17 Virtual Christmas Party Boxes

Virtual Christmas party boxes are premade and DIY packages containing a variety of Christmas party favors, like wines or tasty snacks. Examples include Gourmet Gift Boxes by Mrs. Fields, Hot Chocolate Gift Sets, and Wine Advent Calendars. Gifting Christmas party boxes is a great way to appreciate your party guests and spread festive cheers.

These packs are examples of remote employee holiday gifts that you can send for your online holiday party, and are similar to holiday care packages.

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  • virtual Christmas party in a box ideas
  • virtual Christmas party game boxes

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List of virtual Christmas party boxes

From cookies to gadgets, here are some of the best virtual Christmas party boxes you can send to your team.

1. Gourmet Gift Boxes by Mrs. Fields

Mrs. Fields offers virtual Christmas party snack boxes that are fancy-looking and super tasty. You can purchase the “Gingerbread House Box” to send festive cheers to your guests. The box comes with different cookies and peppermint popcorn. Other Christmas party boxes include Red Christmas Tree Nibblers Box, Snowglobe Box, and Present Perfect Gift Box.

Mrs. Fields’ gourmet boxes are an excellent treat for your the cookie lovers in your group. You can rest assured that your cookies will come well-packed in a protective film, safe from contaminants. If you wish to promote your company, then you can have your cookie box customized to your taste. Also, you can contact the company to request a free quote for the customization service.

Learn more about Gourmet Gift Boxes by Mrs. Fields.

2. Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Hot chocolate gift sets are one of the most fabulous ideas to appreciate your Christmas party guests. First, you will need a Christmas-themed box in the appropriate size. Also, you can visit a local store to pick hot cocoa packs and mini marshmallows. Consider decorating the package with festive props to give your homemade hot cocoa gift box a good presentation. For instance, you can fill the boxes with shredded paper in red or other favorite Christmas colors. You can also use a Christmas-themed ribbon or gift tag.

The quantity and brand of hot chocolate you choose are entirely up to you. If you plan to host a virtual hot chocolate-tasting experience, then you can send more than one chocolate mix. In addition, you can include side items like a note on making hot cocoa, scented candles, and Christmas greeting cards. Before packing the hot cocoa party gift box, you should know your guests’ dietary restrictions. You can check this holiday hot chocolate gift box.

3. Miller & Co Boxes

Getting a hamper from Miller & Co is one of the best Christmas party in a box ideas. The company offers a variety of premade boxes, but you can also curate custom packages. The pre-packed boxes come in gold, silver, and bronze. From chocolate and candy cane to wines and Christmas ornaments, each box comes stuffed with favors to make your party special. You can also send a personalized Christmas message alongside the gift hamper.

Miller & Co is willing to accommodate customers’ dietary and religious requirements. Also, the company can help you specially curate a package to suit your party and guests. If you would love to brand the gifts, then you can contact the company for a quote.

Learn more about Miller & Co Boxes.

4. All the Buzz Gift Box

All the Buzz offers virtual Christmas party gift boxes that can take your event to another level. The boxes feature snacks, personalized water bottles, and cutting boards. Also, the company offers customized mugs featuring the animated faces of your guests. For this option, simply send a picture of each guest to All the Buzz before making an order.

All the Buzz has extensive experience helping remote teams curate and ship Christmas gift boxes for virtual meetings. You can have your company logo customized on the cookies, water bottles, and water thermos if you want. Furthermore, the company is willing to help curate the best package to suit any theme you have chosen for your Christmas party.

Learn more about All the Buzz Gift Box.

5. Cookie Decorating Box

A cookie decorating kit makes one of the best virtual Christmas party boxes. When curating this box, consider picking a theme and choosing cookie cutters and decorations around the theme.

A cookie decorating kit comes with items like:

  • Bench scrapers
  • Scriber needles
  • Offset spatulas
  • Edible sprinkles
  • Royal icing mix
  • Icing bags
  • Cookie cutters

You can send premade cookies alongside the decorating kit or have guests arrange their own cookies based on your preference. If you plan to pack premade cookies, then you should consider using boxes with compartments to protect your cookies. In addition, you can pack the decorating supplies with boxes having Christmas-themed patterns. Also, placing a cookie decoration instructional note in each box will be an excellent idea. You can also check this Christmas DIY cookie decorating kit.

6. PAINT AND SIP Premium Party

PAINT AND SIP Premium Party is the perfect gift for a virtual paint and sip experience during Christmas. This premade box features painting supplies alongside snacks and drinks to complement your experience. The gifts include organic red wine, white chocolate, and dark chocolate from a local vendor in Melbourne.

Also, the painting box comes with a printed canvas already stretched on a wooden frame. Clouden, the paint and sip box provider, can help you imprint a special Christmas message on a gift tag.

