflake usually have?
    A: Six tips
  6. Q: Who brought Frosty to live in “Frosty the Snowman?”
    A: Santa Claus
  7. Q: What are the names of Santa’s reindeer?
    A: Comet, Prancer, Cupid, Dasher, Dancer, Blitzen, Donner, and Vixen…and Rudolph!
  8. Q: What traditional Christmas beverage has roots in the British aristocracy, often prepared with egg, sugar, milk, spices, and rum?
    A: Eggnog
  9. Q: What fairytale inspired the first gingerbread house?
    A: Hansel and Gretel
  10. Q: Which Christmas carol has these lyrics: “And heaven and nature sing” and “let earth receive her king?”
    A: Joy to the World
  11. Q: What animal carried Mary before she gave birth to baby Jesus?
    A: Donkey
  12. Q: Who is the most popular of Santa’s Reindeer?
    A: Rudolph
  13. Q: Which angel visited Mary?
    A: Angel Gabriel
  14. Q: Which of Santa’s reindeer has the name of a female fox?
    A: Vixen
  15. Q: What do you call a female turkey?
    A: A hen
  16. Q: What are the two most popular Christmas colors?
    A: Red and green
  17. Q: What did my true love receive on the 11th day of Christmas, according to the song “12 Days of Christmas?”
    A: 11 pipers piping
  18. Q: How many turtle doves are in the “12 Days of Christmas” song?
    A: Two turtle doves

Hard Christmas quiz questions

  1. Q: Who became the king of England on December 25th, 1066?
    A: William I, “The Conqueror”
  2. Q: In 1965, what Christmas song did astronauts broadcast from space?
    A: Jingle Bells
  3. Q: According to Austrian folklore, what is the name of the horned figure that punishes naughty kids at Christmastime?
    A: Krampus
  4. Q: What is the title of the most famous Christmas ballet of all time?
    A: The Nutcracker
  5. Q: What Christmas gift did Harry receive from Dursleys in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone?”
    A: A 50-pence piece
  6. Q: The German Nazi regime replaced Santa Claus with what figure?
    A: Odin
  7. Q: In what year was the first-ever Christmas message delivered, and by who?
    A: 1932 by George V
  8. Q: In what year were turkeys first brought to England?
    A: 1526
  9. Q: What poem became the first publication that mentioned Santa’s reindeer?
    A: Old Santaclaus with Much Delight
  10. Q: What is the name of the mountain in Canada named after the eight reindeer?
    A: The Christmas Mountains
  11. Q: In Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” who declared: “Merry Christmas, one and all!?”
    A: Tiny Tim
  12. Q: In what country do children traditionally have their clogs filled with candies on the fifth day of December?
    A: The Netherlands
  13. Q: What year was “The Night Before Christmas” by Clement C Moore first published?
    A: 1823
  14. Q: What is the average number of Christmas trees grown in Europe yearly?
    A: 60 million
  15. Q: Who played the role of Scrooge in “The Muppet Christmas Carol?”
    A: Michael Caine
  16. Q: What is the name of the special bread baked in the shape of Jesus and eaten at Christmastime in Belgium?
    A: Cougnou
  17. Q: The song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” was first recorded in what year?
    A: 1934
  18. Q: In the UK, Christmas was first celebrated in what century?
    A: Sixth century
  19. Q: Panettone originated from which country?
    A: Italy
  20. Q: Which famous scientist has their birthday on December 25, 1642?
    A: Isaac Newton
  21. Q: Which Pacific Ocean island nation calls Santa Claus Santa-san?
    A: Japan
  22. Q: What do Ukrainians place on Christmas trees for good luck?
    A: A spider’s web

