15 Fun Virtual Holiday Games for Large Groups

You found our list of the best virtual holiday games for large groups.

Virtual holiday games for large groups are entertaining and competitive games that big teams can play with video conferencing. Examples include Holiday Movie Night, Holiday Bingo Game, and Secret Santa. The goal of these games is to keep online participants entertained and in the holiday spirit during online celebrations like office parties or holiday get-togethers.

These exercises are similar to fun virtual Christmas games and holiday Zoom games. You can play these games at Zoom holiday parties and virtual Christmas parties.

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List of virtual holiday games for large groups

You can utilize video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet to celebrate the holiday season with remote coworkers. The following are virtual holiday office games for large groups.

1. Holiday Bingo

Holiday Bingo is a great game that allows folks to express their competitive sides and have fun, particularly if you include prizes. The rules are simple, and all you need to do is share the cards. First, you will select a theme for the game, such as Hallmark movies, Christmas songs, or holiday activities. Then, download the card to send to your teammates before the fun begins. Some of these Christmas bingo games use a pay-to-play premise, but you will be happy to know that most online printables are available at no cost. You can also let your guests vote on their favorite.

You may also personalize your bingo cards according to your hobbies. This idea allows coworkers to learn about each other. You should ensure all the players know what to look for by filling the bingo card with phrases, words, or actions related to the theme. Then, throughout the Christmas party, have everyone compete for the most attentive player by playing bingo. Each player will monitor their card, and the first person to shout “BINGO!” wins.

The game requires a designated “Bingo leader” from among the players. This person understands the information presented on each square. Then, use a virtual hand-raise, a chat box, or shout out if that square pertains to you. Holiday bingo can serve as one of the online holiday icebreaker games for large groups.

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2. “How Many Minutes To…?”

The game “How Many Minutes To…?” is a fun virtual spin on the standard scavenger hunt. First, choose one participant to start the game by asking a question. The question should begin with “how many minutes,” such as “How many minutes will it take for the whole team to get a can of soda?” Next, the group should estimate how long the action will take.

Then, while the questioner keeps time, everyone on the team should grab a soda. Next, the questioner will reveal the actual time the action took, and the player with the closest estimate will win points and go next. You may concentrate on Christmas products, such as cinnamon, Santa figures, or candles for the holidays. This game is fun and can create good engagement. Plus, the activity gets virtual partygoers up and moving!

3. “Guess the Holiday Music”

Guess the Holiday Music is an excellent icebreaker for a team meeting during the holidays. You can challenge your remote team by having one member hum the first line of a seasonal tune and prompting participants to name the title. Or, you could turn this game into a team-building exercise by playing in groups. Before the session, list songs to use during the game.

You can make the quiz as easy or as complex as you like by including or excluding criteria like the artist, song title, and release year. Afterward, play a snippet of each song, such as the introduction or a piece in the middle, and have each team try to identify it from that snippet alone.

4. Secret Santa

A Secret Santa gift exchange is the most popular party game because most folks love giving and receiving presents. Secret Santa counts as a guessing game since participants must figure out which coworker sent the gift. Although this gift swap is a little trickier to do online than in the office, it is possible to do a virtual exchange.

It is a good idea to use a Secret Santa generator like Giftster or Elfster to make matches. The proper generator generates random names and then gets in touch with the interested parties. These tools can also collect addresses and gift suggestions. It is easy to build an online wish list and purchase items directly.

Assuming your group is familiar with the rules of Secret Santa, this activity is simple and entertaining. The game includes the entire group, creates great laughs, and sends every participant away with a present. You just need a group of folks who are up for some laughs and a reliable Secret Santa service.

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5. Workplace Holiday Trivia

A fun idea is to host online group trivia Christmas games. Zoom allows you to organize a trivia night for your holiday gathering without leaving the house. The rules of this game, which have become a staple at many office holiday parties, are readily adaptable to any other kind of Christmas get-together. For example, ask participants to privately message you the best Christmas gift they have ever received. The group may then attempt to figure out who wrote the card as you read the messages aloud. The game allows you to access how well employees know one another.

