31 Fun Office Christmas Decorating Ideas for Work

Office Christmas decorating ideas are themes and features to encourage team members to get into the holiday spirit. For example, you can recreate the Polar Express in the reception area or turn each team member into an elf on the shelf. The purpose of decorating the office is to bring some happiness and joy into the workplace and celebrate the holidays in style.

This decoration inspiration can work well for Christmas contests and office Christmas parties.

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So, here are the best office Christmas decorating ideas!

Easy office Christmas decorating ideas

1. Classic

Of course, one of the easiest ways to decorate the office for Christmas is the traditional red, gold, and green. Team members can decorate a tree in a central area, place garland around the office, and hang wreaths on doors. A simple and affordable way to decorate the tree and wreaths is with oversized ribbon and classic ball ornaments.

2. Red, White, and Blue

You do not have to save these colors for the Fourth of July. Patriotic Christmas decorations are fun and unique. Plus it is easy to find these supplies. You can even bring out your summer decorations to save money! Flags, ribbons, tinsel, and red, white, and blue ornaments make incredible decorations for the main tree.

3. Candy Cane Christmas

Candy canes are synonymous with Christmas. These red and white treats are very easy to use as a base for office decorating. Candy canes go perfectly on trees and wreaths, or you can even string them on garlands across desks or from the ceiling.

4. Gingerbread House

If you want a great theme to decorate the office, consider turning the area into a giant gingerbread house. This idea can be as simple as lining the walls with brown butcher paper and decorating them with colored paper to resemble candies and snow. Or, you can use cardboard boxes to make gingerbread houses throughout the office.

5. Farmhouse Christmas

If you browse through decorating trends, then you will see a variety of farmhouse decorations perfect for the holiday season. From fun signs to truck models to baskets, there is no shortage of ideas to bring this theme to life. Of course, throw in some white lights, and your office will look like it came straight from the farm.

6. An Office Christmas

One of the greatest ways to decorate the office for Christmas is to utilize everyday office supplies. You can use paper clips to make garland, sticky notes to make snowflakes, and pens as ornaments. The best part of this theme is that you have all of the supplies already, and you only need to bring in some Christmas trees.

7. Balloons

Balloons come in all shapes and sizes. You can even find mylar balloons shaped as famous holiday symbols like Christmas trees and Santa Claus. Decorating the entire office in holiday-themed balloons is a great way to show off the Christmas spirit. You can make balloon arches with red, white, and green balloons, place blown-up Christmas figures around the office, or fill colored balloons with helium to decorate for a Christmas party. Just note that helium-filled balloons do not last long, so be sure to fill them just before the event.

8. Ornaments from the Ceiling

Not all offices are big enough for Christmas decorations like trees. However, that does not mean you cannot still get in the holiday spirit. You do not need a Christmas tree to hang up ornaments. All you need for this decorating idea is a variety of ornaments and ribbons. First, tie a strip of ribbon to each ornament, then hang each one from the ceiling. If you have tile ceilings, then you can use paper clips to help hang the ornaments. Be sure to vary the length to make the decorations more appealing. You can either stick with one ornament style or ask each team member to bring in boxes of assorted ornaments.

Home office Christmas decorating ideas

1. Favorite Xmas Movie

Remote workers can take inspiration from their favorite holiday movies to decorate their home office. Festive films like The Grinch, White Christmas, and Elf make fantastic decoration inspiration. Team members can creatively make decorations or purchase pre-made items. If short on time, then team members can display virtual backgrounds of movie scenes during meetings.

2. Let it Snow

Whether or not you live in an area where snow falls around Christmas, you can still bring some of the white, fluffy stuff to your office. Remote workers can use materials like white fuzzy fabric, cotton balls, or snow-in-a-can to make their home offices into winter wonderlands.

3. Favorite Things Tree

When you work from home, feeling disconnected from the team is common. However, it is easy to use Christmas decorations to get folks in the holiday spirit and show a bit about your background. You can encourage team members to decorate a tree with their favorite things. For example, a coffee mug, an ornament in their favorite color, or sports memorabilia. These trees can be large or small, depending on the available room. During virtual meetings, teammates can show off their trees and explain the decorations.

