21 Creative Holiday Swag Ideas

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Holiday swag ideas are free promotional items that display a brand’s logo, slogan, or mascot. You can hand these items to your employees and customers during the holiday season. Examples include snack boxes, Zen gift back, and frosted lip balms. These holiday-themed items benefit companies since they provide an endless opportunity for promoting the brand.

These promo products are examples of staff stocking stuffers, client holiday gifts, and employee gifts under $50.

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List of holiday swag ideas

Many businesses are looking for corporate holiday presents to give their workers to express their gratitude for all their hard work throughout the year. As you plan for another year, you may be thinking about ways to better connect with customers and grow your business. Having well-thought-out corporate swag is an excellent tool for this purpose. Here are some of the best swag ideas for holiday events.

1. Packaged Snack Boxes

The purpose of holiday presents is to express gratitude to employees. Providing food packs for your dedicated staff is a terrific, simple way to begin. This care package contains all sorts of tasty and nutritious treats, from sweet to savory. The box can have up to ten different kinds of snacks. Plus, you can modify the packaging to reflect your company’s image better.

Check out Snack Boxes from SnackMagic.

2. Personalized Mugs

A branded piece of high-quality drinkware is a great corporate swag idea that many employees will love, whether they are coffee lovers or prefer water. In addition to the standard mug, there are now many unique options. Nowadays, you can buy a mug or tumbler with a vacuum seal that can keep your drink hot for hours or a day. You can choose different water bottles, including insulated mugs and tumblers, and some even have cool features like wireless charging and UV sanitization. Plus, you may tweak the item according to your brand’s specifications. If you invest in high-quality laser engraving, you can have a premium holiday giveaway that will last for decades.

Check out Custom Mugs on Discount Mugs.

3. Zen Gift Box

As the year comes to a close, make sure your employees have the right resources they need to unwind and enjoy the Christmas season. Giving your workers a Zen gift package can help them relax. The items in the box can relieve stress and create a sense of Zen. Examples of items in the box include a glass jar with an air plant, a cedar-scented candle produced from soy wax, and a bottle of tiny matches with green tips. The box is typically recyclable. You can customize the package, for instance, by putting your company’s name or message on the plant, candle, and chest.

Check out these Zen on the Go kits from Everything Promo.

4. Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials include branded company items that simplify or ease travel for the receivers. As the year ends, workers may be planning to attend conferences and other company holiday activities. You can provide your employees with high-quality business swag that symbolizes your brand. These travel essentials can also function for personal use. To get the most out of your brand’s promotional budget, consider selecting swag that serves both practical and promotional purposes. Smart corporate swag ideas include travel bags, baggage accessories, and items that make traveling more pleasant, such as travel blanket and mask kit, tech organizer, and weekender duffle bag.

Check out this Duffel Bag on Swag.

5. Frosted Lip Balm

A frosted lip balm is a fantastic option if you are looking for practical and handy Christmas swag ideas. While the holiday season is lovely, it also brings some chilly weather. Dry, chapped lips are common in colder climates and may be irritating and even painful. Frosted lip balm can be a lifesaver. Another great holiday swag idea would be to put together a health basket that contains frosted lip balm, hand sanitizer, a first aid kit, and some festive face masks.

Explore Frosted Lip Balms on Etsy.

6. Personalized Tote Bags

Custom printed tote bags are a common and effective way to promote your company. These bags are one of the most practical promotional gifts and will also help spread the word about your company for years to come. A well-crafted bespoke tote bag can help advertise to previously unreached audiences. With so many materials, colors, and designs to choose from, you can make a bag that stands out from the crowd and makes a statement about your organization. The branding choices include full-color imprinting and high-quality embroidery. Therefore, recipients will never forget where they got their go-to tote bag. Plus, employees can use these bags to carry holiday shopping!

Check out this Fremlin Tote Bag from Swag.

7. Branded Backpacks

The branded backpack is the new business briefcase. More employees are choosing backpacks over conventional work bags because of their convenience and versatility. The bag can hold everything a commuter needs and double as a gym bag or hiking pack for after-work activities. Workers also like holiday swag bag ideas that suit most occasions. If you need a more basic business messenger bag, choose a laptop bag that is both stylish and compact. A more durable option would be a mountain pack that makes a statement. Examples of branded backpacks include a laptop pouch, mobile office backpack, and hiking backpack.

Check out Branded Backpacks on Pinnacle Promotions.

8. Cozy Blanket

A warm Christmas blanket is a great holiday swag idea. Some employees want to keep warm as they work from home, and you could contribute to their comfort with a branded cozy blanket. A warm blanket may do wonders for a worker’s mood and productivity. The holiday season is a great time to relax, which means the blanket would still be great if your employees are not working. In addition, the blanket is customizable to suit your needs, making it an excellent promotional item.

Check out Cozy Blankets from Shutterfly.

