13 Best Gifting Platforms for Work in 2022

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Gifting platforms are systems that select, store, pack, and ship gifts to recipients. Examples include Snappy Gifts, Gifts for Good, and SwagUp. The purpose of these platforms is to reduce the time consumption and frustrations of DIY gift-sending. Companies can use gifting platforms to send items to employees, customers, event attendees, or prospects.

This software facilitates the sending of employee Christmas gifts, virtual worker holiday gifts, and client Christmas gifts.

This list includes:

  • gifting platforms for employees
  • enterprise gifting platforms
  • online gift platforms
  • corporate gifting platforms

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List of best gifting platforms

Gifting platforms are the most effective ways for companies to send items to recipients. These platforms offer different gift options, such as edible treats, experience tickets, eGifts, and tangible products. Even with the added cost of services, gifting platforms are valuable and reasonable investments for businesses.

1. Givenly

As a swag management and gifting platform, Givenly is a great choice for businesses that want to streamline and control the company’s gifting from one system. The platform allows recipients to choose a gift through a personalized digital link. Givenly’s corporate gifting and holiday program is also an excellent option for entities that want to automate client and employee gifting throughout the year.


  • Access to organizational and personal order history
  • Data export for easy reporting
  • Seamless Salesforce integrations
  • Donation of proceeds to various charities
  • An extensive network of vendors

With Givenly’s enterprise-focused features, companies can create better relationships with recipients through corporate gifting.

Learn more about Givenly.

2. Snappy Gifts

Snappy Gifts is a gifting platform that helps companies easily reward customers and employees. This provider offers the option of sending gifts digitally and allows recipients to either accept the items or choose among other products. Companies can choose among gift options, such as digital subscriptions, getaways, and home appliances.


  • Capability to customize gift campaigns and fine-tune budgets with powerful reporting and projection tools
  • Availability of employee metrics and insights on popular gifts, customer win rates, and future campaign budget estimates
  • Global shipping
  • Easy automation with corporate incentive and reward programs
  • Automation of long-term campaigns
  • Recipients can exchange gifts to suit their preference

Snappy Gifts also accepts branded requests at an extra cost.

Learn more about Snappy Gifts.

3. CorporateGift.com

As one of the best online gift platforms, CorporateGift.com is a top choice for companies searching for comprehensive gifting providers. The company offers the largest collection of customizable and unique gifts, including work-from-home care packages, gourmet products, custom tech gadgets, and branded swag.


  • Multiple address checkouts
  • Automated anniversary and birthday gifts
  • Peer-to-peer thank you notes and gifts
  • Automated send from individual company CRM, ERP, or marketing automation tools
  • Virtual swag closet for quick on-demand fulfillment
  • Instant feedback for measuring the gift success

CorporateGift.com is a great pick for large companies that want to integrate the gifting process into other departments like HR, marketing, and customer service. The integration capabilities allow businesses to create multiple campaigns and access various customizable products.

Learn more about CorporateGift.com.

4. Gifts for Good

As a company that dedicates its services to helping communities through gift giving, Gifts for Good is an excellent choice of corporate gifting platform. The company offers many socially responsible and ethical premium gifts, including food and beverage, tech, and home products. You will also find a variety of gift cards, gift sets, and apparel. You can choose your gifts based on your budget, goals, cause, and timeline.


  • Customization of items to suit the ideal brand design
  • Donation cards for a good cause that you choose to support
  • Reports of the footprint of your gifts via a branded social impact report
  • Recipients can create a custom gift box depending on their preferences
  • Automated shipping for future gifts

Whether you want to reward your customers, motivate your employees, or increase your brand loyalty, you will love the selection of items from Gifts for Good. The gifting platform also gives entities an option to give back to the community while appreciating the workforce.

Learn more about Gifts for Good.

5. Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is a great option for companies that are on the search for e-retailers with a wide variety of unusual gift options. The company connects makers with shoppers who are in search of distinctive items. Uncommon Goods offers a wide variety of handpicked goods across the globe. You will find items that solve a problem, serve a purpose, and are handmade with exceptional skill and craft. You can browse a range of jewelry, accessories, food and beverage, garden items, and ornaments.


