23 Easy Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Work in 2022

You’ve found our list of the best stocking stuffer ideas for work.

Stocking stuffer ideas for work are small gifts and treats that make great additions to holiday stockings for workers. Examples include gourmet snacks, scratch-off lottery tickets, and helpful desk accessories. For teams with limited spending, stocking stuffer ideas are more budget-friendly than larger gifts. Groups with large head counts can purchase bulk stocking stuffers to make holiday shopping easier.

These presents are examples of employee gifts under $50, often include holiday swag, and make great 12 Days of Christmas ideas.

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List of stocking stuffer ideas for work

From tasty goodies to relaxing bath and body treats, here are ideas for stocking stuffers for work to make your team’s Christmas merry and bright.

1. Gift Cards

Gift cards are a go-to stocking stuffer that you can customize to suit the tastes of your team members. For example, if you have a crew of coffee lovers, then a bulk order of gift cards to national coffee chains will give them a treat to redeem at their leisure. Or, if local restaurants in your area offer gift cards, then you can support a small business by purchasing cards for these establishments. In addition, many gift cards come in variable load amounts, making it easy to customize a selection of budget-friendly $5 stocking stuffer ideas for work.

Shop for gift cards.

2. Desk Toys

Gadgets that help lighten the mood in a workspace are a welcome gift. Small trinkets like fidget spinners or magnetic building sets can provide a quick diversion whenever work stress builds. These devices can also be helpful concentration tools for easily-distracted workers. Desk toys also give employees a resource for slowing a frantic mind and adding relaxation to their workspace.

Shop for desk toys.

3. Gourmet Snacks

Finding high-end snacks in their Christmas stocking brings food lovers a hearty helping of holiday happiness! These treats are a step above vending machine options. You can choose custom snacks for each team member based on their tastes, such as fine mini-cheeses, tiny salamis, and packets of crackers for the charcuterie fans. Assorted chocolates, seasoned nuts, and boutique candies are all delicious options for adding to a snacker’s stocking. If you buy your stocking stuffing snacks in bulk, then you can save shopping time and conserve Christmas funds, making your task as easy as elves’ work.

Shop for gourmet snacks.

4. Mini-Wine and Spirits

Shot-sized bottles of your team members’ favorite grown-up beverages make adorable stocking stuffer ideas for adults. You can find miniaturized versions of almost every brand-name wine and liquor on the market. A big box liquor store trip is all it takes to stock up on these tiny treats. For an added touch of creativity, try assembling sets of liquors that blend into cocktails, such as coconut rum and pineapple vodka for piña coladas. These spirits will keep your team warm and cozy for the rest of their holiday celebrations.

Shop for mini-wine and spirits.

5. Motivational Books

A book filled with encouraging words or helpful information is a stocking stuffer idea that lasts long past Christmas. Giving your team motivational books as stocking stuffers tells your workers that you care about their development. Whether the subject is work-based or of a more individual nature, the gesture can provide a much-needed morale boost. You can shop for a single volume that guides the whole team in their professional development or find titles for each team member to assist with personal development. Even a simple collection of well-known quotes provides a thoughtful stocking stuffer with deeper meaning.

Shop for motivational books.

6. Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets are inexpensive stocking stuffers with the potential to become larger gifts. For regions with instant lottery games, scratch-off tickets provide an immediate thrill as your team engages in a group scratch-off to reveal their winnings. Plus, lottery drawings like Powerball and Mega Millions can transform simple stocking stuffers into a life-changing fortune. Lottery tickets also make convenient last-minute stocking stuffers for the office. Since tickets alone might not fill an entire stocking, include a ticket or two in each stocking and a few other goodies.

Shop for lottery tickets.

7. Earbud Cases

Team members with wireless earbuds will appreciate a new case to keep their audio aids safe and secure. Cases come in a variety of colors and styles. Some even include helpful clips that keep the case attached to a belt loop or backpack strap for added security. You can find affordable options that accommodate earbud chargers and provide extra space for spare earbuds and accessories. There are even bulk options for earbud cases that come in an array of stylish colors to dazzle your team.

Shop for earbud cases.

8. Notebooks

Even with note-taking apps on their smartphones, some workers consider paper notebooks the best way to jot down thoughts and memos. Adding a small notebook to your workers’ Christmas stockings will give your crew a fresh start at keeping their ideas organized. Pocket-sized notebooks in hard- and soft-cover versions come with lined, unlined, and dotted pages and are easy to tuck into a purse or pocket. You can shop for multipacks of notebooks and get your whole team covered in a single purchase.