Funny Christmas quiz questions

  1. Q: What would be your star sign if you were born on Christmas?
    A: Capricorn
  2. Q: Which country traditionally eats KFC for Christmas dinner?
    A: Japan
  3. Q: How many “la”s are in the song “Deck the Hall?”
    A: 96 “la”s
  4. Q: What famous carol was originally written for Thanksgiving?
    A: Jingle Bells
  5. Q: Before the invention of Christmas lights, what did people put on their Christmas trees?
    A: Candles
  6. Q: What vegetable do most kids leave for Santa’s reindeer?
    A: Carrots
  7. Q: What is the name of Santa’s reindeer named after thunder?
    A: Donner, which is the German word for “thunder”
  8. Q: In “A Christmas Story,” what Christmas gift did Raphie get from his aunt?
    A: Pink bunny suit
  9. Q: What do you call a tree with fake snow?
    A: A flocked Christmas tree
  10. Q: What is Santa Claus called in Italy?
    A: Babbo Natale
  11. Q: In Germany, what is the traditional fruit cake called?
    A: Stollen
  12. Q: When should Christmas decorations come down, according to the traditions in the UK?
    A: Twelfth Night, which can be the fifth or sixth day of January
  13. Q: Which states in the US have a town called Santa Claus?
    A: Indiana, Arizona, and Georgia
  14. Q: How do the Hawaiians say “Merry Christmas?”
    A: Mele Kalikimaka
  15. Q: What popular holiday plant is aphrodisiac?
    A: Mistletoe
  16. Q: What is the title of the Christmas movie based on a real-life department store called Macy’s?
    A: Miracle on the 34th Street
  17. Q: What did Santa say at the end of the book “A Visit from St. Nicholas?”
    A: “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night”
  18. Q: In what book did a character say, “Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more?”
    A: Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  19. Q: How did Buddy get to the North Pole in the movie “Elf?”
    A: He hid inside Santa’s bag
  20. Q: At the end of “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” what carol did the Peanuts gang sing?
    A: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  21. Q: What Cartoon do Swedes watch to celebrate Christmas Eve?
    A: Donald Duck
  22. Q: What do the Germans call mulled wine?
    A: Glühwein
  23. Q: The “X” in Xmas stands for what?
    A: Xristos, which means “Christ” in Greek
  24. Q: What are the cattle doing in “Away in a Manger?”
    A: Lowering
  25. Q: If you want to send a letter to Santa, then what address should you use, based on the Royal Mail advice?
    A: Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ
  26. Q: What year was tinsel invented?
    A: 1610
  27. Q: Christmas caroling started in which country?
    A: Austria

Christmas pub quiz questions

  1. Q: The first Christmas cards commercially produced featured children drinking what beverage?
    A: Wine
  2. Q: In Scotland, what do most people serve as pudding on Christmas?
    A: Clootie Dumplings
  3. Q: What is the name of the reindeer in the movie “Frozen?
    A: Sven
  4. Q: What is the title of Shakespeare’s play written for Elizabeth I as a Christmas gift?
    A: The Merry Wives of Windsor
  5. Q: How many ghosts appeared in “A Christmas Carol?”
    A: Four ghosts
  6. Q: In “Home Alone,” where did Kevin’s family travel for Christmas?
    A: Paris
  7. Q: What is the first rule of the Code of Elves in the movie “Elf?”
    A: Treat every day like Christmas
  8. Q: What is the total number of gifts given in the “12 Days of Christmas” song?
    A: 364 gifts
  9. Q: What is the title of the first-ever Christmas movie?
    A: Santa Claus (1898)
  10. Q: In what year was the first Christmas card sent?
    A: 1843
  11. Q: Tinsel was initially made from what?
    A: Strands of silver
  12. Q: In what Christmas movie did Donald Trump make a cameo appearance?
    A: Home Alone 2
  13. Q: “Milk Punch” is another name for which Christmas beverage?
    A: Eggnog
  14. Q: Who is the main villain in “The Nightmare Before Christmas?”
    A: Oogie Boogie
  15. Q: “Noel” is a Latin word for?
    A: Birth
  16. Q: In Sweden, what beverage do children leave for Santa Claus and why?
    A: Coffee to help Santa keep awake all night
  17. Q: Which Roman holiday inspired the Christmas celebration?
    A: Saturnalia
  18. Q: What pagan holiday was in place before Christmas took over?
    A: Yuletide
  19. Q: Who wrote the song “Frosty The Snowman?”
    A: Steve Nelson and Walter Rollins
  20. Q: What is the original title of “The Little Drummer Boy?”
    A: Carol of the Drum
  21. Q: Who created the first Christmas card ever sent?
    A: John Horsley
  22. Q: Santa was born in what year?
    A: 270 AD
  23. Q: What is the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time?
    A: How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  24. Q: What are the names of the “Boogie’s Boys” that kidnapped Santa Claus in “The Nightmare Before Christmas?”
    A: Lock, Shock, and Barrel
  25. Q: In “Frozen,” what is the name of Elsa and Anna’s kingdom?
    A: Arendelle
  26. Q: What year were Christmas crackers introduced?
    A: 1902
  27. Q: Boxing day started as a traditional holiday in which country?
    A: United Kingdom
  28. Q: What happens when a bell rings, according to the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life?”
    A: An angel gains its wing
  29. Q: What is the name of the actor who played Buddy the Elf in “Elf?”
    A: Will Ferrell
  30. Q: Olympia, recognized as the largest snowperson in 2008, was how many feet tall?
    A: 122 feet

