Christmas Bingo

Christmas Bingo is a fun game you can play with friends families and coworkers. The game follows familiar rules and format of Bingo, with clues that are holiday themed. For example, “can sing Jingle Bells” or “still believes in Santa Claus.” The purpose of this game is to bring people together for festive fun.

This exercise is an example of virtual Christmas games and Christmas games for Zoom.

Here is a Christmas Bingo generator you can use for your game:

Christmas Bingo Rules

Here is a quick start guide on how to play Christmas Bingo.

  1. Distribute a card to all participants. You can share the link to this page and each player will get their own unique Christmas Bingo card.
  2. Divide large groups into smaller ones.
  3. Participants must discuss with each other to identify those who fit the clues. For example, if the clue is “Has a Christmas receipt to share” then you might talk with Ronald from HR and learn that he makes leftover cranberry sauce pancakes. You could then mark off that square on your card.
  4. The first player to finish a line gets a BINGO, and you can add challenges for multiple lines, a full box and more.
  5. For added fun, add prizes or recognition awards for top players.

Christmas Bingo is a great way to bring people together with holiday spirit. Use the card generator above to bring joy to your team!


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