17 Best Holiday Care Package Ideas

Holiday care package ideas are items you can send to your employees, colleagues, and clients during the festive period. Examples include a well-packed breakfast from The Breakfast Box, festive cookies using boxes by ClipnBox, or a fitness kit from BODI BOX. Sending a care package is an excellent way of showing the recipient that you care.

These packages are examples of employee holiday gifts and remote worker holiday gifts and are similar to staff subscription boxes.

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The 17 best holiday care packages ideas

1. Fitness Kit from BODI BOX

Sending employees a fitness kit from BODI BOX is one of the best work from home holiday care package ideas. BODI BOX is a fitness and wellness company that takes pride in providing kits to supplement an active lifestyle. You should consider getting this kit if your employees are fitness enthusiasts or your group made a new year’s resolution to work out more often.

BODI BOX has over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. Therefore, you can rest assured that your gift box will include items that specifically fit the recipients. The available package comes in different options, ranging from Mindfulness Box to Yoga Box and Home Workout Box. Depending on your preference, you can also choose to build your holiday fitness box. BODI BOX offers a variety of gym goodies and tools, including protein powder, anti-chafe cream, and yoga blocks. However, you cannot have more than 15 products inside a box.

Learn more about BODI BOX.

2. The Breakfast Box

The Breakfast Box is one of the best services you can use to deliver a festive brunch for your employees. “Chocolate Lovers Box” is one of the available packages excellent for a chocolate-tasting experience with your group. This chocolate package features hand-picked berries, fresh fruits, and candy pieces alongside mini chocolate croissants and Nutella Pop Tarts.

The Breakfast Box provides excellent options to treat your group to a fantastic holiday breakfast. The box comes in several packages designed for two to ten persons. You can choose the signature breakfast boxes with tasty options. Alternatively, you can impress your guests by creating a personalized breakfast package. For example, for cake-loving employees, a two or three-tier watermelon cake decorated with green-colored fruits will be an excellent gift.

Learn more about The Breakfast Box.

3. Winebasket.com

Winebasket.com is a family-operated business providing nice wine packages your employees will love. The company creates personalized gift boxes featuring fine wines alongside snacks and fresh fruits. Winebasket.com gives all clients VIP treatment and provides a concierge-style service, irrespective of the size of your order. You can choose from a wide selection of wines, including Moet, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Dom Perignon.

Since Winebasket.com aims to spread joy and happiness with wine, you can use the company’s service to get your employees into the holiday spirit. You can also order bites to pair with the wines, like cheese, crackers, chocolate, and charcuterie. Furthermore, you are free to add a custom ribbon to your wine basket bearing your company’s logo and special holiday wishes.

You cannot go wrong with Winebasket.com’s festive package of champagne, wine, gourmet goodies, and fruits.

Learn more about Winebasket.com.

4. Bar Box

If your employees are cocktail lovers, then sending a bartending box from Bar Box is one of the best holiday care package ideas. Bar Box is a gift package service that provides all you need to have an unforgettable bartending experience at home. Also, if you plan to host a holiday mixology class, then a cocktail kit from Bar Box will come in handy.

The company offers sturdy, hand-made cocktail kits tested and trusted by professionals. Plus, the kits come in diverse styles, from mahogany to rustic wood, to suit different tastes. Bar Box’s tools are luxurious yet within an affordable range.

Learn more about Bar Box.

5. ClipnBox

You can make your DIY care package more polished with custom-printed boxes from ClipnBox. The company customizes boxes for different items, including candies, soaps, cookies and wines. The cookie boxes have well-made inserts and fences to protect the cookies from damage while in transit.

Plus, the company provides typography services. Therefore, you can have your special holiday wishes and essential information like ingredients, expiry date, and flavouring compound legible printed on the boxes. In addition, ClipnBox boxes are a great promotional tool that leaves a good impression on clients.

You can have the box customised to suit your preferred design, whether a box with a shelf display or a gold base. Furthermore, you can choose the paper type you want, ranging from cardboard to corrugated paper. The company has a team of experts you can always reach out to for any clarifications.

Learn more about ClipnBox.

6. Hygge in a Box

Hygge in a Box is one of the best holiday package companies. The company offers care packages customized to fit the recipient’s lifestyle. Depending on your selected package, you can have up to six seasonal items shipped to your employees. You can also have your box stuffed with festive home decor, specialty cocoa, candies, chocolate, and fairy lights.

