16 Best Employee Subscription Boxes for the Holidays in 2022

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Employee subscription boxes are a collection of items delivered monthly to your employees’ homes or the office. The subscription boxes are themed and may include food, beauty supplies, or even socks. Examples include Vellabox, Love With Food, and Japan Crate. These subscriptions are gradually becoming the norm in households and workplaces throughout the globe due to their practicality and the novelty of sometimes receiving physical mail.

These packages make some of the best holiday presents for employees and are great virtual employee gifts. The boxes are similar to holiday care packages.

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List of employee subscription boxes

The following is a list of subscription boxes for your employees, whether you are searching for a gift subscription for a coworker or just want to try a box that all your employees will love.

1. Vellabox

Vellabox is a monthly candle subscription that you could gift yourself or an employee. The company sends out a box each month containing high-quality, small-batch, hand-poured, non-toxic candles. You can buy the subscriptions as gifts for your employees, and the seasonal fragrances and beautiful glass jar packaging are sure to win over the senses of any recipient.

Lighting a candle can bring a little bit of home to work with you. The fragrance is calming and helps you feel closer to others. The candle helps eliminate the smell that lingers after a worker reheats their meal in the microwave. Vellabox is a fantastic monthly subscription service for obtaining unique fragrances that are sure to inspire creativity and productivity.

The Lucerna box costs $10 per month and includes one 4-ounce candle that burns for about 25 hours and a surprise gift. The Ignis box costs $20 per month and includes two 8-ounce candles that burn for about 25 hours each and a surprise gift. The Vivere box costs $30 per month and includes three 8-ounce candles that burn for about 50 hours each and a surprise gift. Each box tier costs $8 more to ship to Canada.

Learn more about Vellabox.

2. BarkBox

When it comes to canine companions for the office, BarkBox is one of the best gift boxes for remote employees and companies that allow pets. This subscription is wonderful for finding new goods that dogs will adore and assures they will frequently feel pampered and treated. The box is full of treats, toys, and hygiene products selected with a charming and sometimes seasonal theme.

Working from home has its perks, one of which is spending more time with pets. If you have coworkers who take care of pets, then getting them this subscription box as a present is a great idea. The package will keep the recipient’s dog entertained and relaxed. BarkBox is the surest method to become your coworkers’ second-most-beloved person.

In 2015, eight percent of American employers, up from five percent in 2013, allowed workers to bring their dogs to work, according to a Society for Human Resource Management poll. If your office is one of the fortunate eight percent that gets to take a break and touch dogs in the middle of the day, then BarkBox is a must-have for your workforce.

Pricing starts at $29 per month, with discounts for extended commitments.

Learn more about BarkBox.

3. Book of the Month

Book of the Month is one of the oldest subscriptions and is still going strong. The club handpicks and announces five new, soon-to-be-released hardback books every month. Members choose the title they like most, getting the most recent releases in hardcover fiction at the best prices.

This subscription is a perfect option to help you stay in touch with your colleagues even when you are away from the office. You may form a book club by signing up for Book of the Month together. Since this is a subscription service, you and your colleagues can relax each month, knowing that you will get new reads every month without the stress of picking out books. This membership is worthwhile even if you spend most of your time at the workplace since it helps build a helpful resource collection.

This membership is ideal if you want to stock your office’s library or organize your book club’s reading material with little effort.

Pricing starts at $15.99 monthly.

Check out Book of the Month for additional information.

4. Gift Card Monthly

Subscription options on GiftCardMonthly.com allow you to get $30 worth of gift cards for as little as $19.99 per month. You can use gift cards at a wide range of establishments, including grocery shops, department stores, discount department stores, discount department stores online, and pet stores. If your staff struggles to meet expectations during a particularly trying month, and you must inspire them to keep going, an extra push never hurts.

While the overall worth of all cards will remain stable at $30 every month, the number of cards included may change. Therefore, one month Gift Card Monthly could send two $15 cards, and the following month it might send three $10 cards. This system gives you some leeway in deciding who gets which cards and for what kinds of accomplishments and acts of kindness.

The monthly subscription price for gift cards begins at $23.99.

Check out Gift Card Monthly.

