17 Unique Office Christmas Tree Ideas

Office Christmas tree ideas are ways to create a unique Christmas tree in your workplace during the festive period. You can use unique themes like Snowing Christmas Tree, The Gingerbread Man Tree, and Representational Christmas Tree. Setting up an office Christmas tree can also be a bonding experience for you and your colleagues. During the process, you can engage your team in various contests to fuel the fun.

Tree decorating tips are examples of office Xmas decorating ideas, Christmas spirit week ideas, and 12 Days of Christmas ideas.

This list includes:

  • Christmas tree themes for work
  • Christmas tree decoration ideas for the office
  • Christmas tree activities for work
  • Christmas tree office games

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List of office Christmas tree ideas

Christmas trees create a festive atmosphere for employees and customers in your office. From a Traditional Christmas Tree to Representational Christmas Tree, here are fantastic ideas that make office spaces more festive.

1. Walkway Christmas Trees

Creating Walkaway Christmas Trees is one of the unique office Christmas tree ideas. The idea is to create a lineup of Christmas trees facing each other to form a walkaway. You will need multiple Christmas trees and ample space in your office to achieve this beautiful decoration. A good location will be an office corridor or ample outdoor space. In addition, you can line the Christmas trees from the office entrance down to the reception.

To create walkaway Christmas trees:

  1. Get Christmas trees of equal sizes
  2. Place the trees parallel to each other
  3. Then create a similar decoration for trees that are opposite each other

You can engage your colleagues in making the walkaway and bond over the experience. You can split employees into groups to trim the trees to equal size and height. Also, encourage the participants to come up with fun decorations for the trees. Furthermore, you can invite all team members to partake in the tree lighting.

2. Traditional Christmas Tree

If you feel very sentimental about Christmas trees, then you can stick to the traditional theme of red, green, and gold colors for your office Christmas tree. Setting up a traditional Christmas tree is one of the simplest tasks.

The first step would be to get your evergreen tree of spruce, fir, or pine, whether natural or artificial. Also, you can go decor shopping and stick to buying ornaments in either red, green, or gold color. For example, you can get red tinsel, gold bulbs, and green elf figurines. Then, decorate the tree with your colleagues.

You can have the activity as a fun Christmas tree game to spice things up.

To play:

  1. Get two or more Christmas trees, depending on your group size.
  2. Divide employees into small teams.
  3. Then provide each group with Christmas tree ornaments in green, red, and gold.
  4. A judge would set a timer, and the team that finishes first wins.

You can also judge the winner as the team that decorated the most beautiful tree. Finally, to make the contest fun, you can award prizes to the winning team.

3. Snowman Christmas Tree

Snowman Christmas Tree is among the unique Christmas tree themes for work. Although you cannot build a real snowman inside your office, you can create one to complement your Christmas tree. Building an indoor snowman is relatively easy and cost-effective. You will need items like:

  • Red head warmer or hat for the snowman
  • White blanket, sheets, towels, or socks
  • Scarf
  • Dry twigs
  • Carrot nose
  • Buttons

After preparing the supplies, manipulate the blanket or sheets to form the snowman’s body. You can build the snowman in a spot where you would prefer to have a tree. Also, make a complete snowman by attaching other parts, including the dry twigs as hands and the carrot nose. After, you should carefully hang your Christmas tree decors on the snowman. You can create whatever size of snowman you want and use your desired decor.

4. Storytime Under the Tree

Christmas trees can spread the holiday spirit in your office and even serve as a bonding spot for you and your colleagues. After setting up your tree, gather employees around the tree for a short but memorable storytime. To create a cozy atmosphere, you can turn off every light except the ones on the Christmas tree. Then, you and your colleagues should take turns sharing a memory or a Christmas tale.

You can also sing nostalgic carols and play Christmas-themed games, from never have I ever to festive Bingo. While the fun last, you and your colleagues can sip your favorite wine or hot chocolate.

5. Decor Hanging

A Christmas tree would be incomplete without hanging shimmery decorations. Decor Hanging is one of the most exciting Christmas tree office games. You can follow these steps to play the Christmas tree decor hanging game:

  1. Split employees into teams and let the team members appoint their leaders.
  2. Distribute an equal amount of decorations and charms among the groups.
  3. A member from each team will pick an ornament and run towards the tree where the team leader stands. Then the leader will collect and hang the ornament while the team member runs back to the former position.
  4. Each participant takes a turn until all the ornaments are on the tree.

The first group to hang all their apportioned decorations wins the game.

6. Miniature Christmas Trees

If you would rather have more than one Christmas tree in your office, then you can get miniature versions of the trees. Depending on your preference, you are free to scatter the mini trees around the office space in no particular order.