4. Best Snowmen

A great way to encourage team interaction with a friendly competition is to see which remote employee has the best snowman. You can encourage team members to find a snowman they love or make a snow body from scratch. Participants can decorate snowmen with various themes, like their favorite sports team, Christmas movie, or historical period.

5. Christmas Banners

Traditionally, a Christmas banner will say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” However, you can encourage team members to get creative and make banners to decorate their home office. For example, choose a favorite line from a Christmas movie or story. Or, write “Merry Christmas” in a different language. Maybe team members decorate the sign with pictures or emojis instead of words. For extra team bonding, you can hold a Zoom crafting session where coworkers design and show off banners together.

6. Christmas Lights

Strings of Christmas lights are affordable and come in many colors and styles. These decorations also take up very little space, making them perfect for home office decorating. Remote employees can string lights across their desks, around their computers, or on the walls around the desk. Plus, you can find fun shapes to show off each team member’s personality. For tiny places, look for small, battery-operated light strands in your favorite color.

7. Christmas Presents

A pile of Christmas presents is one of the most iconic holiday scenes. It is also easy to recreate this image in your Christmas decorating. You can use beautiful Christmas paper to wrap items throughout your home office. For example, picture frames, chairs, and tissue boxes. You can even wrap empty boxes and place them on your desk for an extra festive look.

8. Festive Florals

It is no secret that Poinsettias are one of the most traditional plants for the holiday season. However, this beautiful red flower is just one option to adorn your workspace. You can encourage team members to decorate their space with a holiday-themed arrangement using whatever flowers and plants they like. But do not stop at only living things. Ornaments, candy canes, and tinsel are perfect accompaniments to a holiday floral arrangement. To make these decorations even more special, send each team member a bouquet at the beginning of the holiday season.

Office reception Christmas decorating ideas

1. Silver and Gold

Like the classic Christmas song, silver and gold make beautiful Christmas decorations for an office reception area. You can decorate trees with silver and gold ornaments, tinsel, ribbons, and figurines in the same theme.

2. Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are easy to make and perfect to decorate your office reception area. You can have the team make the snowflakes from paper together or buy pre-made paper flakes. Then, hang the snowflakes throughout the area from the ceiling, from desks, and even over doorways.

3. Team of Elves

One of the greatest ways to decorate for the holidays is to turn every team member into an elf on the shelf! To pull off this theme, cut out elves from paper and attach a picture of each teammate’s face, turning everyone in the office into an elf. You could even purchase an elf on the shelf for each team member and attach a picture of their face. Then, line up the elves in a visible spot.

4. Stargazing

In the winter months, nights are often long and bright. When the sun sets earlier and rises later, folks get a chance to see the stars better. In this vein, using stars to decorate the office is a fantastic way to get the whole team in the holiday spirit. You can decorate the ceiling with silver stars or use star ornaments on wreaths and trees throughout the office.

5. Polar Express

The Polar Express is a well-loved children’s book and movie. This story can also inspire incredible Christmas decorations at the office. You can set up a fun train track with a battery-operated train in the reception area. Or use cardboard boxes to create a nearly life-sized train that all team members can enjoy. As a bonus, you can use the train to collect charitable items, like canned goods or presents for a toy drive.

6. Christmas Entryway

Creating an entryway to celebrate the Christmas season is a fantastic way to get team members in the holiday spirit as soon as they walk into the office. You can use a balloon or ribbon arch along with garland and bows across the doorway to set the mood. Then, fill the area inside the entrance with various Christmas decorations. In this case, the more, the merrier. The goal is to make the Christmas spirit unmistakable as soon as you walk in.

7. Inflatable Wonderland

A quick trip to the local hardware store will yield a variety of blow-up figurines to help decorate for the Christmas season. These inflatables come in all sizes, from a foot or two up to 20 feet. You can place different-sized blow-up decorations inside and outside the building to set the mood. As a bonus, these inflatables are easy to store and do not create a mess.