You can also ask participants to write down as many questions as possible. After every player has submitted an answer, you can tally the votes and reveal the winner. Employees will never forget the laughs they shared at this trivia night, regardless of how well they did on the questions.

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6. Costume Competition

A costume contest is a great way to promote healthy competition among workers. You never know who could have been practicing their Grinch makeup or who might have purchased a reindeer outfit for a child’s party but never had the chance to use it. You could provide prizes as an incentive for participation and then have employees vote on their favorite costume.

Consider having an “ugly Christmas sweater competition” instead of a costume contest. Rather than going to the trouble and expense of purchasing a costume, this option might be better. You may even offer bonus points for hand-made sweaters.

7. The Naughty List

The Naughty List is a holiday spin-off of the traditional party game “Never Have I Ever.” This game is the best way to make participants laugh and share embarrassing experiences they may ordinarily keep hidden. You can play it safe, or you can go all out if you would like. The beauty of this game is in its adaptability.

You can put together a list of tempting holiday-related actions that might land you on Santa’s “naughty list,” such as “adult sitting on Santa’s lap” or “regifting a present.” Then, during the game, have each worker raise ten fingers. For each infraction of the “naughty list,” the employee may lower a finger. After the round, the victor is the player with the highest number of raised fingers.

An online holiday get-together does not mean alcohol is off-limits. On the contrary, an alcoholic beverage of your choosing greatly enhances this game. This addition feels like you are having a drink with your employees as you sip eggnog or mulled wine and learn more about one other.

8. Steal The Gift

This game is a great way to spice up your Secret Santa with friendly competition. Each participant may choose a present from an online store, then upload it to the hub by connecting to it and leaving a photo. After the game begins, each player will randomly choose a present from the digital table and open it. Next in line has the option of stealing the unopened present or opening a new one. When this process begins, it will not end until all the gifts have been opened. The assumption is that every participant will be happy with their prizes after the game.

It is a good idea to cap the value of the gifts to ensure no hard feelings among peers.

9. Holiday Charades

This game is a fun, easy way to get some exercise. Charades is a classic game playable at any workplace party, including online gatherings. You have many options for prompts, from well-known Christmas carols and movies to seasonal traditions.

If you are tired of basic charades, you can discover methods to liven it up. For example, after you finish role-playing your topics, you can increase the difficulty by adding more papers to the charade pool. You may achieve this goal by changing the rules such that, instead of playing out the scenario, you can describe it with a single word or sound.

10. Holiday Movie Night

An informal online get-together is perfect when you do not feel like throwing a full-on celebration. First, get everyone on your team to install the Teleparty extension on their browser, and then have them vote on which movie they want to watch. The next step is to begin viewing a holiday movie via video conference using the platform of your choice. Finally, you can encourage your coworkers to bring their favorite snacks for movie time.

To make this activity more game-like, assign viewers to roles in the film’s cast early on, and give each player a turn dubbing for one to two minutes. Following that, the next group will take over. To keep the event fair, the groups will take the field in the order they selected at the game’s start. You can finish the game by holding a legitimate Oscars ceremony for the Christmas party and handing out prizes for best actor, best supporting actor, and best screenplay. Holiday movie dubbing is one of the interesting remote Christmas games for big groups.

11. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get every coworker interested, motivated, and moving during an online party or meeting. You should compile all the items and challenges you plan to give the team before the call. Every participant must then race against the clock to complete the list using items they already have at home. The list may include:

  • Something red
  • Cookie cutter
  • Holiday socks
  • Ornaments
  • Something chocolate
  • Cookies
  • A favorite book
  • A pillow

You can also assign points for each item. Depending on the difficulty level, tasks may range from challenging to hard, for instance, finding a glass and drinking water or producing an item with at least four different colors. To increase the tension, set a time restriction for this game.