To create the small trees, cut a regular Christmas tree into branches or smaller bits. Then you can assign a decor theme to each tree. Examples include miniature elves, tiny bulbs, and tinsels. You can also purchase a desk-sized mini Christmas tree instead. This item will be an excellent gift for employees and brighten their workspace while spreading the holiday spirit.

7. Handmade Christmas Tree Decor

Creating handmade decors for your office Christmas tree is one of the best Christmas tree activities for work. For this activity, you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Glitter
  • Markers
  • Mini bulbs
  • Scissors
  • White wool
  • Or any other creative art supply

The idea is to make a decorative item perfect for a Christmas tree. You and your colleagues will have so much fun exploring your creativity. You can also prepare your group’s favorite hot chocolate or mulled wine to enhance the experience. In the end, you can place the handmade decor on the office Christmas tree.

8. Santa and His Elves Christmas Tree

A unique Christmas tree idea that will spark amusement in your workspace is the Santa and His Elves Christmas Tree.

First, get a huge Santa figurine in a red and white costume. Then, decorate the figure with bulbs and elves of various sizes. Alternatively, you can place the Santa and elve figurines just by the side of your office Christmas tree.

You can add a twist to your decor by purchasing a Santa in non-conventional costume colors, from gold to brown or even white. If you ever plan to invite your employees’ kids to work, then you can consider placing an “elf on the shelf” decor on your tree. The “elf on the shelf” is a popular tradition from a book by Carol Aebersold. The belief surrounding this tradition is that the elves keep an eye on kids and report all their behaviors to Santa.

9. Christmas Tree Candies and Treats Decor

Decorating your office Christmas tree with candies and treats is one of the cutest Christmas tree decoration ideas for the office. There is no right or wrong way to go about this activity. Also, you can be creative with this idea and use a particular theme to bring the best out of your tree.

You should creatively combine the candy and tree colors based on the theme you want to create. For instance, you can use the traditional green, red, and white theme to make your trees look festive.

If you are unsure what theme to use, then you can involve the whole team. For example, you can further split employees into groups to decorate a uniquely themed Christmas tree with candies. In addition, you can provide extra ornament, from twigs to elves, and a nutcracker figurine, to compliment the candy decor.

10. Snowing Christmas Tree

Creating a Snowing Christmas Tree will be a great idea if you like the look of outdoor trees having snow on the leaves and branches. You can bring the outdoors into your office with this theme.

You can purchase a snowing Christmas tree with artificial snowfall. If you are concerned about the snow creating a mess, you can get the trees with an umbrella base. Many snowing trees usually have sufficient fake snow you can reuse for years. You can also DIY a tree by covering it with spray snow from a craft store.

11. Representational Christmas Tree

Making a Representational Christmas Tree is one of the most creative office Christmas tree ideas. As the name suggests, the idea involves creating a unique office Christmas tree that represents what your company does.

For instance, a shoe company can make a huge elf shoe and hang other Christmas ornaments. Similarly, a company that produces utensils can make a huge pot decorating it with garlands and tinsel. Meanwhile, an architectural company can design miniature Christmas houses and hang the objects around the Christmas tree as decoration.

You can be as creative as you want while creating a representational Christmas tree. The idea is to make the most fun non-conventional Christmas trees.

12. The Gingerbread Man Tree

The Gingerbread Man is a famous fairy tale character related to Christmas. Therefore, you can center your next office Christmas tree theme around this character. First, you need to get a giant Gingerbread Man figurine. You can also get plastic wrap, glue, and glitter to design the Gingerbread Man.

Afterward, place colored tinsel around the Gingerbread Man’s neck. You can make the Gingerbread Man tree more unique by sparsely hanging bright lights and mini Christmas bulbs around the figurine.

Also, you can purchase an assortment of tiny Gingerbread Man and hang the ornaments on your Christmas tree. Including gingerbread-themed decors like elves, reindeer, or gingerbread houses will significantly enhance your Gingerbread Man Christmas tree.

13. Grinch Christmas Tree

A Grinch Christmas Tree is one of the funniest Christmas tree themes for work. The Grinch is a famous fictional character created by Dr. Seuss and featured in the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

To decorate your office Grinch Christmas tree, you can stick to the traditional colors of green, red, and white. However, you should preferably use a lime green similar to the Grinch’s tint. Also, consider using a lot of branch-like decorations to emphasize Grinch’s finger. You can further add a Grinch figurine in your preferred size to the tree. You can also create a twist by using decors representing Grinch’s body parts alone, like fuzzy green legs or hands. This concept can make your Christmas tree look really sneaky and fun.