8. Personalized Stockings

If your office is small, then one of the best ways to decorate the reception area for Christmas is a personalized stocking for each team member. You can keep the traditional theme and opt for a red stocking with teammates’ names across the top or ask each participant to bring in or make a stocking. To make the office feel even homier, create a faux fireplace to hang all of the stockings.

9. In-House Decorations

Sometimes the best Christmas decorations are items you already have on hand. For example, you can make post-it note wreaths or latex glove Christmas trees. If there is a product your office produces or has a plethora of, then consider using it for fun and unique Christmas decorations. For example, a doctor’s office may make poinsettias out of rubber gloves and a bookstore might create a wreath out of books with green covers.

Office desk Christmas decorating ideas

1. Snowmen

Snowmen are easy decorations for a desk. Whether you encourage team members to get creative and make their own snowmen or bring in a variety of pre-made decorations from the store, nothing makes the office feel more like a winter wonderland than these jolly white characters.

2. Wreaths

Wreaths are incredibly versatile. Each team member can decorate their own space with a unique wreath. Even better, participants can customize wreaths to show off their interests. You can encourage folks to focus on what makes them unique. This plan is great for helping team members get to know each other better.

3. Pops of Color

While red and green are traditional colors for Christmas, there is no rule that you have to stick with those two hues. Team members can utilize their favorite colors to decorate their desks. You can fill a tree with ornaments of your favorite color or opt for ribbons and garland in a chosen hue. Once folks have their desks ready, the office will look like a rainbow for the whole team to enjoy.

4. Mini Trees

It is impossible to decorate a full-sized Christmas tree on a desk. However, you can find a small Christmas tree that is perfect for sitting on the corner of a desk all season long. Team members can decorate their trees however they see fit, or you can have a theme for the entire office. For example, “tropical Christmas” or “Christmas animals.”

5. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

The man in red is a big part of the holiday season. Thankfully, it is not hard to find various Santa decorations. These Santa figurines come in all sizes, making this idea perfect for desks. You can ask each team member to bring in their favorite Santa to decorate their desk and enjoy all the different versions that make an appearance. But beware, you will likely see a fishing Santa, a hunting Santa, and a beach-going Santa simultaneously.

6. Charlie Brown Christmas

One of the most recognizable features in the Charlie Brown Christmas movie is the somewhat sad Christmas tree. However, this sparse tree can make the perfect addition to a desk. You can ask each team member to bring in their own Charlie Brown Christmas tree and decorate it to show off their personality and interests. As a bonus, these small trees are inexpensive and do not take up much space.


When Christmas time rolls around, decorating the office is one of the best ways to get the entire team in the holiday spirit. These decorations can be as simple or complicated as you like and can afford. From encouraging each team member to decorate a mini tree at their desk to filling the inside and outside of your office with inflatables, you cannot go wrong bringing some Christmas spirit into the workplace.

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FAQ: Office Christmas decorating ideas

Here are the answers to commonly asked questions about office Christmas decorating ideas.

What are some good office Christmas decorating ideas?

Some good office Christmas decorating ideas are sticking with a color theme, like silver and gold or red or green, or encouraging each team member to decorate their space with their favorite color to end up with a rainbow throughout the office. You can also build a gingerbread house from paper or boxes.

How do I decorate an office for Christmas on a budget?

When decorating an office for Christmas, if you are on a budget, then try to repurpose office supplies. For example, use post-it notes to make a wreath or paper clips to make a garland. Or, use supplies for other holidays, like red, white, and blue decorations from July 4th for a patriotic Christmas tree.

How do I decorate an office for Christmas in a professional way?

To decorate an office for Christmas professionally, consider classic decorations and avoid trends. For example, traditional Christmas trees and wreaths decorated in silver and gold are a beautiful way to get in the holiday spirit and still look professional.

What are good tips for office Christmas decorating?

Some good tips for office Christmas decorating are not to get carried away and to stick to a theme. It is easy to get caught up in choosing decorations, but this excitement can get expensive, and then you have to store all the items until next year. If you stick to a theme, then it is easy for the office to look put together and stay on budget.

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