You can also gift a subscription to let your clients or employees enjoy the package even after the holiday season. The company ensures that clients’ boxes feature the best hand-picked from small businesses. Hygge in a Box partners with trusted brands to make quality items easily accessible to purchasers. A package from Hygge in a Box will go a long way in spreading the festive spirit to your employees.

Learn more about Hygge in a Box.

7. Unplugged Book Box

If your employees, colleagues, or clients are book lovers, then you cannot go wrong with a self-care package from Unplugged Book Box. Unplugged Book Box is the ideal monthly subscription for folks wanting a treat of self-care with a twist of books. Inside a box, you will find one newly released book and information about the author. The package also features a variety of self-care products and cards, such as candles, mugs, blankets, games, and coffee. These products are of great quality, purchased from small businesses.

The subscription price ranges from $40 to $460, depending on the total number of months. You can choose between the Young Adult or Adult Fiction boxes options. Depending on your plan, your books can come in hardcover or paperback. The company majorly picks items based on the season ordered. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will have access to various holiday-themed items and books in your package.

Learn more about Unplugged Book Box.

8. Desk Stash

Getting office supplies from Desk Stash is one of the best work from home holiday care package ideas. The company offers two subscription options on a monthly and quarterly basis. Both plans entitle you to receive a fancy box of office supplies every three months. Inside the box, you will find around five to seven desk accessories and office supplies, including a mousepad, journals, a record player, and erasable highlighters.

Alongside inspiring creativity at work, the Box’s item will also make your employees feel appreciated during the holiday. In addition, Desk Stash offers gift and corporate subscriptions and will have your package delivered directly to your employees. You can even inform the company if you want a card with a personalized message or holiday greetings added to the box.

Learn more about Desk Stash.

9. Holiday Movie Night Box

Sending a holiday movie night box is a great way to get your colleagues in the holiday spirit. Ideally, the package should contain items you need to complement a cozy movie night. Gift ideas to include in the package are:

  • Popcorn
  • Blanket
  • Soda
  • Hot cocoa mixes
  • Ticket to watch a holiday movie
  • Novelty popcorn holders

You can pack the items in a reusable basket or a gift box for a cost-friendly option. You can also include a short holiday greeting, message, or quotes from favorite holiday movies to impress the recipients.

For instance:

  • “Cheer up, dude. It’s Christmas.” -How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • “And we’re going to have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas.” -Christmas Vacation
  • “You have such a pretty face, you should be on a Christmas card.” -Elf
  • “This is Christmas. The season of perpetual hope.” -Home Alone

These fun one-liners will surely spread the Christmas spirit to your gift recipient.

10. Birdytell

Birdytell is a gift store that curates the perfect holiday box to complement the holiday season. You can select from the ready-to-ship gifts available on the website or curate your own gift box. The ready-to-ship packages come in various options to suit different tastes. In the “Happy Vegan” package, you will find a variety of vegan goodies carefully prepared by local artisans. On the other hand, the “C5s of Arizona” is a perfect work-from-home gift with items like room spray, candles, and vessels, tea towels.

You can add a personalized card inside the gift box. If you plan to build your box, then you can select and combine various categories, which include:

  • Apothecary
  • Coffee and tea
  • Outdoor
  • Workspace
  • Home

You can go creative with the gift combination and colors to create a Christmas twist.

Learn more about Birdytell.

11. Christmas Shop by Perfume Shop

Perfume Shop offers amazing Christmas care packages for employees. The company stocks various favorite perfume brands to help curate the perfect holiday scent box. You will find impressive gift options that fall within your budget range. The gifts come in different categories based on gender and age.

There is also an option to arrange personalized perfume bottles. You can inscribe simple initials on the bottles or write a short holiday message. Perfume Shop makes luxurious brands like Dior, Chanel, and Paco Rabanne accessible to customers at an affordable rate. The company also offers a miniature set of perfumes with amazing scents. You can get a bottle of perfume as one of the items in your holiday self care package or curate a box made up of several fragrances.

Learn more about Christmas Shop by Perfume Shop.

12. Knack

You can take advantage of Knack’s special holiday offer during the holiday season to deliver an impressive holiday care package. The packages come in different themes, ranging from Happy Hanukkah and Winter Wonderland to Winter Warmer and Holiday Chocolate Delight. You can personalize your gift box from Knack to include your company’s logo, pictures, and even a special holiday video.

If you plan to deliver a holiday video message, then the company will add a unique gift ID that is only accessible to the recipient. The gifts by Knack come in various categories like occasion, recipient, interest, and ethos.

Learn more about Knack.

