230+ Best Christmas This or That Questions

Christmas this or that questions are prompts for a fun holiday game where players get several two-option prompts and select their preferred choice in each question. For example, “watch movies or sing Christmas carols?”, “angel topper or star topper on a Christmas tree?”, and “handmade gifts or bought gifts?” The purpose of these questions is to act as an icebreaker, prompt conversations, and entertain participants during holiday gatherings.

These prompts are an example of Christmas icebreaker questions and are similar to Christmas would you rather questions. These questions make fun virtual Christmas games.

This article covers:

  • Christmas movies this or that questions
  • Christmas food this or that questions
  • Christmas this or that questions for adults
  • Christmas this or that questions for kids
  • Christmas this or that questions for work
  • Christmas this or that questions for parties

Let’s get started.

Christmas movies this or that questions

  1. Go to the cinema or have a movie night at home?
  2. Sing Christmas carols or watch Christmas movies?
  3. Home Alone or Elf?
  4. The Grinch or Gremlins?
  5. Love Hard or Die Hard?
  6. Snack on popcorn or Christmas cookies?
  7. Hot beverages or cold beverages?
  8. Christmas-themed movies or random movies?
  9. Holiday action movies or holiday drama movies?
  10. Different movies or a long movie series?
  11. Christmas comedies or Christmas dramas?
  12. Family-friendly Christmas movies or adult Christmas movies?
  13. Christmas romance movies or kids’ Christmas movies?
  14. Bad Santa or The Night Before?
  15. The Best Man Holiday or Grumpy Old Men?
  16. Christmas movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime?
  17. Live-stream Christmas movies or download Christmas movies?
  18. Happiest Season or The Holiday?
  19. Watch a Christmas film once per season, or repeat the same Christmas movie multiple times in December?
  20. Invite neighbors for a movie night or watch with family only?
  21. Holiday TV or holiday movies?
  22. Warner Bros Christmas movies or Paramount Pictures Christmas movies?
  23. Watch a holiday movie trailer first or go directly to the movie?
  24. Search for holiday movie suggestions on the internet or ask friends for recommendations?
  25. Christmas pantomime or Christmas movies?
  26. Holiday movies alone or with some company?
  27. Play Christmas movies on high volume or low volume?
  28. Holiday movies with subtitles or without subtitles?
  29. Christmas movie date with your partner or a Christmas movie night with your family?
  30. Christmas movies at home or the cinema?
  31. Plan a movie to watch on Christmas or pick a random movie at the time of watching?
  32. Christmas movies in the living room or watch in the backyard?
  33. Use a projector and a big screen or watch on a TV set?
  34. Invite friends for a movie night at home via text or send out fun movie tickets?
  35. Bring snacks or bring drinks to a movie?
  36. Classic holiday movies or new holiday movies?
  37. More blankets or more fluffy pillows?
  38. Watch movies virtually or in person?

Christmas food this or that questions

  1. Do the cooking or clean the dishes?
  2. Eat homemade food or take-out food?
  3. Go for a picnic or eat at an eatery?
  4. Chicken or turkey?
  5. Sweet snacks or savory snacks?
  6. Turkey with cranberry sauce or with turkey gravy?
  7. Sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies?
  8. Roasted dishes or baked food?
  9. Scalloped potatoes or sweet potatoes?
  10. Barbecue or casseroles?
  11. Roast marshmallows or roast chestnuts?
  12. Cook Christmas day meals together as a family or let the family’s best cook do the cooking?
  13. Christmas brunch or Christmas breakfast?
  14. Stuffed turkey or roast turkey?
  15. Christmas cookies or holiday cupcakes?
  16. Pigs in a blanket or mince pie?
  17. Christmas dinner or Christmas breakfast?
  18. Maintain a healthy diet on Christmas Day or spoil yourself with treats?
  19. Baked ham or baked chicken?
  20. Soup with dinner rolls or with croutons?
  21. Pies or cakes?
  22. Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas dinner?
  23. Peppermint or gingerbread flavor?
  24. Cocoa with marshmallows or whipped cream?
  25. Cocoa or mulled wine?
  26. Potato pancakes or mashed potatoes?
  27. Candy canes or peppermint candies?
  28. Fruitcake or eggnog?
  29. Homemade cookies or bakery cookies?

