16 Fun Remote New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Remote New Year’s Eve party ideas are online celebrations, games, and fun activities done in anticipation of the new year. You can host a remote New Year’s Eve party via a web conferencing app like Zoom, Skype, or WebEx. You can use many ideas to create long-lasting memories during the event, such as pajama parties, virtual escape rooms, and end-of-the-year award ceremonies. These ideas let you spend quality time with colleagues without leaving your home.

These events are similar to virtual Christmas parties and Zoom holiday parties.

This list includes:

  • virtual New Years Eve activities
  • online New Years Eve games for adults
  • Zoom New Years Eve party ideas

So, let’s get to it!

List of remote New Year’s Eve party ideas

From dress up parties to icebreaker games, here are some great ideas for your virtual New Year’s party.

1. Dress-Up Party

Asking your guest to come dressed in costumes is one of the most fun remote New Year’s Eve party ideas. You can choose a particular theme to make the event more fun.

For Instance:

  • Halloween on New Year’s Eve
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Medieval Times
  • Super Hero Party
  • Ugly Sweater Party
  • Gold Glitter

You can be as creative as you want with the party theme. Also, plan your food and beverage menu to align with your selected theme. For instance, if you host an ugly sweater party, then get Christmas-centric food like cookies, mulled wine, and hot cocoa. You can also plan fun activities that will engage guests during the party. You can award the best dressed in various categories. Examples include the most creative, funniest, scariest, and most festive costumes.

2. Virtual Wine Tasting Experience

Sipping wine and chatting during New Year’s Eve can be a bonding experience for you and your colleagues. You can further impress your group with a virtual wine tasting experience. First, inform the attendees ahead and schedule a meeting on Zoom. Then purchase wine tasting kits from a local winery and send the package as a gift box to attendees. Also, create and share a menu of small bites to pair with your wines.

During the experience, you and your colleagues will sip a sample of each wine and describe the tastes. You can also share your individual opinions about the beverage. If you are unsure how to go about wine tastings, then you can check with a local winery to see if the company offers virtual services. The winery can arrange an expert to guide you through the experience. You can also get recommendations on the bites that pair best with the wines.

3. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is one of the most fun online New Years Eve games for adults. The game involves letting players choose from two options. First, prepare a list of would you rather questions.

For instance, would you rather:

  • Wear only a pair of pajamas or swimsuits in the new year?
  • See two weeks into the future or travel two years back in the past?
  • Sleep all day or be busy all day on January first?
  • Eat only pizza or have no pizza for a year?
  • Never make a New Year’s resolution again or have to keep all your resolutions?

Attendees will take turns sharing their opinions. Although no winner will emerge in the end, you and your colleagues will still have fun learning more about each other.

You can also check out Christmas would you rather.

4. New Year’s Resolution Pact

New Year’s resolutions are a popular tradition where folks write down or say their goals for the coming year. Then, you and your colleagues can come together to share your aspirations and good habits you would like to incorporate during the new year. You can create a template containing easily attainable goals for your group members.

For example:

  1. Do more chair yoga
  2. Stop procrastinating
  3. Stick to a budget and save more money
  4. Drink more water
  5. Join a gym
  6. Meditate and use positive affirmations
  7. Give up a bad habit
  8. Learn a new skill
  9. Become an expert in an activity
  10. Overcome a phobia

After writing out the resolutions, give the printable templates to your colleagues. Then, attendees can share their opinions about the resolutions and their plans for achieving the goals. In the end, you can make a friendly pact with your colleagues to work towards attaining the goals. You can also promise prizes for participants that kept to the New Year’s resolution to motivate attendees.

5. Pajama Party

You can decide to ditch sophisticated party outfits and ask guests to show up in their favorite pajamas during your virtual New Year’s Eve party. Be sure to inform guests about the requirement to wear pajamas while sending the invitation.

When planning your event menu, consider light snacks, finger foods, and soft beverages. Also, you can invite your guests’ families and pets to share in the experience. During the party, you and your guests can share your resolution for the coming year. Also, plan fun games like Bingo, never have I ever, and two truths and one lie. A pajama party works well for evening or night gatherings. Nevertheless, you can host your party at any convenient time, particularly if your guests are from different locations.

6. Virtual Happy Hour

Hosting a virtual happy hour on Zoom is one of the best virtual New Years Eve activities. First, inform your colleagues about the happy hour weeks before the events. Also, you should arrange for your guests’ preferred beverages before the party. Then, you can ship your colleagues’ favorite drinks to their respective locations or send an allowance to cover the beverage costs for each guest.