9. Hybrid Workplace Basics

Items that are useful in the workplace are excellent corporate giveaways. However, nowadays, employees can work from almost any location. Therefore, you should consider products that would serve you well at home and work. A great swag item would be a gift that facilitates a smoother, more productive, and more seamless transition between the two modes of operation, given the rising prevalence of hybrid work models amongst today’s businesses. Some favorite suggestions include cord organizers, branded desk organizers, mouse pads, pop sockets, and laptop sleeves.

Check out this Wireless Charging Mouse Pad on Swag.

10. Tech Items

Your employees will love a great tech piece. With the abundance of electronic devices on the market, your options for promotional giveaways are almost limitless. Wireless speakers, USB flash drives, branded power banks, wireless chargers, and wireless headphones are a few of the most popular promotional technology goods. Swag items that make your daily life a little less boring or exciting come to mind.

Check out Branded Power Banks on Fluid Branding.

11. Bluetooth Speakers

A Bluetooth speaker is another excellent choice for holiday swag for employees. Bluetooth speakers are useful in various settings, including social gatherings, the home, the workplace, and outdoor gatherings. Some speakers change color when activated. You may have your logo or message etched on the top part. You may experience crystal-clear stereo sound by connecting the speaker to your smart device. You can also use this speaker from up to 30 feet away. A Micro-USB cable comes with the package.

Check out Custom Bluetooth Speakers on Crestline.

12. Fun Badges and Stickers

Small presents can provide the most delight. For example, colleagues often use stickers to jazz up their computers. These branded swag items can stick to totes and denim jackets. Employees can use these items to show off their company’s identity while expressing individuality.

Stickers and patches are great for anybody who wants to personalize their otherwise generic corporate gift. You can add some branded goodies to this set, and you have the ideal staff welcome package to get your new employees up and running. To make sticker swag even more festive, create unique holiday designs.

Check out Custom Badges on Camaloon.

13. Humidifier

Drier indoor air is a common problem during colder months. Dry air makes folks uncomfortable and exacerbates respiratory problems like bronchitis and sinusitis. A personalized humidifier for a desk would be a fantastic stocking stuffer. These quiet humidifiers are compact and take up minimal space on the desk. These items also humidify the air around the worker, putting them more at ease. Today, you may get humidifiers with various lighting options, perfect for setting the mood at your desk.

Check out Branded Humidifiers on Imprintitems.

14. Branded Apparel

Employees and customers love receiving clothing items as promotional gifts from a firm during the holidays. In addition, employees can wear the clothing to conferences, events, and meetings. When choosing branded clothing items to give as promotional giveaways, you should consider current fashion trends.

Long and short-sleeved T-shirts are the most common and cost-effective choice for branded clothing. Company trips and volunteer days are great opportunities to use t-shirts as a form of content marketing. One example is the rise in popularity of the “casual Friday” and the widespread adoption of casual dress codes among those who work from home. In addition, products such as fleeces, hoodies, coats, windbreakers, and sweatshirts work great for the holiday period.

Branded beanies and personalized socks are two examples of novel swag products you can give out at holiday events or as welcome presents for new employees. Combining your company’s branding with cozy clothes is a recipe for happiness. Workers working from home or in other distant locations will appreciate company pajamas and leggings during the holidays.

Check out Custom T-Shirts on Zazzle.

15. Slippers and Socks

Socks with shoes are the perfect match. The holiday period is a great time to wear funky socks. Google’s merchandising portal has a wide selection of novelty socks perfect for advertising the company. A pair of slippers can be the perfect compliment to this gift.

It is no surprise that Christmas socks are a perennial great holiday seller. Socks are simple and fun since you can personalize them with Christmas decorations. For example, employees would enjoy donning festive socks decorated with images of snowmen, reindeer, mistletoe, and Santa Claus. You may have full-color personalized socks if you want, or you can choose a bright pattern.

Regardless of your choice, holiday socks are a universal favorite, and if you add your business emblem, your staff will wear them with pride. For a complete festive look, you can consider pairing the socks with additional seasonal accessories like sweaters and scarves for the team.

Check out Holiday Socks from Custom Sock Shop.

16. Hats

Hats swag ideas include baseball caps, trucker caps, flex-fit caps, and bucket hats. These hats work well, whether it is a gloriously bright day or a bad hair day. This widely-purchased item allows for cool personalizations and comes in various options. Even if bucket hats are now all the rage, a classic trucker cap can be a good choice.

A bobble hat, a chic alternative to the traditional Santa hat we all like but would never dare to wear outdoors, is a timeless Christmas present that anybody would be lucky to have or give. Employees will appreciate a bobble cap with your emblem, especially when the weather becomes cooler. Warmth and good cheer are two reasons bobble hats are so popular during the winter holidays.

Check out customizable Santa Hats on Spreadshirt.

