16 Best Virtual Employee Gifts to Give Remote Workers in 2022

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Virtual employee gifts are rewards and incentives you can send remote workers to appreciate their efforts during the holidays. Examples of virtual gifts include online fitness memberships, streaming service subscriptions, and gift cards. Giving presents to remote employees might help them feel more a part of the group and increase engagement.

These items are options for virtual gift exchanges and are examples of awesome employee holiday gifts. These presents are similar to client Christmas gifts.

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List of virtual employee gifts

If you want to give the best virtual presents to offer your remote workers, you can start your search by going through the following ideas.

1. Streaming Service Subscriptions

Subscriptions to online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Apple TV are fantastic and simple virtual gifts for your remote workers. Many remote employees hardly go out since they spend so much time at home working. You can alleviate employee boredom by providing staff with a paid membership to an internet streaming service.

Gifting an employee membership to a streaming service is an excellent idea since the recipient can share the benefit with their loved ones. This gift would come in handy for the holiday since they will spend more time with their family. In addition, by reducing stress levels with entertainment, your workers will benefit greatly from your attention to their health and happiness this Christmas season.

Additionally, juggling work and child care is a challenge while working remotely. If both parents must be at home for work, then a streaming service subscription might keep the youngsters entertained. Having something to keep the youngsters occupied during work hours may also increase productivity among your staff.

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2. Video Game Credits

Playing video games as a pastime can be satisfying and stimulating. Gaming is a great way to unwind at the end of the day. The hobby can develop strategic thinking, awareness, curiosity, and tenacity. Investing in in-game elements or virtual money for the preferred game of at least one gamer on your team is a great way to demonstrate appreciation for their interests and efforts.

If you know the recipient well and are confident in your knowledge of their preferred gaming platform, this option is a fantastic gift choice. If you know what the employee likes, you can send them something they will appreciate. You could send them some premium in-game currency along with a nice message or treat them to the newest expansion pack or game pass for their favorite game so they can keep the fun going.

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3. Online Courses and Instructional Program

Online training programs and courses are among the best virtual gifts for remote employees. Workers are enthusiastic about workplace training and development opportunities that help them gain expertise in new areas. This decision may play a prominent role in determining whether or not they get a raise or promotion, so expanding their skill set is crucial.

Employees who believe they are progressing in their careers are more likely to be content with their jobs and remain with the company longer. Investing in training programs to hone their abilities is a good method to ease your employees’ worries about their qualifications. In recent years, there has been a marked increase in the sophistication and adaptability of virtual training courses. Not to mention, many folks start thinking about new year’s resolutions and ways to improve professional skills at this time of year. Consequently, your staff may enhance their education and training without compromising work or social time.

Online courses in coding, marketing, customer service, and sales are just a few examples. However, ensuring that the training programs you provide to workers are tailored to their individual interests and career goals is essential.

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4. Online Fitness Membership

Remote employees often find it hard to go to the gym, particularly if they do not have friends nearby. Gifting your worker a subscription to an online exercise class may help offset the cost of investing in fitness equipment. These memberships to fitness courses or virtual gyms are fantastic and accessible even to amateurs. You may perform the exercises whenever convenient, and there is no need for complicated or costly equipment. This idea is a cheap and easy way to ensure your crew stays in shape and on task.

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5. Digital Collectibles

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are a new kind of digital collectible that has taken the cryptocurrency market by storm. You can mint NFTs for any item, and owners have exclusive access to a unique digital item such as artwork, song, or sports highlight. In contrast to other crypto-currencies, you can only trade NFTs for other crypto-currencies and not other NFTs.

Enthusiasts and collectors on your team would appreciate receiving NFTs as digital presents. NFTs are excellent digital presents since they are both digital collectibles and tradable assets convertible into other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

In addition, NFTs’ application and potential value is unlimited since they are so much newer than other crypto-currencies. Therefore, because no one knows the value of these assets in the future, helping your staff build their NFT portfolios today could be a smart financial move.