5. Love With Food

The Love With Food subscription box contains healthy snacks that employees can keep in their desk drawers. The organic, all-natural snacks are made without synthetic additives, such as artificial flavors or colors, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, or high-fructose corn syrup. These snacks can come in handy when you get hungry and irritable but still need to deliver your best on the job. Also, for every box sent, Love With Food gives a kid in need a meal.

The subscription begins at $7.99 per month.

Learn more about Love With Food.

6. Sips by

Sips by is a curated tea service that delivers a variety of teas every month. Each pack contains enough tea for at least 16 cups. The box allows you to sample loose-leaf, bagged, herbal, and caffeinated teas from various sources, including well-known companies and small, independent tea stores and farms.

Sips by provides a wealth of information to help you learn more about tea, including its health advantages, how to steep your tea properly, and the myriad of subtle distinctions between each variety. Also, the subscription considers your taste and steep preferences, which is a nice touch.

One Month of tea subscription from Sips by costs $16.

Learn more about Sips by.

7. Blue Apron

Blue Apron is one of the best monthly food subscription boxes because it offers tasty, unique twists on traditional recipes and timely, precise delivery. In addition, the box is adaptable and customizable, with choices for employees with varying dietary needs, two-person and four-person family plans, and extras like meat and seafood bundles, wines, spice mixes, and kitchen utensils and gadgets.

Chimichurri tilapia, prosciutto gnocchi, and sambal-peanut chicken noodles are a few examples of the tasty and abundant meals on offer. The menu constantly rotates new dishes, so diners seldom have to settle on a single favorite dish.

The meal prep kits by Blue Apron start at $69.93.

Learn more about Blue Apron.

8. SCRIBEdelivery

SCRIBEdelivery is a subscription service that sends you a package of high-quality writing instruments, including pens, notebooks, pencils, and other stationery supplies, every month. It is a good idea to always have supplies on hand, as it helps to inspire new ideas and increases efficiency in the workplace.

SCRIBEdelivery will send stylish notebooks to your workplace, providing a convenient place to jot down ideas, organize your to-do list, and take notes in meetings. This option is a refreshing change from the standard legal pad you will find on your desk at most workplaces. Feel free to gift this subscription box to an employee who cannot get enough notebooks.

Pricing for SCRIBEdelivery begins at $29 per month.

Learn more about SCRIBEdelivery.

9. MixCups

The coffee machine at work is a beloved spot for many employees. A morning cup of coffee helps your staff get their day going. Each month, subscribers to MixCups get a new and exciting assortment of coffee pods. Coffee in the break room will never be an issue again with this box. As a bonus, MIXcups is a fantastic subscription option for any remote employee.

If you find the coffee at work lacking in flavor, you can spice it up with a consistent supply of high-caliber options for the workplace. This package has an assortment of delicious coffees that allows you to try new possibilities and ensure every employee finds a fitting flavor.

Prices start at $12.95 per month for ten single cups and go up to $49.95 for 60 pods.

Learn more about MixCups.

10. The Bouqs Co.

With this subscription box, you can regularly get fresh flowers to the workplace to brighten the atmosphere. The Bouqs Co. delivers beautiful flower arrangements on your preferred schedule at the lowest possible price by cutting out the middleman.

Greenery is a wonderful way to spice up any workplace. Having plants around the office can boost productivity. Yet, few workplaces have plants lying around. Delivery of a fresh bouquet, hand-selected by a local florist, may brighten up your workday with Bouqs Co. This subscription box is perfect for sprucing up the decor of your office at home or near the conference room.

Prices range from $36 for the “Original” plan to $48 for “Deluxe” and $60 for “Grand.”

Learn more about The Bouqs Co.

11. Japan Crate

Japan Crate, with headquarters in Tokyo, is a monthly subscription package with a curated assortment of Japanese candies, snacks, beverages, and do-it-yourself kits. Each package contains between five to 20 full-sized Japanese sweets and snacks.

A workplace without a snack area is not a workplace. The monthly shipment of Japanese delicacies from Japan Crate, a cool subscription box, will be a success in the break room. This monthly subscription box is perfect for the snack lover who wants to broaden their horizons by sampling a variety of new sweet and savory treats.

The Mini costs $12 per month and includes five items. The Original costs $25 per month and consists of ten items and a DIY kit. The Premium costs $35 per month and contains 18 to 20 products, a drink, a DIY kit, and an LE bonus item.

Learn more about Japan Crate.