Sitting in front of a device and sipping wines can get boring. Therefore, you should plan fun virtual Happy Hour games to keep attendees excited.

7. Never Have I Ever New Year’s Eve Edition

New Year’s Eve virtual happy hour is an excellent opportunity to make a toast with your colleagues. Although optional, you can plan a theme for your party to make the happy hour even more exciting. Playing Never Have I Ever is one of the best ways to reflect on the past months before the year ends. Never have I ever is an icebreaker game where a designated caller reads out specific actions, starting with “never have I ever.” The actions can be activities that participants did or did not experience within the past few months.

For instance, never have I ever:

  1. Worn sweatpants to a virtual meeting this year
  2. Met a celebrity
  3. Attended a Zoom meeting in pajamas
  4. Watched more than 20 movies in one month
  5. Played dress-up with pets and kids
  6. Changed hairstyle
  7. Dressed up at the last minute for a video call

Participants will each raise all ten fingers while the caller reads the actions. You must put down a finger for every experience or action you once performed. The first player to put down all fingers wins the game. On the other hand, you can judge the winner as the player with the most fingers up.

8. Virtual Countdown

Countdowns are one of the most fun Zoom New Years Eve party ideas. The host can share their screen displaying a New Years countdown video just a few minutes before the new year. Then, a few seconds before the countdown ends, attendees can recite the last numbers and shout “Happy New Year” together. Be sure to encourage the guests to put on their microphones so you can all hear each other joyful cheers.

If your group members reside in different cities or countries with different time zones, then you can do several countdowns instead. A great alternative is to do the countdown at the end of your party, regardless of the time. Furthermore, you can spread a festive spirit with sparklers, noisemakers, and confetti poppers. Feel free to include these party items in a gift box sent to attendees.

9. End of the Year Award Ceremony

New Year’s Eve is a great time to host your group’s virtual end-of-the-year award ceremony. Alongside showing appreciation to attendees, the awards ceremony will also go a long way in motivating guests for the coming year. First, you would want to decide on the award categories for the ceremony. You can use award names like Star Employee, Best Team Leader, Most Committed Employee, and Best Customer Service. Then, you can send virtual, from gift cards to customized virtual trophies to appreciate awardees.

In addition, decide on the best and fairest way to determine the award recipients. You can create an online poll or appoint judges to decide. Furthermore, you can make the ceremony less formal by giving superlative titles just for fun. For instance:

  1. Most likely to read a book on the first day of the new year
  2. Most likely to commit to their new year’s resolution
  3. Most likely to adopt a pet in the new year
  4. Most likely to become a celebrity

Superlatives awards will enhance the excitement during your New Year’s Eve ceremony.

10. Virtual New Year’s Party Gift Box

Sending a virtual party gift box is an excellent way to show appreciation to employees and friends. Items like a fancy notebook to write down the New Year’s resolutions, wine subscriptions, and eco-friendly reusable water bottles are great ideas.

Also, you can make your gift box’s content related to your party. For instance, a mixed-drink-making kit will be a great gift if you plan to host a cocktail party. Also, chocolate samplers will be excellent for a virtual chocolate tasting experience. You can pack the gift box and send the items through a courier service. Alternatively, you can order a complete gift box package directly from a company that can also deliver to your desired location.

Here are more virtual holiday party gift boxes.

11. Name That Tune

Name That Tune is one of the most fun online New Years Eve games for adults. In this game, players will take turns guessing the title of a particular song by listening to a clip. First, list out songs that were a big hit during the year. Then download tunes of these songs and create short excerpts. After, share your computer for all attendees to hear the tune played right from your device. You can decide to number the tunes and let attendees pick random numbers. Then the player that guesses the most tunes correctly wins.

You can give players hint with keywords from the songs’ lyrics. In addition, you can decide to award extra points to players who could guess the artist, album, and songwriter alongside the song’s title. The player who scores the most points wins the game.

12. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms are games where players must solve a dilemma and escape on time. You can play the game using Zoom or your preferred virtual conferencing software. As with in-person escape rooms, you will solve puzzles, find clues, and escape a fictional room. However, instead of working to “escaping the room,” you and your colleagues can decide to use the term “escaping into the new year.”