Christmas this or that questions for adults

  1. Vacation or staycation?
  2. Ugly sweaters or matching pajamas?
  3. Give gifts or receive gifts?
  4. Play Christmas would you rather or Christmas trivia?
  5. Have the family dinner on Christmas day or on Christmas Eve?
  6. Wear ear muffs or wear a winter hat?
  7. Ride a dog sled or a reindeer sled?
  8. Shop virtually or shop in-store?
  9. Put on a regular beanie or Santa’s Hat?
  10. Impulsive shopping or planned shopping?
  11. Get fluffy socks or fluffy slippers?
  12. Play traditional Christmas music or pop Christmas music?
  13. Work out to beat the cold or wrap yourself in blankets?
  14. Take the kids to their grandparents’ place for Christmas or invite grandparents home?
  15. Play mental Christmas games or physical Christmas games?
  16. Set up a real fireplace outdoors or a faux fireplace in the living room?
  17. Custom-make an advent calendar or buy a pre-made advent calendar?
  18. Do a movie marathon or a board game marathon?
  19. Eat milk chocolate or white chocolate?
  20. Eat Christmas brunch in the dining room or in the living room?
  21. Make snow angels or build snowmen?
  22. Take a winter nature walk or sit around the fire?
  23. Plunge an ice pool or go to a sauna?
  24. Do Christmas shopping in advance or shop at the last minute?
  25. Mulled wine or mulled cider?
  26. Hot cocoa or eggnog?
  27. Narrate your favorite Christmas experience or watch your favorite Christmas movie?
  28. Attend the festival of Kwanzaa or the festival of Yalda?
  29. Wear matching family PJs or matching bathrobes?
  30. Have a family photo shoot or make a family video?

Christmas this or that questions for kids

  1. Watch a Christmas movie or read a Christmas book?
  2. Do you love the elves or reindeer more?
  3. Wear gloves or wear mittens?
  4. Eat your candy canes or hang candy canes on the Christmas tree?
  5. Have a real Christmas tree or a man-made Christmas tree?
  6. Go ice skating or go sledding?
  7. Act in a skit as a shepherd or a wiseman?
  8. Eat chocolate or candy?
  9. Get a snowman soft toy or a reindeer soft toy?
  10. Go for a Christmas lights drive or see a live nativity scene?
  11. Play a snowball fight or build a snowman?
  12. Donate toys or donate foodstuff?
  13. Decorate a gingerbread house or decorate a Christmas cake?
  14. Get one major surprise gift or get many little surprise gifts?
  15. Play indoor Christmas games or outdoor Christmas games?
  16. Sing Jingle Bells or 12 days of Christmas?
  17. Invite your friend to a Christmas party or invite your teacher?
  18. Build a snowman or model the nativity scene?
  19. Play a snowball fight or a water fight?
  20. Wrap Christmas presents or decorate the Christmas tree?
  21. Wear a sweater or wear a hoodie?
  22. Play Christmas scavenger hunt or hide and seek Christmas-related items?
  23. Make paper stars or paper snowflakes?
  24. Write Santa a letter or pay Santa a visit?
  25. Become a secret Santa to a friend or let friends know you sent them gifts?
  26. Green Santa sack or red Santa sack?
  27. Read a book or play a game while waiting for Santa’s arrival?
  28. Go caroling in the neighborhood or invite neighbors to sing Christmas carols?
  29. Read The Elf on the Shelf or read How the Grinch Stole Christmas?
  30. Make paper chains or make handmade ornaments?
  31. Watch the Rudolph movie or read the Rudolph storybook?
  32. Set up Christmas lights or watch Christmas lights?
  33. Take a picture with Santa or make a drawing for Santa?
  34. Become Santa’s elf or become Santa’s reindeer?
  35. Become Rudolph’s friend or become Frosty’s friend?
  36. Attend the Nutcracker show or dance with the Nutcracker?
  37. Dress up as Santa on Christmas day or dress in pajamas?
  38. Meet Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus?
  39. What would you wish for on Three Kings Day? A coin or a toy?
  40. Share Christmas food or share Christmas toys with friends?
  41. Put out cookies for Santa or veggies for Rudolph?