17. Wine Goodie Bags

Wine swag bags are a fantastic holiday present for employees over the age of 21, but you can also build nonalcoholic versions of these bags for individuals who do not drink or for those who are underage. Theme-appropriate snacks and accouterments, like crackers and cheese, are welcome additions to this pack, which already contains wine and other sparkling drinks. Some ideas to consider are wine bottles with personalized labels or nonalcoholic sparkling cider bottles with personalized labels to promote your company. You could also include customized wine glasses with your company’s logo, corkscrews, and complimentary wine accessories.

Check out Wine Goodie Bags on PromotionsNow.

18. AirPods

Employees who cannot get enough cutting-edge gadgets will appreciate this kind gesture. Apple’s second-generation AirPods are the perfect present for the music lover on your team. The noise-canceling capabilities of these wireless earphones are enhanced by their dual-directional speakers. In addition, the casing is easily adaptable to include your logo or message. This present has gained much attention recently, and your staff will certainly appreciate the luxury gift.

If your budget is limited, then consider giving a customized AirPods case to employees you know have the technology.

Check out Customized Airpods on Apple.

19. Toiletries

Many different types of toiletries would be welcome additions to a swag bag or box. You may choose from an infinite variety of soaps, shampoos, conditioners, tweezers, nail clippers, shower and bath bombs, lotions, creams, and so on. Some companies in the swag industry offer pre-assembled toiletry kits, and so do general retailers like Amazon. Working with a specialized service like swag.com means you can choose exactly what goes into your promotional giveaways.

Check out Custom Lotions on Good Fortune Soap.

20. Yoga Mats

Some yoga courses are far more strenuous than others, but most yoga sessions are gentle. Workers who suffer from joint pain might benefit greatly from practicing yoga. A yoga mat is essential for any yoga practice, but it is particularly important while practicing in a public setting like a studio or gym. Gifting branded mats to workers who practice yoga is one way to guarantee they have the necessary equipment to exercise.

A yoga mat is a thoughtful present for any employee, even if they do not practice yoga. Back and leg pain are common complaints among employees who stand for lengthy periods. Promoting your business while relieving employee discomfort is a win-win with anti-fatigue mats.

Check out Custom Yoga Mats on Printify.

21. Potted Plant Origami

The potted plant origami is a one-of-a-kind, inexpensive, and eco-friendly swag concept. The origami plant pot is a cleverly crafted plant container constructed from recycled stone paper. Whether your group is in the office or working remotely, this plant is an interesting item for each workstation. Since the item is made of stone paper, the containers are not just tree-free but also watertight and biodegradable. This item is available in a selection of modern, stripped patterns and comes with straightforward assembly instructions.

To make the gift more swag-like, you can put a logo sticker on the pot.

Check out Origami Flower Plants on NotOnHighStreet.

22. Holiday Ornaments

Engraved Christmas decorations are a perfect way to add a personal touch to a present. You can also request additional engraving to add a special touch by adding the employee’s initials, a date to commemorate a special occasion, or a personalized message. You can also add a handwritten note to accompany your present. Engraved Christmas decorations often make a one-of-a-kind present this year. The Christmas decorations you choose to have engraved will become treasured keepsakes.

Check out ornament options on 4all Promos.

23. Hot Cocoa Kits

One great holiday gift idea is putting the handmade cocoa mix in a branded cellophane or plastic bag. You can also pack the hot chocolate mix with a branded mug and offer it so recipients can make a cup of cocoa. This concept is great and could be part of your winter care packages. You should also include gift tags with directions for preparing the hot chocolate. Using white cardboard or a gift tag, write down the directions and tie them on with baker’s twine.

Check out Cocoa Kits on Chocomize.

Final Thoughts

The point of holiday swags is to make a positive impression on prospective customers or workers. You are providing your workers with items they can put to immediately or in the future. If selected wisely, company swag could be a simple and inexpensive method to increase brand exposure while impacting your intended consumers.

Finding the perfect Christmas present is not always simple, but you can start your search with this list. Whether the swag is for your customers or workers, the goal is to reward them for their efforts over the last 12 months with something unique to convey your gratitude. To make sure you have made the greatest decision possible regarding custom branded items, you can team up with a creative merchandising firm.

For more ideas, check out employee subscription boxes for the holidays.

FAQ: Holiday swag ideas

Here are frequently asked questions about holiday swag ideas.

What is holiday swag?

The term “holiday swag” refers to branded merchandise an organization makes during the holiday to advertise themselves. These ideas also make good bulk holiday present ideas for employees.

What are some good swag ideas for the holidays?

You can combine business swag ideas in one convenient package with the help of swag bundles, kits, and boxes. Packaging a selection of branded products in a unique gift box is a great way to show gratitude to customers and workers during the holidays. You can add a branded sweatshirt, a wireless charger, a diary for the workplace, and a basket of treats to your swag bag.

What are good ideas for Christmas swag?

Some good ideas for Christmas swag include branded apparel, Christmas socks, and frosted lip balm. In combination, these elements make for a delightful present that will reveal the humanity behind your business and help you connect with your audience on a deeper level. You may create your unique swag box, or choose a premade bundle.

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