22 Good Employee Gifts Under $50

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Employee gifts under $50 are thoughtful items for your workers to celebrate the holidays. Having a list of affordable gift ideas can help you stay within your budget while showing appreciation to your team. These gifts can pertain to work, such as desk accessories or relaxation kits, or they can be more personal, such as gift cards to each team member’s favorite restaurant. Examples of employee gifts under $50 include wireless Bluetooth speakers, gourmet popcorn kits, and cocktail mixer sets.
These ideas are a type of employee holiday gift and virtual employee gift and are similar to holiday swag.
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List of employee gifts under $50

From desktop fridges to keep cool drinks and snacks on hand to charcuterie sets for entertaining friends and family, here are some creative options for gifts under $50 for the workers on your shopping list.

1. Essential Oil Diffuser

With essential oil diffusers, your workers can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. These tiny devices emit a gentle spray of purified water and scented oils. The effect is a soothing, fragrant mist that fills the room with the power to energize or calm. Some diffusers come with an array of oils and a mixing guide with helpful scent formulas. Users can experiment with combinations to suit their moods and keep them in the right state of mind throughout the day.

2. Vintage Mini Fridge

Folks searching for unique employee gifts under $50 can consider a tabletop mini fridge. These handy appliances fit neatly on desks and keep cool drinks and snacks within reach, thus decreasing workday distractions. These fridges contain enough space to hold six 12-ounce canned sodas or a small selection of refrigerated foods. At three pounds, a mini fridge is light and portable. The car adapter included in the set lets the owner take their fridge along on car trips. With vintage styling and advanced tech to keep it running, this kitschy chiller adds comfort and convenience to the workplace.
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3. Houseplants

Giving your crew live houseplants as holiday gifts adds a burst of freshness and color to their homes and workspaces. You can choose greenery that helps filter the air while brightening a shelf or desktop. By shopping for low-maintenance options like jade or peace lilies, you have the best chances for long plant life without adding gardening tasks to your worker’s to-do lists. With online outlets shipping houseplants in various breeds and styles, you can find the right plants for your team’s environments.
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4. Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

For team members who are more productive with music playing, a wireless Bluetooth speaker brings sweet sounds to their work environment. These speakers also make great gifts for fans of audiobooks and podcasts. Your crew can carry their speakers from room to room without losing connection to their streaming services. Recharging is a breeze with USB power sources that plug into computers, wall sockets, and power strips. You can even find small wireless speakers to drop into a backpack or purse for easy transport.

5. Cocktail Mixer Sets

Amateur mixologists will love opening a professional-style mixing set filled with all the necessary tools of the trade. These sets contain shakers and an array of strainers and utensils that make easy work of slicing and straining ingredients. You can even find kits that include recipe guides for craft-style concoctions. With handsome racks to keep every piece in its place, your crew will have everything they need to prepare homemade cocktails whenever the spirit strikes.

6. Travel Mugs

Upgrading your team to reusable travel mugs will let them take their favorite drinks wherever they go. Unlike hydro flasks, travel mugs are ideal for sipping hot and cold beverages without removing the lid. Some coffee chains even offer discounts for customers who use refillable mugs, a bonus gift within a gift! You can find stylish options to suit each worker individually or search for a travel mug that covers all your needs and buy in bulk. You can also consider adding a team or company logo to the mugs for an extra morale boost.
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7. Dining Gift Cards

With dining gift cards on your shopping list, you can treat your team to a meal at their favorite restaurant or a few drinks at a beloved bar. Local spots may carry their own branded gift cards, which is a great way to support small businesses around town. If your workers have a unique happy hour watering hole, then you can give them cards that will help cover their costs. For team members with families who love eating out, a gift card to a themed restaurant can mean a night of family fun at their leisure.

8. Sketching Kit

You can help your team tap into their creative sides by giving them all-inclusive sketching kits. Some kits include pencils in various leads, smudgers, erasers, and an array of papers for experimentation. Attractive cases hold all pieces in their place for portability and easy storage. The artists on your team will appreciate the encouragement while aspiring creatives will have a chance to explore drawing and develop their talents.
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9. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

You can help the coffee fans on your crew add a gourmet touch to their beverage routine with a cold brew coffee maker. Unlike iced coffee, which is heat-brewed coffee poured over ice cubes, the cold brew process steeps coffee grounds in cold water. Cold brew coffee makers also provide a mesh insert for grit-free steeping. Various shapes and designs offer a touch of style for these helpful holiday gifts for employees under $50.

10. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Employees who love McMuffins can save money on fast food dining with their own breakfast sandwich maker. Like waffle irons, these countertop cookers contain separate pans for eggs, sausage, and muffins. All three elements can cook simultaneously to achieve a hot and tasty breakfast sandwich in minutes. Clever chefs can also use the cookers for croissant sandwiches and English muffin pizzas. Internal pieces are removable and dishwasher-safe, making clean-up an easy task.

11. Amazon Echo Dot

With an Amazon Echo Dot on their desks, your team can have a voice-activated device that makes their day much easier. As a simplified version of the Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot plays music and reports news with a simple spoken command. In addition, users can set timers to keep themselves on schedule and check the weather forecast without having to break from their tasks. Echo Dot even controls other pairable devices and appliances to help make a smart home even smarter.
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12. Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

You can treat your tea lovers to new flavors of their favorite beverage with a loose-leaf tea sampler. You can find flavors and brews from around the world in both caffeinated and decaffeinated versions. If your workers prefer herbal teas rather than traditional green or black tea, then you can opt for a selection of peppermint, ginger, hibiscus, and other intriguing botanical blends. With a diverse array of new tea tastes to savor, your workers are bound to find a new favorite.