13. Painting Gift Box from Painting Your Soul

Gifting your employees a painting gift box from Painting Your Soul is one of the best holiday care package ideas. The company provides the essential painting tools you and your colleagues need for an unforgettable holiday painting experience. Alongside painting supplies, you will also find items like herbal tea, essential oil, guided meditation with music, and a journal inside the box.

Painting Your Soul gift box will inspire your employees to be creative and facilitate a relaxing experience. The starting price for a gift box is around $125.

Learn more about Painting Your Soul.

14. Redbubble

Redbubble has a collection of gift items ideal for all genders and ages. The store has a variety of Christmas-centric items, from notebooks to sweatshirts and mugs. Plus, the items are pretty affordable and come in excellent quality.

Usually, different artists create beautiful designs and display their works on Redbubble’s official site. Therefore, your payments will go directly to the artists’ pockets and support their small businesses. Redbubble mainly offers clothing items like dresses, hats, and t-shirts. The store also features a variety of homely items, including accessories and pillows excellent for your employees working from home.

Learn more about Redbubble.

15. Home Decor Gift Box from Designed Life Delivered

Designed Life Delivered is one of the best holiday package companies providing fun home decor. You will find an average of six items inside a box, like blankets, candles, and bowls. If your gift recipient is a wine lover, then you can opt for the “Holiday Wine Charm” this package service offers. The wine charm features antique bells and natural wooden beads to give your gift package a festive look.

Designed Life Delivered offers a decor box for every season. Therefore, you can access a package specially curated with a winter theme. The winter package varies by year but will certainly include items to help your employee stay warm during the holiday.

Learn more about Designed Life Delivered.


A gift box from FANCHEST is one of the best ideas for sports lovers. Each box comes with four products carefully curated to impress every sports fan. You can add a holiday gift note to your package. However, you can only add the message during the check-out process before placing your order.

The items offered by FANCHEST include signed hockey pucks, t-shirts, sweatshirt jerseys, goalie masks, and drawstring bags. The shirts are usually available in small sizes. Therefore, you can consider ordering a few sizes up compared to the recipient’s regular size. The company offers a one-time purchase plan and does not provide monthly subscriptions. FANCHEST partners with more than 100 business owners to pick the best, high-quality gift items for your holiday package.

Learn more about FANCHEST.

17. Spa Box

Creating a special spa box for your employees or colleagues is one of the best corporate holiday care package ideas. You can show your gift recipient how much you care by hand-picking various spa items like:

  • Fresh fruits and nuts
  • Luxury soap
  • Facials kit
  • Aromatic candles
  • A holiday-themed book or magazine

These gifts will come in handy for an ultimate home spa treatment. You can also include a gift certificate to a salon or a local spa. You can make the spa soap and candle yourself or buy the products from a beauty store. You can also customize the gift box to include other items you believe the recipient likes, such as a bottle of champagne, festive wine, or hot cocoa mixes.


The holiday is a time of giving and sharing. You can spread the holiday spirit to your colleagues and employees by gifting a care package. Apart from showing appreciation, a holiday care package helps build boost workers’ morale and encourages creativity. The items in the boxes can range from edibles to beauty products and sports gear. You can hand-pick the gifts yourself or use the service of a gift box company. Usually, these companies will let you write a personalized holiday message while making your order.

FAQ: Holiday care package ideas

Here are answers to questions about holiday care package ideas.

What are some good holiday care package ideas for employees?

Great holiday care package ideas for employees include:

  • Home decor gift box from Designed Life Delivered
  • Carefully curated spa box
  • Painting gift box from Painting Your Soul
  • A holiday movie night box
  • Self care package from Unplugged Book Box

Sending these packages with a holiday twist will excite the recipient.

What do you put in holiday care packages?

The items you decide to put inside a holiday care package are up to you. You can decide to go for a basket containing various snacks and cookies. On the other hand, you can also choose items that will last longer with the recipient, like bottles of perfumes, shirts, and home decor. The idea is to make the item you put inside your holiday care package holiday-themed. Therefore, you can choose items with festive colors and prints. You can also leave a heartwarming holiday note inside the package.

What are good tips for Christmas care packages?

You would want to ensure you understand your giftee well enough before packing a Christmas care gift. Therefore, you should try to make whatever gift you get to align with the giftee’s interest. If your colleagues are wine aficionados, then a wine package will be great. However, if you are unsure of your colleagues’ preferences, you can get Christmas-centric items. Handmade sugar cookies, Christmas home decors, or even an ugly sweater are great ideas. Furthermore, you can design the package with Christmas-related accessories like a red ribbon, a mini jingle bell, and Christmas-themed gift wrappers.

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