19 Top Party Planning Books to Read in 2022

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Party planning books are reading resources that offer event planners handy tips and ease the process of hosting guests. Examples include Good Things for Easy Entertaining by Martha Stewart, Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln by James C. Humes, and Haunt Your House For Halloween by Cindy Fuller. These publications offer party planners inspiration for organizing specialty-niche and industry-wide celebrations. Readers will also get handy tips to scale the event organizing businesses and offer guests a memorable experience.

These guides can help you plan office Christmas parties, virtual Christmas parties, and online New Year’s Eve parties.

This list includes:

  • books on party planning for beginners
  • party planning books for adults
  • party planning books for the office
  • books for party planners

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List of party planning books

If you often struggle with planning a party, you could benefit from reading books about event organizing. Here is a list of the best planning books every party organizer should check out.

1. celebraTORI: Unleashing Your Inner Party Planner to Entertain Friends and Family by Tori Spelling

celebraTORI offers readers insights on how to capitalize on passion, creativity, and preparedness and throw your guests an unforgettable party. The book, a must-read for beginner event organizers, covers all the basics of party planning. For instance, you will learn tips on choosing a concept, creating unique flower arrangements, and decorating a venue. You can also give your guests an unforgettable experience by learning how to pair refreshments and dessert table setting ideas that will enhance your party. The book also has mouth-watering recipes and hilarious anecdotes, which will captivate readers.

Read CelebraTORI.

2. Penny Whistle Party Planner by Meredith Brokaw and Annie Gilbar

If you are looking for birthday party planning books, then you might need to grab Penny Whistle Party Planner. You will get a detailed schedule that covers party themes, food preparation, invitation ideas, and decorations. Another great resource from the book is the access to delicious party recipes, including cake recipes and refreshments. In addition, party planners will get insights on venue selection, budget, and time management. Including games and activities for different party themes makes Penny Whistle Party Planner one of the best books on party planning for beginners.

Read Penny Whistle Party Planner.

3. The 2-Hour Cocktail Party: How to Build Big Relationships with Small Gatherings by Nick Gray

The 2-Hour Cocktail Party offers event planners tips to enhance networking amid celebrations. The book unveils a simple formula with detailed step-by-step instructions that party planners can use to strengthen relationships among attendees. Nick Gray also offers insights on the best and not-so-ideal days to host parties and how to get guests excited to mingle. Other important details in the resource that event planners can use include tips to handle RSVPs, prepare for a possible influx of guests, and icebreakers. Beginner event planners will also get a handy pre-party checklist to ease the entire planning process.

Read The 2-Hour Cocktail Party.

4. The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters Paperback by Priya Parker

As one of the best party planning books for adults, The Art of Gathering is an excellent pick for event planners looking to transform guests’ experiences. In the book, Priya Parker argues against relying too much on routine during gatherings and urges planners to focus on organizing distinct parties. As a result, readers will get a human-centered approach to creating meaningful memories. Party planners will also learn how specific and straightforward changes can excite event attendees, whether you are hosting a backyard barbeque, cocktail, or dinner party.

Read The Art of Gathering.

5. Good Things for Easy Entertaining by Martha Stewart

If you are looking for simple yet significant party planning tips, then the Good Things for Easy Entertaining book is a great pick. The 144-page publication offers readers dozens of projects, ideas, and recipes to enhance your party. In addition, readers can access simple lighting projects, clever place cards, beautiful centerpieces, and creative table coverings. The book also has tons of delicious drinks and luscious dessert ideas.

Read Good Things for Easy Entertaining.

6. The Kids’ Pick-a-Party Book by Penny Warner

The Kids’ Pick-a-Party Book is one of the best books for party planners for children’s celebrations. The 16-page book has 50 creative themes for kid’s parties. With each party, event organizers will get ideas for costumes, home decorations, invitations, games, and fun activities. You will also browse a selection of food and drinks that appeal to different age groups. For instance, one unique theme described is the mystery party. Penny details the fingerprint activities, coded invitations, and mystery foods. You can also check out other unique kid’s party themes such as pirate ship, prehistoric, secret agent, and science explorer parties.

Read The Kids’ Pick-a-Party Book.

