30 Best Holiday Gifts for Employees

Holiday gifts for employees are items to offer employees during the holiday season. Examples include desk organizers, workout mats, and cell phone camera lens kits. These gifts aim to appreciate employees, boost staff morale, and enhance employees’ commitment to the organization.

This list includes employee holiday gifts under $50 and virtual employee Christmas gifts. These presents are similar to holiday client gifts and Christmas swag.

This article covers:

  • unique holiday gifts for employees
  • holiday gift ideas for employees on a budget
  • holiday gifts for work-from-home employees
  • holiday food gifts for employees
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List of the best holiday gifts for employees

From workout mats to cookie cutters, here are the best gift ideas for employees during the holdiays.

1. Customized cookie cutter

A customized cookie cutter is among the unique holiday gifts for employees. Most folks like to try their baking skills during the holidays, and cookie cutters can create extra-interesting cookie shapes. These tools come in various shapes and sizes, and you can also order a customized set. For inspiration, you can personalize the gift with designs that match the seasons, special events, favorite pets, or holiday destinations. The tailored cookie cutter enhances the baking experience and reminds employees of their favorite things.

For more information on customized cookie cutters.

2. Cell phone camera lens kit

A cell phone camera lens kit is one of the most appreciated holiday gifts for employees. This gift can make traveling or having fun more meaningful to folks who enjoy snapping high quality shots. This kit enhances the cell phone camera’s resolution for photos and videos and can help you record memories of good times. This kit can also help amateur photographers to have more fun with their hobbies and hone their photography skills. The cameras’ editing features can inspire your employees’ creativity and help them to create epic images.

Here is a suggestion for an awesome cell phone camera lens kit.

3. Wireless earbuds

One of the classiest gifts for employees is a set of wireless earbuds. These audio accessories are perfect presents for employees who love movies, music, podcasts, and audiobooks. With wireless earbuds, your employees can conveniently multitask, for example, listening to their favorite audio while driving, exercising, or doing household chores. This multitasking trick helps colleagues to accomplish more activities and achieve a more fulfilling life. Also, earbuds can help folks relax better as it eliminates unnecessary noise. Plus, earbuds are great accessories for virtual meetings.

Here is one of the most economical sets of earbuds.

4. Workout mat

A workout mat is a thoughtful gift that encourages colleagues to exercise and maintain a healthy body. To choose an appropriate mat for your employee, first, find out the exercises the employee prefers. For example, non-slip yoga mats are great for yoga exercises, while rubber mats go well with weight training. The mats come in varied thicknesses and sizes to provide better comfort and stability, and they protect the carpet or floor surface from pressure and scratches from free weights, for example.

Here is an example of a multipurpose workout mat.

5. Scented candles

Scented candles are timeless Christmas decorations that can spruce up your space. The warm light and pleasant fragrance these candles emit can uplift the room’s mood and help keep employees happy and relaxed. These candles also come in different colors and interesting shapes. Some scents that match the holidays include crisp pines, frankincense, citrus, and amber. However, you could still shop for specific aromas that the employee likes. In addition, you could tag a direct message to make the scented candles even more special.

Here is our pick of scented candles.

6. Desk pad

A desk pad is a great gift to give remote employees. This pad is aesthetic and can upgrade a standard study table into a classic home office desk. The pad makes the desk look tidy and protects the tabletop from scratches when computer parts move. The employees will like this gift because it is comfortable and convenient to use beyond the holidays.

Here is an example of a dual-sided desk pad.

7. Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are some uncommon but beneficial holiday gifts for work-from-home employees. One study shows that cuddling these soft toys can reduce the adverse effects of social exclusion and enhance prosocial behavior. Since holidays can cause most employees to spend much time away from their usual social circle, these gifts can provide much-needed comfort and help them cope with loneliness. The best stuffed animals to give can include traditional teddy bears or Christmas-themed animals like penguins and reindeer. Whatever you choose, these gifts are both decorative and comforting to cuddle.

Here is an example of a stuffed animal.

8. Skin care products

A set of skin care products can be a wonderful surprise to both male and female employees. The pack can include toners, moisturizers, serums, and night creams. You might need a little research to determine the products the employee uses to avoid harsh products that damage the skin or cause allergic reactions. Adding tools like soft sponges, facial steamers, and silicone scrubbers will complete the set and make the gift more exciting. This gift can encourage employees to start a skincare routine, improve skin health, and boost self-confidence.

Here is an example of a unisex skin care kit.

9. Desk organizer

A desk organizer is among the most unique gifts to give to remote employees. This item can help keep the home desk tidy and keep handy tools like pens, staplers, and office clips within reach. Customized desk organizers can also function as desk decorations. The color and size of the desk organizer also vary, and you can select from materials like bamboo, metallic mesh, glass, and plastics, depending on what the employee might like. It is a super idea to make the design extra-functional, for example, by including a charging station.