Shop for notebooks.

9. Reusable Utensils

If your company favors sustainability as a core principle, then reusable utensils are unique stocking stuffer ideas for work that can promote an eco-friendly environment. A set of bamboo or metal utensils that workers can wash and reuse for every meal will help minimize plastic waste in the office. These sets come in several arrangements and can include glass or metal straws and handy scrubbers to keep the interiors clean. You can present these stocking stuffers ahead of your holiday party to get the crew in the spirit of a sustainable Christmas.

Shop for reusable utensils.

10. Refillable Pens

High-quality pens with replaceable ink cartridges are stocking stuffers with staying power. Fewer disposable pens find their way into landfills with refillable pens on hand. You can choose rollerball or gel ink pens to ensure easy writing while providing an attractive addition to a worker’s desk set. A few refills added to each stocking will get your team on their way to a more sustainable version of their most vital office supplies.

Shop for refillable pens.

11. Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers

Thoughtful stocking stuffers like bath bombs and shower steamers encourage self-care for teams that need a little stress relief. Bath bombs provide scented fizz for a tingling therapeutic soak, while shower steamers are fragrant discs that release relaxing scents when dissolved in hot water. These comforting treats turn a simple shower into a soothing spa-style experience. By dropping a bath bomb or shower steamer into your crew’s stockings, you can remind them of the importance of being kind to themselves.

Shop for bath bombs and shower steamers.

12. Pocket-sized Multi-tools

Pocket-sized multi-tools are stocking stuffer ideas for coworkers that come in handy for unexpected repairs. Some pocket tools include up to 18 different implements, like screwdrivers, blades, and bottle openers. Having these convenient kits on hand makes easy work of odd do-it-yourself tasks where a complete tool kit is unavailable. You can shop for these tools in many shapes and styles, including a festive snowflake-shaped version to highlight the holiday theme.

Shop for pocket-sized multi-tools.

13. Hot Cocoa Bombs

A combination of candy and hot chocolate mix, hot cocoa bombs are confections that turn into creamy, delicious cocoa when dropped into hot milk. These gourmet gifts come in dark, milk, and white chocolate versions and include flavored variations like mint and salted caramel. You can pick up a stocking-ready multipack for larger teams, with each bomb pre-packaged in its own box or wrapped separately in festive foil. For fans of warm beverages, the fun of watching marshmallows, sprinkles, and other goodies appear as the chocolate shell dissolves is a holiday treat in itself!

Shop for hot cocoa bombs.

14. Extra-Long Charger Cable

Short charger cables are the standard on most rechargeable devices, making extra-long charger cables a stocking stuffer that will cheer your team. Some extended cables can reach lengths up to ten feet, providing plenty of mobility while charging. You may want to verify the type of devices your team members have to make sure you choose a cable that fits. Apple and Android devices require different terminals for their chargers, a distinction you can easily factor into your shopping.

Shop for extra-long charger cables.

15. Card Games

Choosing card games to drop into team members’ stockings encourages your crew to have a little fun during the holidays. Games like Uno, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, and Spoons offer fast-paced play using rules that are easy to understand. Smaller decks are more affordable than larger boxed games and fit nicely into a stocking. You can select a game for each worker to provide a variety of fun the team can share. If your office holds its Christmas party in person, then your team can play a few rounds to get the good times going.

Shop for card games.

16. Bluetooth Tracker Tags

For keys, phones, and other items that can be hard to locate, Bluetooth tracker tags are stocking stuffers and problem solvers all in one. Each tag includes a small fob the size of a key chain attached to a sturdy hook. The fob pairs with a smartphone app that lets the owner track down the lost item whenever it goes missing. You can find colorful tracker tacks in multipacks for quick shopping for the whole team.

Shop for Bluetooth tracker tags.

17. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

For teams working on computers all day, blue light blocking glasses are stocking stuffers that can solve an overlooked workplace problem. Even for folks with perfect vision, exposure to blue light from screens can tire eyes and cause undue exhaustion. Blue light blocking glasses are non-prescription lenses specially designed to block the blue waves emitted by computer and phone displays. You can drop a pair of these stylish spectacles into your teams’ stockings to give them a refreshing new outlook on their screen time.

Shop for blue light blocking glasses.

