31 Best Client Holiday Gift Ideas

Client holiday gift ideas are items or services to offer clients during Christmas. Examples include home appliances, computer accessories, or wine. The purpose of these gifts is to appreciate the client for a good business relationship and spread love.

These items are similar to holiday gifts for employees, Christmas swag, holiday gifts under $50, and virtual employee holiday gifts.

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List of client holiday gift ideas

From wine to wallets, here are ideas for gifts to buy for clients during the holidays.

1. Wine

Wine is among the best holiday gift basket ideas for clients. Giving wine to your corporate clients symbolizes that you wish them a merry time during the holidays. In addition, wine has health benefits, like being good for the gut, heart, and mind.

You can include the clients’ favorite wine, a pair of wine glasses, a corkscrew, and a wine holder in the package. Also, adding a holiday greeting card with a special message to the client will help make the gift more memorable and meaningful.

2. Customized Wallet

Folks spend money during the holidays on travel and shopping. A customized wallet is a thoughtful gift that will keep your client’s money, credit cards, and ID safe. A durable classy wallet will add a sense of class and sophistication. However, a personalized wallet will make the clients feel special. Some of the best wallets to consider are engravable leather. You can customize the wallet by engraving a message or the client’s name. It is a noble idea to include your business card and some money in the wallet before presenting the gift.

3. Wristwatch

Choosing a beautiful watch is one of the more unique ways to extend your love during the festive seasons. Wrist watches come in a wide variety, ranging from metallic to silicone straps and from fancy to bold designs. Some modern brands are water resistant. Smartwatches may have unique features like sensors and cameras, which integrate with devices like laptops to enable communication. A watch symbolizes appreciation for your client’s time and is a good reminder that you value their time and efforts.

4. Adjustable laptop stand

One of the ways to impress your clients is by giving them an adjustable laptop stand. This stand can help the client to set up an office anywhere. For example, the client can comfortably use the stand when seated on a sofa or bed. This stand can also prevent the laptop from overheating. In addition, the stand protects the desk from abrasion and scratches from moving the computer.

5. Pillow with a message

A quality pillow with a message is among the best unique client holiday gift ideas. Printing a gratitude message on the pillowcase will remind the client of you every time they go to bed and wake up. Some moving ideas to print on the pillow are inspiring quotes and holiday messages. You can include several pillowcases with different messages for clients to change.

6. Headphones

Headphones are super handy gadgets during the Christmas season. Your client can use this device for entertainment, for instance, listening to programs on TV or radio, music, or movies. Also, headphones are handy for online meetings as they help eliminate noise distractions.

When choosing a good headphone, you can select from various cabled or wireless gadgets.

7. Ugly Christmas sweater

The ugly Christmas sweater is among the most traditional gifts for holidays. If you choose to give your clients a sweater for Christmas, then customizing it will make the gift more appealing. You can hire a knitter to handmake a beautiful design or to knit your message on the ugly Christmas sweater. The client will find the sweater warm and useful given the chilly weather during the holidays.

8. Cookbook

A good meal is usually enjoyable and makes folks happy. However, getting interesting ideas for delicious foods can be a challenge. Giving your clients a good cookbook will provide fresh ideas. Your clients will access great recipes and healthier options.

There are various cookbooks on the market, and you can find recipes that fit many cultures or special diets. Knowing your clients’ preferences can help you find the most appropriate recipe book for them.

9. Barbecue grill set

A barbecue grill is among the more fun gifts to give clients. The set can include a skewer, cooking thermometer, and a pair of tongs. By offering clients a barbecue grill set, you will be encouraging them to acquire some cooking skills and have fun times with family or friends. You can also pair this gift package with a paid ticket for barbecue classes.

10. Branded pen and notebook

Giving clients branded pens and notebooks is among the inexpensive client holiday gift ideas. Although technology allows the use of digital notebooks and calendars, most folks still prefer to carry a pen and notebook around to write down important details. Being relatively affordable, you can issue these gifts to multiple clients.

11. Fancy key holder

A key holder helps to keep keys in one place. This gift idea can also save time that the client would have otherwise spent looking for the keys. These helpful tools can hold car, house, and office keys.