You can play virtual escape rooms for free or pay a service fee. This list of the best virtual escape rooms for team building will help you choose a fun theme for your New Year’s Eve party. You and your team members will have a lot of fun while racing against time to countdown to the new year.

13. Dance Session

Hosting a dance session is one of the exciting remote New Year’s eve party ideas. During your party, you and other guests can reminisce over dance moves that trended during the year. You can also play hit songs to get your team members into a dance spirit. Before the event, create a playlist of favorite songs and share your computer sound on the video conferencing software.

You can host your New Year’s Eve party solely as a dance party or as a part of your event’s activities. In addition, you can impress your guests by live streaming with a famous musician or hiring a DJ to perform for your party.

14. New Year’s Eve Icebreaker Questions

New Year’s Eve icebreaker questions come in handy during virtual parties. All you need is a bunch of questions and interested participants. You can come up with any question and let attendees relate their answers to the current or coming year.

For instance:

  1. How do you plan to stay motivated while working?
  2. How many cups of coffee or tea do you take in the morning?
  3. What are your plans for the new year?
  4. If you had a choice to live in a different country for a year, what place would you move to?
  5. Do you have any new year traditions?

New Year icebreaker questions serve as a good communication starter. You can ask questions at the start of your party or to pass the time while waiting for your new year countdown.

Here are Christmas icebreaker questions.

15. New Year Bingo

If you are looking for ways to spice up your New Year’s Eve party, then you can play New Year Bingo with your friends. You can get printable bingo cards online or create your own templates.

Fun New Year’s Eve Bingo prompts include:

  • Made a New Year’s resolution
  • Traveled to a different country for New Year’s Eve
  • Has a habit of writing the wrong year for the first weeks
  • Has plans to shoot off fireworks
  • Started a hobby
  • Joined a fitness center
  • Hosted a New Year’s Eve party
  • Received a last-minute gift
  • Sleeps before midnight on New Year’s Eve
  • Plans to increase water intake

Since Bingo is a popular game, chances are that your guest will be familiar with the rules. Basically, you have to mark an “X” inside a board containing actions or traits that fit your colleagues. You can judge the winner as the first player to mark the card vertically or horizontally. As per tradition, that player can shout “Bingo.”

You can also check out Christmas Bingo.

16. Virtual Photo Booth

Taking pictures in a virtual photo booth is one of the best virtual New Years Eve activities. You can download photo booth software to create a background of your choice. Depending on the software you use, a virtual photo booth can allow you to take selfies using magical background and fun props. You can even take pictures together with your colleagues without leaving your home.

You can use the service of a virtual photo booth company to create specific customization for your event. Once the custom design is ready, you will receive a QR code or link to share with attendees. After, all you need to do is click on the link and follow the directions onscreen. Furthermore, your party host can receive an album containing all the pictures taken. The host can share their screen and display the photos to guests.


Being apart from your group should not stop you from spending time together. By hosting a New Year’s Eve party, you can create beautiful memories from the comfort of your homes. The party can be as simple as sipping favorites drinks and chatting. Regardless of how you choose to host the party, your planned experiences will determine if your event will stand out from a random meeting. You can use these virtual New Year’s Eve party ideas to impress your guests. You can share fun experiences like wine tasting, Bingo, and a virtual escape room. It would be great to take activity suggestions from your team members while planning your party.

Next, check out virtual holiday games for large groups.

FAQ: Remote New Year's Eve party ideas

Here are answers to questions about Remote New Year's eve party ideas.

What are remote New Year's Eve parties?

Remote New Year’s Eve parties are online celebrations organized to celebrate the passing year and spend time with families and friends. You can host these parties via web conferencing software like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx. During the event, attendees can play games, discuss their plans for the coming year, and even count down to the new year together.

How do you throw a New Year's Eve party remotely?

To throw a remote New Year’s Eve party, you should decide on the web conferencing tools, such as Zoom or Skype. Next, create a meeting and send invites to guests alongside the link to the party. Also, plan and stick to an event agenda. To save guests time, you can allot a time limit to each activity you plan. In addition, you can create a planning committee within your group to handle your virtual New Year’s Eve party details. While deciding on the party activities, you can take suggestions from guests to choose the most fun experiences.

What are some good ideas for remote New Year's Eve celebrations?

Great ideas for remote New Year’s Eve celebrations are Virtual Escape Rooms, Name That Tune, New Year’s Resolution Pact, Virtual Wine Tasting Experience, Dress Up Party, Virtual Countdown, and End of the Year Award Ceremony.

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