Christmas this or that questions for work

  1. Secret Santa or white elephant?
  2. Receive a Christmas card or Christmas cookies?
  3. Play Christmas games or attend Christmas parties?
  4. Light candles or light a bonfire to celebrate winter solstice?
  5. Physical gifts or virtual gifts?
  6. Take a holiday recess or take a full annual leave over Christmas?
  7. Gift a client or gift a colleague?
  8. Go to a formal Christmas dinner or casual Christmas dinner?
  9. Take a group photo with colleagues or make a collage with every team member’s portrait?
  10. Simple holiday office party or elaborate office party?
  11. Do traditional Christmas activities or do new creative activities?
  12. Attend a company outing for Christmas or attend a Christmas party with colleagues?
  13. Donate items to the needy or volunteer a service to help the needy?
  14. Play this or that fun questions or play this or that hard questions?
  15. Volunteer services at a local shelter or host a fundraiser for a local shelter?
  16. Challenge colleagues on a tobogganing race or skiing race?
  17. Host a virtual Christmas sing-along or a virtual Christmas karaoke?
  18. Get a gift card or get a cash gift from your company?
  19. Give the boss a gift or receive a gift from the boss?
  20. Have Christmas at home or Christmas away?
  21. Host a talent show or host a dance party?
  22. Play Christmas charades or play Christmas Pictionary?
  23. Play Christmas movie Bingo or Christmas trivia with colleagues?
  24. Play a Christmas whodunnit with colleagues or play in a Christmas-themed escape room?
  25. Attend a holiday cooking class or baking class?
  26. Holiday potluck or meal at a restaurant?
  27. Set up a holiday scavenger hunt or play holiday scavenger hunt?
  28. Make a new year’s resolution for work or go with the flow?
  29. Set up a small Christmas tree for your desktop or a large Christmas tree in the hallway?
  30. Which Christmas party dress code do you prefer? Ugly Christmas sweater or matching pajamas?
  31. Construct a card tree with Christmas cards from clients or make a card gallery in the common room?
  32. Send colleagues a Christmas card or call colleagues to wish them a Merry Christmas?
  33. Be the party pooper at the company’s holiday party or miss the company’s holiday party?
  34. Design a virtual Christmas card for clients or download a predesigned Christmas card template?

Christmas this or that questions for parties

  1. Wine or beer?
  2. Holiday scavenger hunt or Christmas Bingo?
  3. Be the guest or host a party?
  4. Eggnog punch or a cocktail?
  5. Red or white wine?
  6. Christmas party with neighbors or with friends?
  7. Christmas party during the day or at night?
  8. Party with family or with friends?
  9. Wear strappy shoes to a party or wear winter boots?
  10. Candle theme or Christmas light theme?
  11. Campfire Christmas party or reverse July Christmas party at the beach?
  12. Alcoholic drinks or non-alcoholic drinks?
  13. Have a virtual party or an in-person party?
  14. Christmas-themed dress code or black-tie dress code?
  15. Party on Christmas day or party on Christmas Eve?
  16. Big party or small party?
  17. Assigned seats or sit wherever?
  18. Celebrate Christmas Eve in the pub or celebrate at home?
  19. Christmas cocktails or Christmas cookie bar?
  20. Dress up for a Grinch-themed or an Elf-themed Christmas party?
  21. Compete in decorating a mini Christmas tree or decorating a Christmas cake?
  22. Christmas tea party or Christmas brunch?
  23. Roast marshmallows by the campfire or roast s’mores?
  24. Hold a Christmas masquerade party or Christmas Around the World Party?
  25. Play a Christmas-themed show-and-tell game or narrate your favorite Christmas experiences?
  26. Have an entertainment session at the beginning of the party or start with icebreakers?