7. Special Events: Creating and Sustaining a New World for Celebration by Joe Goldblatt and Samuel Deblanc Goldblatt

In Special Events, Joe Goldblatt and Samuel Deblanc offer a comprehensive guide to help readers understand the entire party planning process. You will get handy insights about planning, producing, and promoting special events. The book offers theoretical and practical elements of a party planning process. The authors also emphasize the growing globalization of the party planning profession and give insights into the vital skills that event planners should have. In addition, you will get ideas on planning parties for different societies, cultures, and business practices that will facilitate a successful celebration. Other important sectors that the Special Events book touches on include risk management, technology, sustainability, and the effects of social media on party marketing. Event organizers will also browse 15 case studies to give event planners real-life industry scenarios.

Read Special Events.

8. Event Planning and Management: Principles, Planning and Practice by Ruth Dowson and David Bassett

With a step-by-step guide on organizing and delivering a successful event, Event Planning and Management tops the list of books on party planning for beginners. With their professional experience in the event planning sector, the two authors offer event planners unrivaled industry knowledge. As a result, readers will get a practical understanding of the essential aspects of planning a successful party. For instance, you will get venue selection, sponsors and stakeholders management, risk assessment, and budgeting tips. Other vital sectors that readers will benefit from the book include program content, event promotion, and post-party evaluation.

With the second edition, readers will also get party planning insights through real-life case studies across the globe. In addition, the publication also has downloadable resources that will ease your entire party planning.

Read Event Planning and Management.

9. Special Events: A New Generation and the Next Frontier by Joe Goldblatt

Special Events is an excellent resource for party organizers who want to gain insights into the prevalent challenges in the global celebrations industry. Readers will get party planning tips from global industry leaders through the new interviews in the book. The author also includes new chapters on corporate social responsibility, event measurement, and tips on improving a party’s quality. As a reader, you will learn how to harness technology and fulfill your event strategy.

Read Special Events.

10. Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Meetings, Corporate Events, Fundraising Galas, Conferences, Conventions, Incentives and Other Special Events by Judy Allen

Event Planning by Judy Allen is a fantastic choice for event planners looking for party planning books for the office. Allen explains the importance of parties and their effect on the company’s image, from the invitations to the actual party. Readers will get handy tips on organizing small events for 20 guests to large gatherings of up to 2,000 attendees. The author also includes practical guides such as venue selection, budget management, staffing, and party entertainment options. You will also get actionable tips about décor, food and beverage coordination, and party themes. Event Planning  also has sample costing forms that party organizers can use to generate detailed plans and budgets.

Read Event Planning.

11. Event Planning Made Easy by Paulette Wolf, Jodi Wolf, and Donielle Levine

Featuring top tips by three premier American event planners, Event Planning Made Easy is one of the best party planning books. Renowned for organizing the 1996 Olympics, the authors offer actionable tips for hosting various parties such as annual corporate celebrations or fundraising galas. The publication covers details such as choosing suitable venues, picking fun entertainment ideas, and managing caterers. The Event Planning Made Easy book is a fantastic pick for corporate party planners.

Read Event Planning Made Easy.

12. The Business of Event Planning: Behind the Scenes Secrets of Successful Special Events by Judy Allen

If you are a beginner at organizing parties, then The Business of Event Planning is a great resource. The book takes organizers behind the scenes of successful party planning. From party proposal writing to contract negotiation and décor design, the book will provide readers with a professional perspective of party planning. The author offers comprehensive party planning tips, such as holding events in multicultural settings and using new technology to make your operations more efficient. Party planners will also get practical tools such as samples of client proposals, letters of agreement, checklists, and forms.

Read The Business of Event Planning.

13. Haunt Your House For Halloween: Decorating Tricks Party Treats by Cindy Fuller

Haunt Your House For Halloween is one of the best spooky-themed party planning books for adults. Cindy Fuller features creative ideas that party planners can use to make an event space a Halloween masterpiece. From face painting to gelatin wigglers and paper clip skeletons, you will get creative ideas to enhance your party. In the 96-page reading resource, Halloween party planners will learn how to transform a venue with décor items that feature painted wood cutouts, edibles, and wreaths. Each project gives readers detailed directions with photo illustrations and step-by-step guides. Party planners will also get handy insights about party costumes and recipes.