13. Spa Robe and Slipper Set

Your crew can sink into the lush feel of terry cloth with a spa robe and slipper set under the workplace tree. Unisex designs in a one-size-fits-all sizing make shopping for any worker a simple task. Your thoughtful present will inspire a sense of rest and relaxation for teams needing a self-care break. With the comforting sensation of their own lavish robe to wrap themselves in, a soothing spa experience becomes a home-based delight with these luxury employee gifts under $50.

14. Galaxy Projector

A projector that covers the room in a spray of stars is one of the more unique employee gifts under $50. These miniature planetariums produce soothing washes of color that emulate auroras and nebulas using a revolving acrylic sphere and high-powered LED lights. Some models include ambient noise machines and Bluetooth speakers to add a custom soundtrack to the light show. For the more cosmic-minded members of your team, receiving an in-home observatory can transform the holiday into a truly magical occasion.

15. Snack Gift Box

Snack gift boxes deliver troves of tasty treats directly to your worker’s doorsteps. More convenient than a trip to the grocery store, snack gift box companies make it simple to curate the contents or choose a grab bag full of surprises instead. A one-time scheduled delivery brings a single snack pack, while a subscription will set your snackers up with a box each month. In addition, you can customize the time frame to give your crew an extended holiday surprise. From healthy domestic treats to wonderful international goodies, you can choose from a delicious array of sweet and savory flavors to suit your team members’ tastes.

16. Charcuterie Set

Gourmets can learn the art of culinary design with their own charcuterie set. The popularity of these fancy appetizer arrangements inspires do-it-yourself chefs to try it. Simple sets consist of decorative cutting boards with compartments for crackers and nuts, while more complex sets also include cheese knives and olive forks. To give your crew added inspiration, pair a charcuterie set with a simple guide for making cheese boards to get them started.

17. Gourmet Popcorn Set

A selection of unique popcorn kernels and some fun flavorings makes a great employee gift under $50 for workers with families. These sets include breeds of high-quality corn grown and harvested specifically for popping. Companies like Amish Country Popcorn offer kernels that pop in several shapes and sizes. You can even choose a hulless popcorn that eliminates the tough skins for softer snacking. Special popcorn salts and seasonings in sweet and savory flavors make a great additional gift complete the set.

18. Portable Power Bank

A portable power bank can be a lifesaver when an electrical outlet is out of reach. Your employees will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the power pack that lets them carry extra charges for their devices. Power banks have various voltages that generally work with both Apple and Android devices. In addition to personal use, this gadget is useful as backup power while traveling and during extended work sessions away from the office. To avoid unnecessary exchanges after the holidays, research before you shop and select the right packs for your team’s needs.

19. Sunrise Alarm Clock

Traditional alarms can be unpleasant to wake up to. You can give your workers a sunrise alarm clock for a gift that provides a gentler start to the day. Instead of harsh sounds, sunrise alarm clocks use light that mimics natural sunlight to rouse sleepers without being jarring. Gradual illumination from the clock will softly brighten a bedroom, while a variety of colored lights allows users to customize their atmosphere. A built-in speaker plays ambient sounds for a soothing send-off into sleep and provides a gentle, immersive waking experience. The handy snooze button is ideal for mornings when daybreak is too early!

20. Day Planner

For workers who prefer handwritten agendas over electronic, day planners make thoughtful gifts under $50 for employees. You can shop for paper-based organizers that provide calendars and tabbed sections with ruled pages for coordination at a glance. These helpful portfolios are also great for keeping track of phone numbers and addresses without relying on a smartphone contact list. With space for pens, sticky notes, and pockets for loose-leaf documents, your team can keep their schedules up-to-date and available even when the network goes down.
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21. Neck Massager

It can be challenging to eliminate built-up tension after hours of working in front of a screen. You can give your team members a solid start by gifting them neck massagers to help eliminate the knots. Rechargeable shiatsu massagers work with adjustable pressure and heat to bring relief, while roller-style sports massagers let users control the pressure themselves. By giving a helpful gadget for easing your workers’ physical stress as a holiday gift, you also give them a gift of relaxation and self-care.
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22. Portable Hammock

A portable hammock is an employee gift that gives your team a place to hang out in the great outdoors. These full-length nylon swings come in various exciting colors and include sturdy cords and carabiners for easy hanging. The simple design allows users to tote their hammocks along in a trunk or backseat to have on hand whenever the mood for ‘mocking strikes. If you coordinate hammock gifts for your whole team, then you can plan a trip to a local park or nearby wood for an afternoon of easygoing camaraderie.


When it comes to shopping for employee gifts under $50, you can find satisfying selections for various tastes and interests. Knowing what your workers like can point you in the right direction. With thoughtfulness and creative shopping, you can bring holiday cheer to the whole crew without breaking the bank.
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FAQ: Employee gifts under $50

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about employee gifts under $50.

What are the best employee gifts under $50?

The best employee gifts under $50 are mini fridges for keeping cold snacks and drinks within reach and wireless Bluetooth speakers to add a soundtrack to the workday. You can also choose gourmet popcorn and snack gift boxes for team members who enjoy snacking. Essential oil diffusers with a selection of oils or spa robes and slipper set is a great gift to inspire your employees to relax and rejuvenate.

How do you shop for employee gifts on a budget?

You can shop for employee gifts on a budget by deciding on a price point that works for all the gifts on your list. For example, if you have a different gift for each worker, you can limit your spending to $25 or $30 each to help your funds go further. You can also choose one joint gift at a suitable price for the whole team to stay within your budget. If you opt for a bulk gift like travel mugs, then you can look into having them printed with a company logo for a stylish coordinated touch.

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