Christmas quiz questions for adults

  1. Q: Who was the US president that erected and decorated the first Christmas tree at the White House?
    A: President Benjamin Harrison
  2. Q: St. Nicholas was born in what modern-day country?
    A: Turkey
  3. Q: What ingredients do you need to make mulled wine?
    A: Red wind, spices, and sugar
  4. Q: The idea of Santa Claus dressed in a red and white costume started as an advertisement by what beverage company?
    A: Coca-Cola
  5. Q: Where do Finland’s residents usually put their candles on Christmas Eve?
    A: On relatives’ graves
  6. Q: Which country started the tradition of putting up Christmas trees?
    A: Germany
  7. Q: In what century was eggnog invented?
    A: 13th century
  8. Q: The Bûche du Nöel,” eaten in France at Christmastime, is also called what?
    A: Yule log
  9. Q: Christmas cards were first sold in what city and in what year?
    A: London, in 1843
  10. Q: In “The Polar Express,” Tom Hank played how many roles?
    A: Six roles
  11. Q: In what country do people begin the festive season with a mixture of advocaat and brandy?
    A: Italy
  12. Q: Who started the elf on the shelf tradition?
    A: Carol Aebersold and her daughter, Chanda Bell
  13. Who popularized figure-shaped gingerbread cookies during Christmas time?
    A: Queen Elizabeth I
  14. Q: The Armenians celebrate Christmas on what day?
    A: On the sixth day of January
  15. Q: What alcohol do you need to make a Snowball cocktail?
    A: Advocaat
  16. Q: What is the name of the popular Christmas drink in the UK, usually made from cloves, oranges, cinnamon, apple cider, lemons, nutmeg, and allspice?
    A: Wassail
  17. Q: Traditionally, what ornament do people place on top of a Christmas tree?
    A: A star or an angel
  18. Q: In “A Christmas Story,” why could Raphie not get a gun as a Christmas present?
    A: Because “he will shoot his eyes out”
  19. Q: Which reindeer has the same name as a popular Valentine’s Day symbol?
    A: Cupid
  20. Q: Who was the US president famous for having his own eggnog recipe?
    A: George Washington
  21. Q: National Candy Cane Day is on what day?
    December 26th