Read Haunt Your House For Halloween.

14. Event Planner: How to Start a Full Service Event Planning Business by J.H. Dies

If you are looking for a detailed party planning resource, then be sure to browse Event Planner: How to Start a Full Service Event Planning Business. The publication is a fantastic option for professionals starting party planning businesses or companies that want to upgrade their event organizing operations. Readers will learn unique party themes, get consultation interview notes, and a detailed party planning checklist. The author also includes catering planning tools, guest list management, and vendor management tools.

Read Event Planner.

15. Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide by Meegan Jones

Sustainable Event Management is a book that educates party organizers on the impact of gatherings. The resource also offers event organizers sustainable industry management focusing on transport, waste supply chains, energy, and communications. As a reader, you will ease your party planning through the different tools and checklists for measuring performance. Th author also offers insights into festival case studies across the globe. The Sustainable Event Management book will offer event planners suitable tools to deliver successful and engaging events.

Read Sustainable Event Management.

16. The Event Safety Guide: A Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Live Entertainment Events in the United States by Event Safety Alliance

With the prevalent risks in the events industry, party planners must learn safe workplace practices. Being the first safety guidance directed to the live event industry in the US, The Event Safety Guide is an essential pick for event organizers. Readers will understand the importance of observing safety measures, from the party planning process to the completion. Some topics that the Event Safety Alliance covers in this guide include emergency planning, fire safety, weather preparedness, and technical aspects.

Read The Event Safety Guide.

17. The Non-Obvious Guide To Event Planning (For Kick-Ass Gatherings That Inspire People) by Andrea Driessen

The Non-Obvious Guide To Event Planning is a highly actionable resource ideal for organizers looking for party planning books for the office. The publication features strategies and ideas to help party planners design a captivating and memorable celebration. Readers will learn actionable tips to manage logistics, select the best entertainers, and execute large-scale corporate parties. Other handy resources in The Non-Obvious Guide To Event Planning include a reusable Content Map, planning templates, and videos that will simplify party planning. The book is a fantastic pick for beginner or experienced party planners.

Read The Non-Obvious Guide To Event Planning.

18. The Power of Participation: Creating Conferences That Deliver Learning, Connection, Engagement, and Action by Adrian Segar

Getting a group of strangers to loosen up and interact can be challenging. The Power of Participation offers party planners tips for improving face-to-face interactions and facilitating valuable connections. One tip that party planners can learn from the book is the importance of engaging the audience for long periods. Seger showcases how organizers can turn passive attendees into active participants. The Power of Participation will help party planners boost learning, improve the desired outcome, and build attendee engagement. You will also learn how to create a party environment that encourages and supports participation.

Read The Power of Participation.

19. Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln: 21 Powerful Secrets of History’s Greatest Speakers by James C. Humes

The secret to a successful party lies in captivating your audience. Party planners can get essential insights on how to captivate guests and command attention through Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln. The author explains how speakers can master presentation skills to their benefit by showing simple tips from renowned global leaders. Through the book, readers will learn effective tricks to speak and captivate an audience through simple tips like subtle props. In this guide, you will also discover the mastery and effectiveness of the pregnant pause by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Read Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln.


Party planning books are excellent resources for lasting and quality information. Event organizers can browse party planning books and use the publications as a step-by-step guide. Whether a pro event planner or organizing your first party, you can get handy industry tips from these resources. In addition, the right choice of books will offer event organizers essential tips on how to run a party planning business successfully.

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FAQ: Party planning books

Here are answers to common questions about party planning books.

What are some good books about planning parties?

With the constant changes in the party planning industry, organizers must keep up with the market shifts and consumer preferences. Luckily, there are tons of resources that offer party planners deeper insights into offering memorable experiences. Some good books about planning parties include The Power of Participation by Adrian Segar, The Non-Obvious Guide To Event Planning by Andrea Driessen, and Event Planner by J.H. Dies.

What are good Christmas party planning books?

Books are some of the best resources where party planners can gain fresh industry insights and innovative strategies. Some good Christmas party planning books include The Business of Event Planning by Judy Allen, The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker, and Penny Whistle Party Planner by Meredith Brokaw and Annie Gilbar. These publications will help individual party planners and companies to offer guests a memorable holiday experience.

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