  • You can gift recipients experiences such as mixology, flower arrangement, and candle-making classes
  • An environmentally conscious company that encourages artists to use sustainable materials
  • Feather, fur, and leather-free products
  • Partnerships with non-profit organizations through the Better to Give program
  • Global shipping
  • Gift personalization as per preference

While Uncommon Goods also stocks some ordinary products, most items are handmade with recycled materials. The company is a fantastic gifting platform for organizations that want to offer recipients unique items.

Learn more about Uncommon Goods.


BOXFOX is a women-owned gifting platform that curates the best products to appreciate your team. The company offers various gifting packages ideal for different occasions. For instance, companies can opt for the ready-to-ship package, a collection of carefully selected gift boxes. Another great option is the BOXFOX gift card, perfect for when companies are unsure of the best products for their workers. The BOXFOX Concierge is also an excellent option for small and large companies.


  • International shipping to over 200 countries
  • In-house design team to assist in the implementation of all projects
  • In-house storage to enable companies to send gifts on a need-by-need basis
  • Custom packaging options
  • Each delivery includes a custom and handwritten note

With the company’s corporate custom gifting, businesses get access to a production team and a dedicated sales manager. BOXFOX is a fantastic choice for small and large companies that want to offer recipients curated boxes with a human touch.

Learn more about BOXFOX.

7. Sendoso

Sendoso is an all-inclusive platform that offers tons of business solutions beyond gifting. The platform empowers businesses to drive revenue growth throughout the consumer journey. Other than personalized gifts, Sendoso also offers eGifts and experiences such as magic shows and yoga classes. Businesses can also order products from Amazon and get personalization services with a handwritten note from the company.


  • Seamless integrations with popular platforms and eCommerce stores
  • Companies can set up a Swag Store from Magento and Shopify stores
  • Global order fulfillment
  • Access to creative curators with an expansive vendor network
  • Real-time tracking of the performance of a campaign

With the impactful and differentiated gift-sending strategy, Sondoso enables businesses to stay connected with their customers and employees. The platform is an excellent choice for entities that want to target employees, customers, prospects, and business partners.

Learn more about Sendoso.

8. Tinggly

Tinggly is one of the best experience-themed corporate gifting platforms. The company offers recipients hundreds of getaways and experiences in major tourist destinations and cities across the globe. Companies can choose getaways and experience gifts by location or occasion.


  • Partnership with the Eden Project to protect and plant trees around the world
  • Vouchers have a lifetime validity
  • Gift boxes are available in a range of themes and pricing that match different occasions
  • Gifts available as e-vouchers or physical cards
  • Personalized packaging
  • Unique experiences in over 100 countries, such as a wine and harvest experience, a wilderness survival clinic, and kayak trips

Tinggly is an excellent choice for companies that want to offer recipients lasting memories by exploring the world.

Learn more about Tinggly.

9. Etsy

If you are looking for unique gifting options for your workforce, then you will love the variety Etsy offers. The platform is an artisanal marketplace where companies can shop for thousands of products from different vendors. Entities can choose between a variety of home décor, jewelry, art and collectibles, furniture, or personalized gift options.


  • Variety of handcrafted items that can be difficult to get elsewhere
  • A unique company model that empowers other business owners
  • Unique personalization options from some sellers
  • Printable or email gift cards from $25

Etsy offers product options that will elevate a company’s gifting experience to greater heights. However, the platform does not have bulk ordering options. We recommend that companies seek arrangements with individual sellers for bulk orders. Etsy is also a brilliant idea for companies that want to offer each team member unique gifts.

Learn more about Etsy.

10. Lula’s Garden

Plants are some of the best gift options for any recipient, especially for your remote workforce. With Lula’s Garden plant varieties, recipients do not have to stress about planters. The company delivers the plants in neat gift boxes that can also serve as planters.


  • A wide selection of garden sizes and succulent combination
  • Customization options include special messages, unique sleeve designs, or logos
  • Handpicked and great quality succulents
  • Improves lives across the globe by supporting water.org, an organization that provides access to safe water across the world

Lula’s Garden is a great pick for companies that want to spread plant love and help spruce up recipients’ offices and homes.

Learn more about Lula’s Garden.