Children’s Christmas quiz questions

  1. Q: What day do you celebrate Christmas?
    A: December 25
  2. Q: What is the color of Santa’s suit?
    A: Red
  3. Q: Who assists Santa in making and packing gifts?
    A: Elves
  4. Q: How many reindeer does Santa have, including Rudolph?
    A: Nine
  5. Q: What gift did the three wise men present to baby Jesus?
    A: Myrrh, gold, and frankincense
  6. Q: In what town was baby Jesus born?
    A: Bethlehem
  7. Q: What ornament can you find on the tip of elves’ shoes?
    A: Bells
  8. Q: What food should children leave for Santa on Christmas Eve?
    A: Milk and cookies
  9. Q: Name the three ghosts that visited Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol.”
    A: The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas present, and The Ghost of Christmas Future
  10. Q: What will Santa leave in naughty children’s stockings?
    A: A pile of coal
  11. Q: What Christmas treat is white and red?
    A: Candy Cane
  12. Q: Why did the other reindeer not allow Rudolph to join a game in “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer?”
    A: Because he had a shiny red nose
  13. Q: What kind of houses are edible and yummy?
    A: Gingerbread houses
  14. Q: What brought Frosty to life based on the song “Frosty The Snowman?”
    A: A magician’s hat
  15. Q: What is the day after Christmas called?
    A: Boxing day
  16. Q: Where does Santa live?
    A: The North Pole
  17. Q: When Santa wants to determine who is naughty or nice, how often does he check his list?
    A: Two times
  18. Q: Who spies on kids and later reports who is naughty or nice?
    A: An elf on the shelf
  19. Q: What does Santa drive around?
    A: A sleigh
  20. Q: Why do people traditionally celebrate Christmas?
    A: To mark the birth of Jesus Christ
  21. Q: On Christmas Eve, what do you hang near the fireplace?
    A: Stockings
  22. Q: What is the name of the Grinch’s dog in the popular story “How The Grinch Stole Christmas?”
    A: Max
  23. Q: How many times larger did the Grinch’s heart grow whenever he returned the stolen gift?
    A: Three times larger
  24. Q: What do you call the log you burn on Christmas Eve to attract good luck?
    A: Yule log
  25. Q: In what Christmas movie did Children hop on a train heading to the North Pole on Christmas Eve?
    A: The Polar Express
  26. Q: Why do candy canes have the shape of a staff?
    A: To remind children about the shepherds that visited baby Jesus
  27. Q: What is another popular name for a Christmas tree?
    A: Yule tree
  28. Q: What is the color of the holly berry?
    A: Red
  29. Q: Who is Santa’s Wife?
    A: Mrs. Claus
  30. Q: What country believes witches drop gifts for kids from a chimney on Christmas?
    A: Italy
  31. Q: What is the color of the Grinch?
    A: Green
  32. Q: What three words does Santa usually say to greet people?
    A: Ho Ho Ho


A Christmas quiz is a fun game to play during a gathering, whether in-person or virtually. You can challenge your colleagues to a friendly competition using prompts from this list of Christmas quiz questions. These questions range from easy to difficult. Therefore, you can set the questions based on your group’s level. If your group members are up for a challenge, then you can opt for harder prompts. Furthermore, Christmas quizzes can allow you and your colleagues to learn many Christmas-related facts while having fun.

For more question games, check out Christmas Family Feud and Christmas facts of the day.

FAQ: Christmas quiz questions

Here are answers to questions about Christmas quiz questions.

What are Christmas quizzes?

Christmas quizzes are games that involve asking participants Christmas-centric questions. These questions can be on Christmas traditions, food, movies, and even Christmas history. Also, you can ask these questions during a casual gathering or a more serious contest.

How do you play Christmas quizzes?

To play Christmas quizzes, first, decide on the question you would like to ask during the quiz. You can consider your group’s age level or how much challenge participants are willing to take before setting the questions. Also, determine how the participants will take turns answering. You can ask each team to select a random number. Then the team will have to answer the question under the chosen number. Regardless of how you play Christmas quizzes, the important aspect is to have a great time while learning fun facts about Christmas.

What are some good Christmas quiz questions?

Good Christmas quiz questions include:

  • What is the title of Shakespeare’s play written for Elizabeth I as a Christmas gift? The Merry Wives of Windsor
  • In “The Polar Express,” Tom Hank played how many roles? Six roles
  • The idea of Santa Claus dressed in a red and white costume started as an advertisement by what beverage company? Coca-Cola
  • Which reindeer has the same name as a popular Valentine’s Day symbol? Cupid
  • In “Frozen,” what is the name of Elsa and Anna’s kingdom? Arendelle

These fun questions are great for fun and serious Christmas quizzes.

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