When choosing a key holder, consider features that may benefit your client. For example, a multi-purpose keyholder can act as a tool. You can also choose smart key holders, which have features to track the location of the keys whenever lost or misplaced. For technology-lovers and hard-workers, consider a USB keychain. Or, for social and fun-loving clients, perhaps a bottle-opener keychain

12. Planner

Gifting your clients next year’s planner is among the most practical ways to help them keep organized. A planner is handy in scheduling appointments, meetings, or any other work activity that may concern your clients. Besides work, clients may use the planner as a diary jot down important details like inspirations, new ideas, and feedback.

13. Sweet treats

A box of freshly baked delicacies can brighten moods. This gift is ideal if your client has a sweet tooth. For example, you can include cookies, marshmallows, chocolates, and caramel corn in the box.

If you prefer to go the healthy, less sugary route, then consider snacks like nuts and a fruit basket. Nonetheless, it is important to know what your client likes or if they have any allergies before choosing the treats to send.

14. Set of whisky glasses

Sharing whisky with loved ones is among the ways to have fun during the holidays. If you consider giving your clients a complete set of whiskey glasses, then a bottle of whiskey will complement the gift. The glasses will help your clients to remember you every time they are having a drink. You might also consider branding the glasses with your logo or printing a message.

15. Golf kit

A golf kit is one of the best holiday client appreciation gift ideas for older clients and outdoors lovers. A complete golf kit can include a carry bag, hitting net, tee holder, golf hitting mat, and several golf balls. Your client can use their gift to practice their shots from home or on an artificial golf course. Although most parts of the continents will be in winter, you can still keep the gift for better weather.

16. Mixer

A mixer is one of the best things to give to a client who is also a baker. A good quality mixer will do most of the energy-consuming work in pre-baking preparations. Whether the client is a beginner or a seasoned baker, this tool encourages clients to do more baking during the holidays. Mixers come in many varieties, from hand mixers to electric mixer, commercial or home-use. You can choose an appropriate mixer depending on how often the client bakes and your budget. The appliance will make your client remember how much time and energy you help them save.

17. Fleece blankets

Fleece blankets are warm and comfortable and can be a perfect gift for the winter cold. The clients, including those in colder regions, will likely enjoy wrapping themselves with the blanket and feeling cozy while in bed or sofa. The fleece blankets are also perfect when traveling, camping, or enjoying a bonfire.

You can also choose easy-to-carry blankets for improved convenience. Also, creatively customizing the blankets will make it a unique gift. For example, you can write the client’s name, or print their picture or favorite pet.

18. Potted plants

Potted plants are both functional and decorative. These plants make spaces at home or office appear more attractive and relaxing. If your client is a plant lover, then they will likely love any plant you give. However, if the client is not into plants, then choosing an easy-to-maintain plant would be a better choice, for example, succulents, aloes, and spider plants. These plants do not need constant attention to thrive but are worthy of having.

19. Foldable camping chair

Foldable camping chairs are some of the best corporate holiday gift ideas for clients. This gift is perfect for any season, and clients can use the chair in summer to busk, tailgate, and camp. The seats come in different designs and fabrics to offer flexibility, stability, and breathability. These foldable seats are easy to carry around and can give your client the comfort and support they need.

20. A gift card

Sometimes finding or selecting the most appropriate gifts is a daunting task. The better option might be letting the client choose what they wish. A gift card is an excellent solution in such cases and is equivalent to giving the client an amount of money to shop at a specific store. Your clients can spend the voucher on whatever they want to buy and can even top up the amount if the desired object is worth more than the voucher amount.

21. Books

A good read is a timeless gift. Books can make the reader feel inspired intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Gifting clients a book is one of the best ways to improve and develop their thinking.

You can pick books from genres such as spiritual growth, financial tips, biographies, or novels with high fiction, drama, or humor. Of course, it is best to offer the kind of books the client favors. But if you do not know the client’s taste, then you can go for general self-help books.

22. A pair furry slippers

Furry slippers are among the unique holiday gift ideas that can help clients feel more comfortable during the cold weather. These insulated slippers keep feet warm and block the chills. This footwear is also comfortable, and clients can wear them at home or at hotels while taking a Christmas vacation. When it comes to socks, the fuzzier, the better!