Here is our choice of a desk organizer.

10. Desktop vacuum cleaner

Desktop vacuum cleaners make great gifts for work-from-home employees. This machine will help employees to keep their space clean, dust-free, and safe from prickly office objects like pins. When selecting this present, you can choose the desired design and capacity. Employees will also appreciate this easy-to-use equipment as it can clean different surfaces and prevent the computer and keyboard from clogging with dirt. Plus, this device can help keep company equipment clean and running well.

Here is our pick of a desktop vacuum cleaner.

11. Cell phone stand

A cell phone stand is an inexpensive gift for employees. These items are portable and can conveniently sit on desks. The stand enables your staff to use their phones to access online meetings and webinars comfortably. Also, the cell phone stand can significantly help the marketing team to record promotional videos. Besides work, this gift is perfect for recreational use, like watching shows and movies on smartphones. You can even order branded stands printed with your company name, logo, or a special message.

Here is an example of an adjustable cell phone stand.

12. Heated gloves

Heated gloves are among the best Christmas gifts for employees. These gloves are unique and can substitute traditional mittens. These gloves are warm and cozy and help employees keep their fingers warm. In addition, wearing these gloves will help your team enjoy their favorite outdoor winter activity, like skiing, sledding, and ice skating.

Here is an example of heated gloves.

13. Pomodoro timer

A Pomodoro timer is a gift that can help employees track time and improve productivity. This tool is handy, especially when an employee has tight deadlines or is prone to distractions. The timer can help employees develop a routine that saves time. In addition, these rechargeable timers help to balance work and rest times so that employees organize themselves better.

Here is our pick of the Pomodoro timer.

14. Personalized Christmas decorations

If you want holiday gift ideas for employees on a budget, then consider giving personalized Christmas decorations. These decorations are handy during the holidays and come in an endless variety. Examples include custom-made Christmas swags, ornaments, and wreaths.

Some ways to go about this idea include making DIY decorations using improvised materials, repurposing the least used items, and modifying new items to match the employee’s tastes and likes. This idea can help you produce unique gifts that employees will forever remember.

15. Fluffy socks

Whether the employees work from the office or home, fluffy socks are some of the most thoughtful gifts for holidays. The socks help to keep the feet warm and regulate overall body temperature. Putting on these socks means your employees will feel cozier in the chilly weather. Good socks should be well-fitting to feel comfortable, allow unrestricted blood circulation, and prevent chills.

Here is our pick for fluffy socks.

16. Christmas beanie

Christmas beanies are among the ultimate choices of holiday gifts for employees. These holiday-themed hats come in colors, designs, and materials that add a touch of style and fashion to the wearer’s outfit. The beanies are a great choice for outdoor use because they keep the head and face warm and can prevent frostbite. In addition, some modified designs have inbuilt Bluetooth devices. These beanies let employees conveniently enjoy webinars, relaxing music, and online meetings.

Here is an example of a Christmas beanie.

17. Cocktail kit

A cocktail kit is a perfect group gift for team members. In-person and remote teams can organize a holiday happy hour party where employees use these kits to try out different cocktail recipes. Incorporating fun activities like icebreakers and games can make the happy hour more exciting and memorable. Or, employees can use the kits to entertain guests during the holidays or enjoy a mixed drink to celebrate the season.

Here is our pick of a cocktail kit.

18. Lunch box

A lunch box is among the more unique gifts for folks who commute to work. This gift encourages employees to consume healthier homemade food instead of convenient fast food. Also, the lunch box can help your employees save money they would have spent on meals at eateries. You can select the appropriate capacity, size, and design to suit the staff’s needs. Also, consider buying insulated lunch boxes to maintain the temperature of the food.

Here is an example of a good thermal lunch box.

19. Power bank

One of the most impressive gifts for field employees is a power bank. This device can recharge mobile devices like phones, iPads, and tablets. Power banks help employees to work better by assuring their mobile phones do not have to run out of juice. Power banks are most convenient when there is no electricity and can help employees manage emergency calls, work communication, and regular mobile device use.

Here is a pick of the best multi-device power bank.

20. Acupressure mat and pillow set

An acupressure set is a unique bulk holiday gift for employees. Employees can use the acupressure mat and pillow to relieve pain, reduce stress, and control insomnia. This exercise can substitute costly massages and help your employees manage the pains and relax better at a more affordable cost.

Here is our pick of acupressure mat and pillow set.

21. Personalized water bottle

Water bottles are super useful gifts for employees. No matter the season, this gift remains relevant year-long. Personalizing water bottles is a stylish and unique gift-giving touch. The best bottles are thermoregulated to keep the water hot or cold. In addition, employees will like this gift because it encourages more water intake and keeps their bodies well-hydrated and healthy.