12. MistoBox

If the coffee in the break room at work ever disappointed you, subscribing to a service like MistoBox ensures that you always have access to freshly roasted, high-quality coffee. The package contains coffee from more than 30 of the world’s best artisan roasters, delivered straight to your desk. The fun part is that you can set your preferences.

If you are worried about depleting your supply before the end of the month, you may return to its retail location to stock up on your favorites. Subscriptions to MistoBox cost $12.99 per month.

Learn more about MistoBox.

13. Cloth & Paper

You should not limit your appreciation of luxury to your office materials. Cloth & Paper sells an extensive selection of high-end writing instruments, office supplies, and organizational tools. Cloth & Paper is a must-have for the discriminating consumer searching for refined and lovely planner goods, pens, and stationery. The box can help you stay organized while still looking chic.

From pens and planners to stationary and office essentials, Cloth & Paper is a monthly package of high-quality workplace accessories. Having a planner and some paper products on hand can help you stay on top of your Zoom meetings and urgent to-dos. The subscription box is perfect for project managers or for employees who enjoy receiving stylish office supplies as a present.

Pricing is $18 for the Penspiration box, containing five to seven items. Meanwhile, the planning and stationery box costs $38 and includes eight to 12 items. Both boxes cost $48 and contain a total of 15 items.

Get additional information about Cloth & Paper.

14. Gadget Discovery Club

With Gadget Discovery Club Box, you will get a surprise box packed with up to four high-quality devices, including amazing Smart Home Devices, the latest in music tech, wearables, and smartphone gadgets each quarter. Every Gadget Discovery Club package contains high-quality electronic products with a retail value of $150 or higher, purchased by specialists who work directly with manufacturers to provide you with the best possible price.

The modernization of your workplace necessitates this gift to keep up with the latest technological advances. Gadgets make our lives easier so that we may devote more time to work. If you are interested in receiving tech items every quarter, you can check out Gadget Discovery Club. You may reward yourself and your hardworking colleagues with this unique subscription package.

The subscription box costs $99 per quarter.

Learn more about the Gadget Discovery Club.

15. Snail Box Cards

Beautiful greeting cards for “moments of intentionality” are Snail Box’s specialty. The goal of the service is to get subscribers to write one note of appreciation every week to anybody.

You should consider these corporate subscription boxes if you have a high-performing employee, a wonderfully pleasant client, or a new business partner. The package includes every item you need to send a greeting card every week, including postage stamps and envelopes, for an entire quarter.

If you are on the fence about subscribing, know that the firm donates a book to someone who does not have access to reading materials for every customer.

The cost of a subscription to Snail Box Cards begins at $25.00

Learn more about Snail Box Cards.

16. Desk Stash

If you love unique stationery and desk accessories, you will love receiving your quarterly Desk Stash subscription package. Every three months, customers will get a handpicked assortment of tried-and-true products. This package contains unique items that will make you and your coworkers smile. The contents put fun new spins on basic office supplies like yellow sticky notes, metal paper clips, or the ubiquitous push pin.

Desk Stash is the perfect monthly gift box for the office. Desk Stash has assembled a fantastic collection of amusing, intriguing, and original office supplies that are sure to spruce up any workstation.

The Quarterly Fee is $45.

Learn more about Desk Stash.


Individuals love their subscription boxes because of the convenience. This list offers subscription boxes for every employee, whether you are still working from home and want to spruce up your home office or have returned to the workplace and are looking for some subscription presents to give your coworkers. In addition, you may use a subscription box to learn about new items in a field of interest or to determine whether you want to invest more time and money into a pastime. Subscription boxes also make fantastic presents.

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FAQ: Employee subscription boxes

Here are frequently asked questions about employee subscription boxes.

What are the best subscription boxes for employees?

Some of the best subscription boxes for employees include Blue Apron for food, Sips by for tea, and Book of the Month for curated books. Barkbox is excellent for employees with pets.

How do you choose a subscription box for your offices?

When choosing a subscription box for your office, it helps to consider preferences around the workplace and the available budget. You could also opt for a package that meets a need around the office.

What are the benefits of sending employees subscription boxes?

Subscription boxes have risen in popularity as a convenient and risk-free method to check out new items. In addition, employee subscription boxes provide companies with a novel method to connect with their workers on an ongoing basis and increase engagement levels.