18. Clip-On Ring Lights

Proper lighting for online meetings and broadcasts is much easier when you include portable ring lights in your team’s stockings. Small clip-on lights provide powerful illumination in several tones, allowing users to choose the right lighting color for their setting. These lights charge with a USB cable and move easily from laptops and desktop monitors to tablets and smartphone screens. Many models are small enough to tuck into a messenger pack or stash in a pocket for legendary lighting on the go.

Shop for clip-on ring lights.

19. Cable Clips

Tangled cables are a desktop headache that giving cable clips as stocking stuffers can help resolve. You can choose many styles, with fun, colorful options to brighten a workspace. You can also find silicon tags that label and identify the device belonging to each cable. These helpful gadgets can be a stocking stuffer that makes their tech life much easier for team members with an unruly snarl of cords and chargers to tame. In addition, purchasing a multipack of cable clips will let you fill several stockings at once, keeping you as organized as your team’s workspace.

Shop for cable clips.

20. Coffee Syrups

You can sweeten your crew’s coffee time by adding a selection of flavored syrups to their stocking stash. A bottle of a familiar favorite like pumpkin spice or hazelnut will allow team members to recreate their coffee shop orders whenever they like. Most syrups do not require refrigeration, which makes it easy to store them in a desk drawer or cabinet. Sugar-free options will satisfy team members hoping to control their sugar and calorie consumption.

These syrups are for more than just coffee. Workers who enjoy other hot beverages, smoothies, or milkshakes can add a splash or two for a fun flavor boost. Buying sets with several smaller bottles in various flavors allows you to choose treats for a few team members in a single purchase.

Shop for coffee syrups.

21. Customized Cookies

If your company has a logo or a mascot that your team will recognize, then you can order customized cookies to add to their stockings. Bakers who treat cookie decorating more like fine art can bring these treats to life with unique designs that celebrate your organization. Simple designs representing your team’s functions or interests can also make exciting options that will amaze and delight your workers. You can find creative culinary artists on sites like Etsy to prepare, and ship batches of personalized Christmas treats to your doorstep.

Shop for customized cookies.

22. Lotions

Along with creating a snowy cold-weather wonderland, winter is notorious for causing chapped hands. Adding a bottle or two of soothing lotions to your team’s stockings can provide relief, especially for crews working with their hands. While aromatherapy and perfumed balms can be a nice choice, lotions with heavy scents can trouble individuals with allergies or breathing issues. You can shop for moisturizing hand creams with a mild fragrance for the whole gang or make custom selections for each team member. With some thoughtful shopping, your crew can enjoy trouble-free comfort throughout the season.

Shop for lotions.

23. Desktop Calendars

For the ultra-organized workers on your team, small desktop calendars make a stocking stuffer idea that helps keep appointments and important dates in easy reach. Even with apps and software and computer calendars reminding your crew of their daily tasks, having a desktop calendar to flip through can make planning ahead more efficient. Desktop calendars are also useful for adding a touch of style to a workspace. You can find designer options with exciting graphics on each page and simpler designs with a more straightforward layout.

Shop for desktop calendars.


When chosen thoughtfully, stocking stuffers can be just as gratifying as full-fledged Christmas gifts. Knowing your workers’ tastes and interests lets you select stocking-ready trinkets and treats they will appreciate and put to good use. Be sure to drop some fun Christmas candies into the mix to provide an extra sweet treat for your crew to enjoy.

For more present suggestions, check out holiday care package ideas and holiday subscription boxes.

FAQ: Stocking stuffer ideas for work

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about stocking stuffer ideas for work.

What are good stocking stuffers for the office?

Some good stocking stuffers for the office are cable clips that help workers organize their desktops, pocket-sized multi-tools, and motivational books to keep your team pumped up with encouragement.

What are some budget stocking stuffer ideas for work?

Some budget stocking stuffer ideas for work include bath bombs and shower steamers, which come in multipacks to make shopping more accessible and affordable. Teams with spending restrictions can also shop for mini-wine and spirit bottles or gift cards with variable load amounts in bulk packages.

What kinds of stocking stuffers do employees like most?

The stocking stuffers employees like most are the ones that fit their tastes, such as their favorite gourmet snacks or a selection of mini-wines and spirits in flavors they love. Employees also like receiving gift cards that let them choose their own treats and gadgets like clip-on ring lights or blue light blocking glasses that can make their work easier and more enjoyable.

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