It is important to note that NFTs, like cryptocurrency, tend to divide opinions. Despite their unpredictability, some love digital collectibles, while others avoid them. You should thus make sure the employee you want to give will be happy to receive the present.

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6. Digital Tickets to a Concert

The gift can be virtual, but the experience can be physical. For example, you can buy your colleague a pair of tickets to an upcoming performance or a local concert by their favorite band and send the passes via email. This idea is a cheap yet meaningful approach to recognizing the interests of your staff. If you want to wow your employees, then you might provide VIP treatment at the stadium or send them some tour swag. If the band is doing a concert broadcast live online, this option might also be a great way to have a virtual team celebration.

If you are searching for virtual gifts for bosses or clients, purchasing sports tickets online is a classic gesture of thoughtfulness. You could ask about the client’s preferred sporting event and team allegiance and then provide them with a pair of tickets to the next game. As a bonus, this idea is a delightful method to forge connections with valued peers. If you live around the recipient, you could check in with them and find out if you can go to the game or concert together. Sending them extra tickets so their friends and family may join them for the game and dinner afterward will make the present much more meaningful.

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7. A Travel Agency Gift Certificate

Many employees hardly take a break and unwind. In companies with constant activity, taking time off to go on a vacation by yourself or with your family might seem like a luxury. You could give your staff a gift certificate to a travel agency to encourage them to take a much-needed vacation with their families.

Although this idea is more of an investment than a typical employee present, it is a kind gesture for a landmark anniversary or as a reward for a productive year. You could personalize this virtual present by providing ideas and tips for a memorable trip. For example, include a list of the best places you have seen, activities to do, and suggestions for the recipient based on your experiences and what you know about the recipient. You could also gift miles or credits to a preferred airline.

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8. Wellness Subscription

It can be tempting to delay self-care. For an employee holiday gift, you could sign up your remote staff for a beauty or wellness subscription box service. This decision would encourage employees to take advantage of the holiday break and relax.

Holiday gift boxes for virtual employees are out there to fit every recipient. For example, you could find a beauty or wellness package with luxurious features tailored to the employee’s preferences. Perhaps these care packages contain healthy snacks, teas, lotions and facial scrubs, calming aromatherapy oils, and a journal.

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9. Virtual Coffee Subscription

Most employees spend a lot of time at their desks, and if working remotely, they probably drink a lot of tea and coffee brewed from ingredients found in their kitchen. Sending a coffee or tea service subscription might make teammates’ morning brews seem more luxurious or soothing.

These services are a great way to introduce your employees to new brands and varieties of tea and coffee or to ensure they never run out of their current favorites. You can include a mug, coaster, and some tasty locally-made cookies in a care box and send it their way as a combined virtual and physical present.

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10. Gift Cards

Gift cards have gone from being a quick and fast “last minute” present to a positive way to show appreciation and celebrate. You can visit the gift card website, choose a template, enter the recipient’s information, then click “Send” to deliver a personalized gift card along with a heartfelt message of congratulations.

WeGift and Blueboard are two websites that simplify sending gifts to remote employees. Sending a virtual card as a present allows for great flexibility. For example, your recipient may use their gift card balance on a language study service, the newest Apple gadgets, or a Fender guitar. In addition to delivering a thank-you gift, you also offer the recipient the gift of choice.

Shopping for food and other household necessities in physical stores is often a hassle during the holidays. One way around this situation was to buy from e-commerce stores like Amazon. This option also cuts transportation costs to and from shopping centers and supermarkets.

However, be selective about this gift since some workers may find it impersonal. One solution is providing employees with gift cards to establishments they are likely to frequent. For example, you might provide health-conscious workers with gift cards to grocery stores like Whole Foods or Wegmans.

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11. Art Crate Personalized Art Subscription

This service is perfect for employees who have just moved into a new home or apartment or those who simply like the look of a gallery wall. In each month’s Art Crate, a curator will work with your recipients to pick a new work of art for their home or office and provide solid decorating advice. In addition, you may customize your monthly subscription with four different plans based on your chosen artwork size, budget, and framing preferences.