14. Christmas Cone Tree

You can add a touch of uniqueness to your office by replacing the traditional Christmas tree with a large collection of cones. Involving your group members in the cone-making will be a great idea. To make the entire process easier and more fun:

  1. Split your employees into several groups
  2. Each group chooses a set of holiday colors
  3. Using the selected color, the teams create cones using simple items like cardboard, tape, and scissors
  4. The goal is to stake the cones on each other to form a “cone tree”
  5. To make the cones look similar to a Christmas tree, you can make the cones in varying sizes. Then place the smaller cones over the larger ones so that the bottom area looks fuller and larger than the top section
  6. Groups will then proceed to decorate the cones to taste

You should decide the best way to judge the winner. You can crown the team that finishes first or that builds the largest cone tree as the winner.

15. Copycat Christmas Tree

Copycat Christmas Tree is one of the challenging yet fun Christmas tree office games. The challenge tests the group’s ability to follow instructions to the letter.

To play:

  1. Ask your group members to come up with a decor idea or theme that will add a festive touch to your tree
  2. Draw a Christmas manual tree with instructions on where each decoration should go
  3. Each team will get another group’s manual with instructions
  4. Then a timekeeper sets the timer for each group to complete the task
  5. When the timer goes off, the group members immediately step back from the tree

The judges then grade the performance based on how many ornaments a group correctly placed on the tree. Therefore, if a team finishes the tasks on time but places most of the ornament incorrectly, then that team will likely not win the game.

For more of a challenge, let team members look at the instructions only for one minute before recreating the tree from memory.

16. The Beer Christmas Tree

The Beer Christmas Tree is a mind-blowing Christmas tree idea that is perfect for the office. You and your coworkers will enjoy assembling beer bottles to make a large tree.

To create a Beer Christmas Tree:

  • Gather many beer bottles. Whether you get the bottles in green or brown, you should try to stick to just one color
  • Also, set aside several trays with varying diameters
  • Place the very first set of beer bottles in a circle on the ground, which should be as wide as you want the tree to be
  • After, place the largest tray on the bottles. Ensure that the tray sits conveniently on the bottle tips to save your creation from falling and breaking
  • Arrange the next set of beer bottles on the tray. You should follow the other steps while gradually reducing the number of bottles you have on each tray
  • Continue the process until the bottles make a fountain, pyramid, or Christmas tree shape
  • You can decorate the beer bottles with colored bulbs and Christmas ornaments

The concept of making a tree out of bottles is pretty creative. However, you and your colleagues should be careful while walking around the bottle tree. You can limit how close employees should get to the tree to reduce the chances of accidentally hitting the bottles.

Also, if members of your team are sensitive about the idea of alcohol, then you can swap out beer bottles for glass soda bottles instead.

17. Grab the Decor Bag

Grab the Decor Bag is one of the most fun Christmas tree decoration ideas for the office. You and your colleagues can work individually or in teams. The activity’s objective is for players to tell the kind of tree they would make with the ornaments found in a bag.

To do Grab the Decor Bag:

  1. First, you need to put an assortment of ornaments and decors inside several bags, depending on the number of teams participating
  2. Let the ornaments in each bag have different themes
  3. Then each team will pick a bag and devise a creative idea on how to use the ornaments to decorate a unique tree
  4. You can prepare Christmas trees or further engage the teams in making Christmas trees out of cones
  5. Then the teams will decorate the Christmas tree with their ideas

You can make the activity a friendly contest and award the team with the most creative and beautifully put-together tree as the winner.


An office Christmas tree adds a homely feel to the working environment. You and your colleagues can have a lot of fun setting up your Christmas tree. From sitting around the trees for storytime to playing Christmas tree games, you will find many ways to spread the joyous holiday spirit among your team members. These activities and games can also create a stronger bond between you and your employees or coworkers. Therefore, you can try out any of these ideas to create beautifully themed trees in your office and have fun with your colleagues.

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FAQ: Office Christmas tree ideas

Here are answers to questions about office Christmas tree ideas.

What are some good ideas for office Christmas trees?

Good ideas for an office Christmas tree include decorating a Grinch Christmas tree, setting up miniature Christmas trees, candies, and treats as ornaments, making a tree out of cones, making a beer Christmas tree, and decorating the tree with handmade ornaments. You can also create a twist by making a representational Christmas tree, which highlights what your company does.

How do I decorate an office Christmas tree?

When decorating an office Christmas tree, you can be creative with your ideas with no limits. An office Christmas tree can represent your company’s service. You can also go the traditional way to decorate your tree with red, green, white, and gold ornaments. Getting your team involved in decorating your office tree will be fun and a bonding experience. If you are unsure what Christmas theme to use for your tree, then you can seek the opinions of your coworkers. Furthermore, organizing a Christmas tree decoration contest can make the process more fun and engaging.