Learn more about PAINT AND SIP Premium Party.

7. Holly Jolly Box

Curating a Holly Jolly Box is one of the best virtual Christmas party in a box ideas. This box should simply include items that scream “Christmas,” like sugar cookies or even tinsel decor.

Here are fun items you can use to create a fun Christmas-themed party box:

  • Candy canes
  • Hot chocolate mixes
  • Santa hat
  • Miniature Christmas tree
  • An Elf on the Shelf
  • Christmas cookies
  • Chocolate
  • Inflatable snowman
  • Christmas greeting cards

You can get a premade box that comes with various Christmas ornaments. Alternatively, you can pack your party box with a regular box and glue cut-out Christmas props on the box. With a Holly Jolly box, your guests will enjoy a joyful, festive spirit.

8. The Cocktail Box Co Cocktail Kit

You can make your virtual Christmas party special by sending a cocktail kit curated by The Cocktail Box Co. The kits feature all you need to make your own festive cocktail at home. You are free to customize the kit with Christmas-centric graphics. Also, the cocktail kit provider can include a recipe card, a Christmas greeting note, and your business’s logo to make your gift box fabulous.

The Cocktail Box Co offers luxury cocktail kits and accessories designed and tested by professional bartenders to guarantee high quality. You can also upgrade your cocktail kit with a Whiskey Cigar Glass Set for your whiskey-loving guests.

Learn more about The Cocktail Co Cocktail Kits.

9. Christmas Gift Basket by GourmetGiftBasket.com

GourmetGiftBasket.com offers a variety of gift boxes that are great for virtual Christmas celebrations. “A Taste of Christmas Gift Basket” is one of the best virtual Christmas gift boxes offered by the company. From gourmet kettles corn to chocolate-covered cherries, the box contains carefully selected treats that will delight your guests. In addition, the box comes with personalized greeting cards for recipients.

Furthermore, GourmetGiftBaskets.com also offers the “Happy Holiday Snack Gift Box,” perfect for a virtual winter wonderland Christmas party. If your guests are big fans of wines, then you can get the “Christmas Red Wine Duo package.” If you have any concerns about the gift item’s nutritional facts, then you can check the ingredients provided on the company’s site.

Learn more about A Taste of Christmas Gift Basket.

10. CraveBox Boxes

CraveBox offers virtual Christmas party snack boxes in different tasty options. Depending on your chosen package, your box will come with about 45 to 60 items. Aside from snacks, the package includes emoji stickers, a notepad, and Christmas stencils.

The products come well-arranged. Also, CraveBox ensures that the products offered are of the best quality and presentable as Christmas presents. The Christmas boxes feature many holiday and winter-themed treats. If you and your colleagues have a sweet tooth or wish to snack on Christmas treats, then you can consider gift boxes from CraveBox.

Learn more about CraveBox Boxes.

11. Christmas Pajamas Party Gift Box

A Christmas pajama party is an excellent theme to create a relaxing holiday experience for attendees. You should ensure that your box includes supplies to complement your party theme. Items like light snacks, hot cocoa, and popcorn will be great.

You can also include other party favors like a cozy blanket, mittens, and socks. When curating the box items, you might want to consider the activities you plan for the party. For instance, if you plan to watch Christmas movies with your guests, then you can add tasty caramel popcorn to the package. Also, you can send matching Christmas-themed pajamas with your company’s logo. If your party is more on the “breakfast in bed” side, then you can add a Christmas cereal to the box. You can check this Christmas gift box with pajamas and sweet treats.

12. Festive Pottery Kit

If you plan to host a Christmas pottery party, then you can consider putting a festive pottery kit for guests. Your kit should contain pottery-making essentials, including:

  • Aprons
  • Cut-off wires
  • Potter’s needles
  • Fettling knives
  • Scrappers

You can also include an easy-to-follow guideline on making pottery. If your guests cannot easily access a throwing wheel, then you can follow a simple hand-building technique instead. For the clay, you can try to get a type that is capable of being air-dried. Otherwise, your guests might have to visit a local studio to complete the pottery’s firing step.

Also, if you are unsure of the exact tools to pack, then you can use the service of a local pottery studio to help you curate a list. Depending on your preference and budget, you can also include complimentary snacks and beverages for your party guests. Here is an example of a pottery hand-building gift box.

13. Christmas Bingo Box

A Christmas Bingo Box is one of the best virtual Christmas party game boxes. Bingo is a perfect game to play during virtual parties. A Christmas bingo gift box will make this icebreaker activity more fun for attendees. The good part is that you can make the Christmas Bingo box with easily-findable items. First, you will need to prepare a Bingo card. You can consider downloading or making a card from scratch. You can also use Christmas-centric prompts for the best experience. After, print out several cards, depending on the number of boxes you plan to send.