As you are in charge of making a list for the search, you may turn it into a fun team-building exercise if you choose. Finding someone on the staff who enjoys singing Christmas carols or dressing up as Santa is just one of the challenges. This game may be a great way to break the ice, learn more about one another, and stimulate conversation among the group members.

12. Virtual Cooking Competition

This exercise, inspired by the Food Network’s “Chopped” competition, will test your coworkers’ cooking and creativity. The activity will take some planning and organization. You could select a few staff members and deliver them a parcel containing unknown ingredients before the holiday party. Each participant will have an hour to prepare a holiday-inspired dish or dessert. When the clock runs out, have the contestants share their dishes with their employees so that they may vote on the best-looking or most creative finished product. The judges will not be able to sample the finished items and will have to base their ratings only on appearance and description.

13. Holiday Family Feud

Holiday Family Feud is a game where two teams go head-to-head to see who can come up with the most voted-on answers to a series of questions. There are multiple gameplay options. One option is to divide your coworkers into teams and have those not on a team mute their mics while the other team guesses the answers. The team gets disqualified after three strikes. Another option is to ask players the questions and determine the winner by who gets the most correct answers.

Sample questions include:

  • Name one thing you eat on Christmas Day.
  • Name one word associated with the holidays.
  • Name one thing people buy as Christmas gifts.
  • Name a popular Christmas song.

The downloaded game contains question and answer sheets, a score sheet, fast money, and an instruction file.

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14. Gift-Wrapping Races

You can use Zoom for this activity. Participants will stock up on the necessities like wrapping paper, ribbon, and scissors in preparation for the big event. Then, employees compete to see who can wrap a gift the fastest. You and your team can also have fun wrapping weird items such as a toaster, pen holder, or keyboards. You can make the most of this gathering by participating in the discussion and enjoying the refreshments. Upbeat holiday tunes can add to the fun. Teammates can show off their gift-wrapping methods as well.

15. Holiday Icebreaker Questions

Although most employees have a good time in video rooms, the conversation may not come naturally. A good solution for these situations is to ask some icebreaker questions to get the team to talk to one another.

Some question ideas include:

  • How will you spend your Christmas Eve?
  • Do you think Santa exists?
  • What is the worst Christmas gift you ever got?
  • What is your best Christmas gift ever?
  • Which holiday movie do you like the most?
  • What do you like about Christmas?
  • What do you like eating or cooking over the holiday season?

You can use these holiday-themed icebreakers to break the ice when everyone you know is in the video room at once, and the situation is getting dull.

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Hosting a holiday game for large groups can be challenging. This list is a good starting point if you want games for an online holiday celebration. Many fun and interactive Christmas games are available online and would be perfect for a Zoom holiday party or office meeting. The most fun Christmas games can help boost participation and engagement among employees.

To get into the spirit, download some holiday Zoom backgrounds.

FAQ: Virtual holiday games for large groups

Here are frequently asked questions about virtual holiday games for large groups.

What are virtual holiday games for large groups?

Virtual holiday games for large groups are fun Christmas-themed games that large groups can play over a video chat service like Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts. These activities promote Christmas spirit and team unity throughout the holiday period.

How do you play holiday games on Zoom with big groups?

To play holiday games on Zoom with big groups, first, schedule a video call. If there are any resources that participants should have on hand for the call, such as slides or questions for a game, be sure to communicate this to them in advance. Afterwards, go over the rules of the game with the group, divide into teams, and play the games you have selected. In addition, Zoom offers features like breakout rooms, screen and audio sharing, chat, and responses for a more interactive and immersive gaming experience.

What are some good holiday games to play with lots of people?

Considering that every group is unique, it is essential to find a game that would pique their attention. For example, while some groups may love the quick speed of hosted games like Family Feud, others might prefer the more straightforward Holiday Bingo or Never Have I Ever.

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