23. Wireless charger

Clients are likely to enjoy using a wireless charger on devices such as phones and iPads. A wireless charger allows the user to recharge the phone without having to cable it to a power outlet. Most of these chargers come in a set where you can place your device. This feature means a more safe room to place your devices when charging.

This wireless charger is currently available for limited models in brands like Apple, android, iPhones, and Samsung. Before purchasing, you should check and ensure that the selected gift is compatible with the client’s device.

24. Fragrance diffuser

A fragrance diffuser is one of the best luxury client holiday gift ideas. This tool is a great alternative and upgrade to the traditional scented candle. The diffuser enables folks to freshen up the room using their favorite scents and boosts moods. A fragrance diffuser can also be app-controlled. The client can regulate the device to release fragrance at a given intensity or, set a timer to schedule intervals for releasing the scents.

25. Picture frame

Extra special pictures, especially those that mark life events, are better when framed. A picture frame is a great gift to give to your client. The client can use the gift to display some of their most memorable photos.

When selecting the frames, go for durable, sturdy materials that will not easily chip. Also choosing a unique picture frame adds a personal touch and can make your clients feel special.

26. Board games

Board games are fun pastime activities that folks engage in during holidays. You can give clients a board game of their choice. Some popular options include Scrabble, puzzles, Monopoly, Dominoes, and Uno. Multiplayer games are often more interesting because the receiver can play in the company of friends or relatives. The fun of playing these games will remind the client of the good times, and they may appreciate that you had them in mind.

27. Assorted coffee

Coffee connoisseurs would most likely appreciate a gift pack of assorted coffee. The assortments can range from whole roasted beans and ground coffee to refined instant coffee. The client can enjoy the taste and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. This gift pairs well with a coffee cup and saucer.

28. Thermal water flask

Thermal water flasks are among the best corporate holiday gift ideas for clients. These flasks can help clients to keep the water cool or hot for hours. Giving clients this gift will help them to keep hydrated. This gift encourages a healthy lifestyle and a better body and skin.

Since the flasks come in various designs, colors, and sizes, you can readily find a gift that will suit different clients’ tastes.

29. Smart temperature control mug

The smart temperature control mug is probably the best invention for coffee and tea lovers. This smart heated mug can keep beverages at a constant temperature for long durations. With this smart mug, your clients will enjoy taking their favorite drink at the preferred temperature without having to make several rounds to the microwave for reheating.

30. Reading lamp

A reading lamp is among interesting but unique gifts. This gift is practical and can encourage clients to spend more time reading a book. A reading lamp is also a form of home decor. Whether you place the light on the bedside or the desk, it adds ambiance to the room. Your client will likely value this gift because the lamp is functional and likely to last long.

31. Wall hangings and decoration

Wall decorations such as clocks, paintings, and other crafts can uplift a room. Getting unique decorations from artists, antiques, or curios shops is a great way to present something different and exciting to your clients. Choosing an interesting wall decoration is a moving way to remind clients that you think of them. You can also consider tailor-making the wall hangings with public figures that inspire your client or pictures of their pets or dream destination.


Holiday gifting is an important tradition that enhances social interactions and community building. Corporate client gift ideas can strengthen business relationships and include unique items and packages. A good gift should be affordable, practical, and long-lasting. The gift should also communicate and show appreciation and togetherness.

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FAQ: Client holiday gift ideas

Here are answers to common questions on client holiday gift ideas.

What are good client holiday gift ideas?

Good client gift ideas include bottled drinks, home decor, crockery, devices, books, and jewelry.

What do you give clients for the holidays?

Some great tips for choosing Christmas gifts include handpicking unique gifts and customizing objects to give a personalized touch. Also, considering the cost of the items is important to ensure that the gifts are within the company’s budget. Finally, select a gift that is useful in the long term for a lasting effect.

What are good client Christmas gift tips?

Some great tips for choosing Christmas gifts include handpicking unique gifts and customizing objects to give a personalized touch. Also, considering the cost of the items is important to ensure that the gifts are within the company’s budget. Finally, select a gift that is useful in the long term for a lasting effect.

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