11. Xperience Days

With a wide variety of experiences to choose from, Xperience Days tops the list of gifting platforms for employees. You can browse the list of unique and exciting experiences from Xperience Days and help to create new memories for your workers. The company offers different gift options such as food and wine, driving, and water experiences. You can also let recipients experience fun activities such as city tours and scenic train rides.


  • Supports local and international charitable causes and fund-raining benefits
  • Option to pay for experiences in installments
  • Access to over 2,000 experiences in three countries
  • Personalization available for gift certificates

With the wide variety of experiences, you can be sure to find different options that will appeal to your demographic of workers, clients, and other stakeholders.

Learn more about Xperience Days.

12. Alyce

Alyce is a gifting platform that boosts engagement between businesses and other stakeholders through thoughtful and relevant gifts. With the platform, entities can increase customer loyalty, motivate workers, and get vital insights into each campaign. Businesses can send digital or physical personal notes and unique gifts and track the recipient’s activity throughout the process.


  • Provides over 30,000 name-brand and high-quality gift options
  • Available across the globe
  • Companies can personalize gift invitations with a video or note
  • Supports integrations with platforms such as Marketo, Hubspot, and Salesloft

Alyce is the best gifting platform for businesses that want to connect with prospects, customers, and partners. The platform also provides an avenue where entities can learn about the recipient’s interests by offering item exchanges and donation options.

Learn more about Alyce.

13. &Open

As a company that deliberately sources useful, quality, and uplifting products, &Open is a fantastic option for businesses looking for gifting platforms for employees. The company aims to inspire brand loyalty through simple acts of care like gifting. You can select gift options such as flowers, food and drinks, digital subscriptions, and custom merch. Another great option is offering your team vouchers for experiences like Airbnb stays.


  • Invests in businesses and organizations that support a good cause
  • Elevates the voices of the LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and AAPI communities and female business owners
  • Protects the planet through the use of environmentally friendly shipping logistics and packaging
  • Has micro-automation capabilities. Businesses can define ideal gifts, messaging, budgets, and branding once
  • Allows customization of a gifting experience to reflect the brand tone
  • Real-time reporting on budget and customer feedback
  • Global shipping
  • Seamless integration into existing CRMs
  • Translation capabilities into six different languages

&Open also offers cash gifting and donation gifting. The company is one of the best gifting platforms for entities that want to improve business relationships through a gifting culture.

Learn more about &Open.


With automation capabilities, gifting platforms are some of the best investments any business can make. These platforms get the recipient’s gift out of the door and track shipping and valuable responses on the impact of the items. Depending on the choice of gifting platform, businesses can also measure the return on investment of the gifts and get insights on how to improve future services. There are a wide variety of gifting platforms in the market. Hence, we would advise entities to conduct due diligence and select platforms offering the ideal range of services at the desired budget.

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FAQ: Gifting platforms

Here are answers to common questions about gifting platforms.

What are gifting platforms?

Gifting platforms are systems that offer a wide variety of items. These services can often store, package, and ship gifts to employees, clients, or prospects. The platforms also track the delivery process of items and the recipient’s response.

What are the best gifting platforms?

With the wide variety of gifting platforms, businesses often struggle when picking the right service provider. The best gifting platforms balance convenience, price, and variety of products. Some of the best gifting platforms for businesses include Sendoso, Xperience Days, and SnackMagic.

What are the benefits of corporate gifting platforms?

Companies may struggle with sourcing items, shipping, and getting feedback from the recipients when sending products to a large group. However, by automating the gifting process, entities can focus on more important tasks.

Here are some benefits of corporate gifting platforms:

  • Automation- Automation is one of the biggest benefits of gifting platforms. With these platforms, businesses can choose, personalize, package, ship, and track gifts across the globe. Companies can also opt for platforms that integrate gifting services into their CRM.
  • Personalization- With the option to personalize each gift, companies can cater to the needs of each recipient and establish authentic connections.
  • Reporting- Online gifting platforms allow businesses to measure the impact of gifts on customers, employees, or prospects. Entities can use the data gained to improve future gifting efforts.
  • Item availability- Companies can easily access quality, unique, and high-end items for every recipient.
  • Budget- With an automated platform, companies can set up gifting budgets and put measures to ensure adherence to the allocations.

Gifting platforms often offer different services. Hence, businesses should check out the company’s personalization capabilities, shipping and return policies, automation options, and discount features.

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