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12. Charity Donations

Instead of sending an employee a Christmas present, you might contribute to a compelling charity or cause. This idea offers a wonderful opportunity to make a positive impact. If possible, it would be great if you could also volunteer your time at a virtual charity event or fundraising.

You can use a service like Charity Navigator to find non-profits and causes that align with your employee’s values.

13. Audiobook Subscription

Employees may benefit from entertainment subscriptions such as Audiobooks. You can send credits for a service like Audible to your employees so they can unwind with the featured book each month or read up on industry news as they work out. This thoughtful present is affordable and will give the recipient many additional advantages.

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14. Ebook

EBooks could be the perfect virtual gift if you have book nerds or avid readers on your team. eBooks, or electronic books, are published works that are readable on digital devices. Many eBook platforms exist. The convenience these platforms provide over printed books has led to a growth in their popularity.

With eBooks, you can carry as many as 10 to 20 books at a time, which is impossible with hardcovers. You only need to carry your electronic devices, such as a tablet, a phone, or computer. Services like Scribd require a subscription.

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15. Virtual Wine Tasting

A virtual wine-tasting experience would be perfect as a remote holiday gift. You may schedule a virtual session with a wine specialist for your whole staff. If you are looking for a unique way to combine online and in-person elements into a gift, consider this option. All you have to do is choose the right provider and schedule a session for a virtual wine or beer tasting, and they will handle the hard part, including sending you samples and live demonstrations.

Or, if happy hours are a regular occurrence at your company, then you might even consider gifting employees a monthly wine subscription.

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16. Meditation App Subscription

Everyone experiences stress from time to time, and as an employer, you may want to urge your workers to take care of themselves. Some workers may benefit significantly from receiving a virtual gift of meditation using platforms like Headspace. This option is great for employees who otherwise may not make an effort to care for themselves. Mediation is also vital for employees who need help unwinding from their hectic schedules.

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17. Membership at a Coworking Space

A membership to a coworking space is one of the best virtual employee holiday gifts for remote workers. If you have workers who cannot work from home due to distractions or other causes, a membership would be a welcome idea. Shared office spaces can also increase creativity and output. Many coworking spaces offer day or month passes. However, if feeling extra generous, then you may opt to pay for a yearly subscription. You may even discover end-of-year deals. This gift is excellent especially for workers making new years resolutions to adopt better remote working habits.

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18. Thrive Market Grocery Membership

Thrive Market is comparable to a modern-day online supermarket. Thrive is a convenient way for employees to fill up on food without leaving home. The company provides over 6,000 goods, ranging from tasty snacks to eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Customers can modify their orders on the go and choose how regular the deliveries should be. With over 70 options catering to specific diets, you may quickly discover plenty of tasty treats that will fit the employee’s dietary restrictions.

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Virtual presents can help remote workers feel like they are still part of the team. Every manager should strive to improve employee engagement, retention, output, and employee satisfaction. Holiday presents for remote employees can go a long way in boosting a sense of camaraderie, goodwill, and belonging. Sending out gifts to your remote employees is a terrific way to demonstrate your appreciation and facilitate bonding. In addition, you may use gifts to recognize and appreciate each team member’s unique skills and characteristics.

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FAQ: Virtual employee gifts

Here are frequently asked questions about virtual employee gifts.

What are some good virtual gifts for employees?

Some gifts to consider for remote employees include gift cards, eBooks, and wellness subscriptions. You can also pay for virtual gym memberships.

How do you send gifts to work-from-home employees?

You can send gifts to remote employees via email or home delivery, depending on the nature of the gift. Another option is to use gifting or subscription box service providers to handle the logistics involved.

What are the best virtual holiday gifts for employees?

Some good virtual holiday gifts include travel agency gift certificates, subscriptions to a streaming service like Netflix, and digital tickets to a concert.

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