You can include festive bites like cookies, chocolate, and candy canes inside the box. Therefore, your guests will have tasty treats to munch on while playing the game. Also, you can include a custom pen for marking the Bingo cards.

14. Keep Your City Smiling Gift Boxes

You cannot go wrong with a holiday box from Keep Your City Smiling for your virtual Christmas party. The company offers a variety of boxes to fit different events and preferences. In the “Home for the Holidays package,” you will find various locally-made items, including a diffuser, dark chocolate bark bite, and soap bar.

You can also impress your guests with the “Warm & Cozy” seasonal gift box. This luxury package features a holiday chocolate truffle box, an enamel mug, and a scented candle inspired by Christmas Eve. Furthermore, the gift box service offers Virtual Event Packs for all parties, including Christmas. With this offer, you can customize your gift box to your taste.

Learn more about Keep Your City Smiling Gift Boxes.

15. Sensational Baskets Boxes

Sensation Baskets offers one of the best virtual Christmas party boxes.

Common contents include:

  • Holiday ornaments
  • Light up Rudolph’s nose
  • Chocolate chips cookies
  • Garland
  • Bell bracelet
  • Elf hat

The box also features a holiday mug imprinted with quotes that will impress your guests. Also, Sensational Baskets can help you include a Christmas message or your company’s logo on the box for free. Plus, the company can help you customize your virtual Christmas party box within your budget.

Learn more about Sensational Baskets.

16. Christmas Murder Mystery Dinner Gift Box

You cannot go wrong with a well-packed Christmas murder mystery party box. Murder Mystery Christmas parties are exciting and even more fun when you send a commentary party box. You can include a note in the box describing your guest’s role in the game. Also, you can include costumes that will compliment your guest’s character. You can consider adding Christmas cookies, candy, and beverages guests can enjoy during the party. Furthermore, a Christmas dinner murder mystery party is an excellent opportunity to add detective-themed items to the boxes, such as Christmas-themed notepads, pens, and magnifying glasses. You can check this Christmas murder mystery boxed set.

17. Wine Advent Calendar

Wine Advent Calendars by In Good Taste make one of the best virtual Christmas party gift boxes. The package comes with 24 mini wines from different countries, including Argentina, France, the US, Italy, and Spain. Therefore, this box will be an excellent choice if you plan to host a festive wine tasting.

Ideally, the wines are perfect for counting down to Christmas Day. Therefore, you and your colleagues can meet virtually for 24 days to taste a sample for each day till December 25. Your purchase includes complimentary emails from the company for 24 days, featuring wine-tasting guides and suggested food pairings. On the other hand, the box will come in handy. In that case, you can plan the experience for one or several days and taste as many wines as you want.

Learn more about Wine Advent Calendar.


Sending a virtual party gift box is a great way to show your appreciation to attendees. You will find tons of services that specialize in curating gift boxes for special occasions, including Christmas parties. Also, you can decide to handpick the gifts and curate the boxes yourself. You will find many items to make your box special, from wines and cookies to mugs and Christmas ornaments. Plus, the gift boxes can double as company swag. Depending on the service, you can even have the boxes customized with your company or sponsors’ logos.

Now, check out virtual gifting platforms and holiday swag ideas.

FAQ: Virtual Christmas party boxes

Here are answers to questions about virtual Christmas party boxes.

What are virtual Christmas party boxes?

Virtual Christmas party boxes are gift packages sent to guests for online Christmas celebrations. These boxes are usually available in different sizes, patterns, and designs. Also, you can get a plain box and customize the package with Christmas-centric decor, from stickers to gift tags and ribbons.

How do you make a virtual Christmas party box?

To make an outstanding virtual Christmas party box, decide on the gifts to put inside the package. The kind of party you organize, whether a cocoa-tasting experience or a Christmas Bingo game night, will determine the items you should choose. Also, select the right size of boxes that can take up all your gift items. You can purchase boxes with premade Christmas prints or even opt for packages with only festive colors like red, green, and gold. After curating the box, you can further leave a printed Christmas message inside to impress the recipients. To save yourself the stress of curating the box, you can check for companies providing pre-packed Christmas party boxes instead. You can also consider customizing the box’s contents to your taste if the company offers this service.

What are some good virtual Christmas party box ideas?

Good ideas for virtual Christmas party boxes are Wine Advent Calendar, Keep Your City Smiling Gift Boxes, Sensation Baskets Boxes, PAINT AND SIP Premium Party, Christmas Gift Basket by GourmetGiftBasket.com, All the Buzz Gift Box, and Christmas Pajamas Party Gift Box.

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