Christmas decor this or that questions

  1. One major Christmas tree or several Christmas trees?
  2. Mittens or stockings?
  3. Garlands or wreaths?
  4. DIY crafts or purchased decorations?
  5. Live tree or artificial tree?
  6. White lights or colored lights?
  7. Star or angel at the top of the tree?
  8. Christmas tinsel or Christmas garland?
  9. New decorations or old Christmas favorites?
  10. Minimalist decoration or elaborate decoration?
  11. Santa or snowman?
  12. White Christmas tree or green Christmas tree?
  13. Mostly red or mostly green?
  14. Indoor or outdoor Christmas tree?
  15. Early Christmas decoration or late decoration?
  16. Deck the hall with holly boughs or with paper chains?
  17. Mistletoe or holly?
  18. A flower arrangement or a pine cone display?
  19. Christmas plants or orchids for a table centerpiece?
  20. Twinkling lights or candles?
  21. Gold or silver?
  22. Tree collar or a tree skirt?
  23. Christmas tree with spread-out branches or with branches closely together?
  24. Ribbon decorations or foliage decorations?
  25. Christmas balls or Christmas pine cones?
  26. Tinsel or ornaments?
  27. Mismatched ornaments or ornaments with a specific theme?

Christmas gifts this or that questions

  1. Open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
  2. Store-bought or homemade wrapping paper?
  3. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
  4. Secret Santa gifting or Yankee-swap Christmas gifts?
  5. Buy a gift for every family member or pull names Secret-Santa-style?
  6. Themed gifts or random gifts?
  7. Early rise on Christmas to open presents or Christmas Eve lie in?
  8. Give every member a present or give gifts to children only?
  9. Choose a present from a wishlist or choose a surprise present?
  10. Peek at the presents or wait for the official time to open the presents?
  11. Give gifts before dinner or after dinner?
  12. Label presents with the sender’s name or keep the “from” a secret?
  13. Wrapped gifts or unwrapped gifts?
  14. Receive gifts from children or give children Christmas gifts?
  15. Return the gifts you do not need or re-gift to other folks who need the gifts?
  16. Stuff stockings with gifts and hang them on the wall or box all the gifts and place them under the Christmas tree?
  17. Get fishing tools as your Christmas gift or get gardening tools?
  18. Open gifts simultaneously or open gifts at one time?
  19. Money or gift cards?
  20. Presents or gift cards?


Christmas this or that questions are simple and fun activities for families, friends, or teams. Players can undertake this exercise virtually or in person and in teams or individually. The questions should be fun and provide two closely equivalent options for players to choose.

Christmas this or that questions make a great icebreaker. Participants can use these questions as conversation starters or as a way of gaining information on the player’s personality and preferences. These questions can also be a planning tool that makes the holiday fun. For instance, this and that questions for kids or on food can give you ideas for presents, activities, and menus to include in Christmas plans.

For more fun, check out Christmas facts of the day.

FAQ: Christmas this or that questions

Here is more information on Christmas this or that questions.

What is Christmas this or that?

Christmas this or that is a game where one participant asks a set of two-choice questions, and the rest of the players must choose either option. This fun game requires at least two participants. To make the activity more interesting, you can select age-appropriate and theme-specific questions. You can also vary the categories and track common preferences.

How do you play Christmas this or that?

One of the best ways to Christmas this or that questions is by first sourcing appropriate questions for different categories and printing them on separate cards. Next, give each member a card. Finally, play in turns, where the member with the card asks the prompts, and the rest of the players answer the questions.

What are some good Christmas this or that questions to ask at parties?

Here are some interesting this and that questions for Christmas parties:

  • Be the host or become the guest?
  • Red wine or white wine?
  • Daytime party or nighttime party?
  • Virtual Party or in-person party?
  • Ice cream sundae bar or a drinks bar?
  • Grinch-themed or elf-themed dress code?

More ideas for Christmas this or that party questions to ask at parties may include who to invite, items to bring along, and what to eat or drink.

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