Here is an example of a personalized water bottle.

22. Baking sets

Baking sets are among the leading bulk holiday gifts for employees. These sets can include various baking equipment like measuring cups, baking tins, and parchment paper. Some sets also include pre-measured dry ingredients. If working with an open budget, you may also include appliances like the dough mixer. These tools are an extra thoughtful gift for bakers.

Here is an example of a baking set.

23. Blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are a great gift for frequent screen users. These glasses prevent excessive eye strain from devices that emit blue light, for example, phones and PCs. This gift can help fatigue and keep employees lively throughout working hours. Blue light glasses make a great choice for holiday gifts because they are practical.

Here is an example of blue light glasses.

24. Self-help books

Giving employees books as holiday gifts is an interesting way to stimulate their minds. Books impart knowledge, skills, and ideas, and can greatly improve the quality of life. You can opt to give employees hardcover books or pay a subscription to online book vendors like Amazon Kindle. This idea is great for virtual employees but can also work with others who do not mind reading soft copies.

For inspiration, check out these self-help books.

25. Desk humidifier

A desk humidifier is among the best holiday gifts for team members. Your employees can moisten the room to the ideal range with this gift and prevent the negative effects of dry air, which include sinus irritation, dry skin, and chapped lips. In addition, the mist from the humidifier greatly relieves flu and colds discomforts that are common in winter.

Here is an example of a desk humidifier.

26. Assorted teas

One way to please tea-loving employees is by gifting them with a pack of assorted teas. Drinking tea boosts the immune system and improves overall wellness. Common tea varieties include green, black, white, and oolong teas. In addition, the teas may have herb infusions like chamomile, hibiscus, ginger, and lemon grass for better taste, aroma, and health benefits.

Here is one of the best options for assorted teas.

27. Personalized kitchen apron

A kitchen apron is a great employee gift on a budget. This apparel helps to maintain high hygiene during meal preparation and protects your clothes from dirt and excess heat. Whether or not the employee enjoys cooking, they will find this gift handy in the kitchen. If you want to give your employee a complete chef’s set, then you can add oven gloves, flat shoes, and chef’s hat, scarf, and jacket into the package.

Here is our pick of a kitchen apron.

28. Assorted snacks

A box of assorted delicious snacks is among the best holiday food gifts for employees. Fruit cakes, popcorn kennels, chocolates, and marshmallows are some ideas to include in the gift box. It is best to ensure that the assortment has a balanced mix of healthy, sweet, and savory snacks for variety.

Here is one of our favorite assorted snacks.

29. Customized document organizer

A document organizer helps to keep the office neat and attractive. This must-have item helps to keep office documents confidential and safe from damages such as accidental spills. In addition, employees can readily retrieve stored documents when using this tool. This gift is suitable for both home and office use. When selecting this gift, go for designs with multiple pockets and waterproof and fireproof cases for better functionality and document safety.

Here is our suggestion for a document organizer.

30. Tabletop firepit

A tabletop fire pit is one of the best items to have during the chilly holiday weather. This gift is perfect for the outdoors and helps employees beat the cold. You can light a mini bonfire and have a beer, coffee, or homemade barbeque over the fireplace. Or you can use it when camping. Plenty of brands and models sell these fire pits and you can select a suitable size depending on the available space.

Here is an example of a tabletop firepit.


Exchanging gifts during the Christmas season is a fun tradition celebrated worldwide. Giving employees holiday gifts is a special way of thanking them for their commitment and reminding team members how much you value them. The gifts come in a vast variety that matches different personalities and budgets, including apparel, accessories, foodstuff, and equipment.

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FAQ: Holiday gifts for employees

Here are answers to common questions regarding holiday gifts for employees.

What are some good holiday gifts for employees?

Some good holiday gifts for employees include home appliances like coffee makers, decor, electronic devices, and clothing. For these gifts to have a lasting effect on the employee, these items should be unique, functional, fun, and fulfilling. One of the best ways to convert any items into a pleasant gift is by customizing them to match the employees’ needs or personalities.

How much should you spend on employee Christmas gifts?

How much you spend on employee Christmas gifts varies on your budget, the quality and durability of an item, and the level of demand for the object you wish to purchase. However, price tags do not always guarantee how best a gift impacts the receiver. Instead, focus on gifts that will fulfill the employee’s needs.

What are good budget employee holiday gift ideas?

When working on a budget, you can consider simpler and more affordable gifts. For example, DIY crafts, scented candles, beanies, and stuffed animals. These gifts can help pass your warm thoughts and best wishes to team members and brighten employees’ vacations.

Why should you give employees holiday gifts?

Giving employees holiday gifts is important because this act expresses gratitude for employees’ input and makes them feel valued. Gift-giving is also a beautiful Christmas tradition that spreads love, empathy, and deeper connections.

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