24 Creative Christmas Party Themes for Work in 2022

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Christmas party themes are fun concepts that you can use as a guide for Christmas celebrations. Examples include Christmas tree lighting, the nutcracker, and winter woodland. These ideas aim to make holiday celebrations more special and memorable.

These themes are suitable for company Christmas parties or remote Christmas parties.

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List of Christmas party themes

A Christmas party theme is a clever way to offer your guests unique experiences every holiday season. From the nutcracker to tea party and Rudolph, here is a list of the best themes your team will love.

1. Vintage Christmas

A vintage celebration tops the list of company holiday party themes that will take your team back in time. With the holiday season naturally nostalgic, you could offer your guests a unique and meaningful experience. For instance, you can have a 1970 or Victorian Christmas party theme where participants will choose outfits from the decade. For decorations, visiting a thrift shop or a flea market is a great idea. If you want every attendee to participate, you could ask attendees to bring retro-inspired items. Examples of décor items that will suit a vintage Christmas party include button ornaments, lanterns, brass figurines, and antique mirrors.

2. Rainbow

Besides the usual red and green colors, you could opt for an all-color holiday celebration. An excellent way to go about a rainbow party is to let attendees dress in bright colors. Another fantastic idea is requesting your team to carry glow sticks and other bright Christmas decoration ornaments. If you want to go the extra mile, then you could opt for a food buffet with food in every color of the rainbow. Also, do not forget to let teams experiment with making brightly colored cocktails.

3. Cookie Decoration

A Christmas cookie decorating party is one of the best Christmas party themes for families. You could start by setting up cookie decorating stations, preferably in an ample space where little ones can run around. Then, have a dedicated space where attendees can drink hot chocolate, eggnog, or wine. Instead of pre-buying the cookies, you can let willing participants bring in their choice of treats. Then, offer food dye pens, icing, and sprinkles. Participants can then showcase their creations once done and share the goodies.

4. Christmas Tree Lighting

A Christmas tree lighting holiday celebration theme is one of the best Christmas party themes to bring folks together. You can start by requesting all attendees to bring an ornament to place on the Christmas trees. For smaller groups, it would be wise for participants to bring two or three ornaments. You can opt for holiday lighting ornaments or let attendees bring in Christmas tree decorations. During the party, each participant will place their ornament on the tree. You can then light up the Christmas tree and let the celebrations begin. Be sure to have a dramatic countdown to lead up to the lighting.

5. North Pole

North Pole company holiday party themes are perfect ideas that will turn your event venue into an arctic adventure. You could get lots of fake snow, wooden sleighs, a red Christmas tree, and white tree ornaments. Example decor includes penguins, polar bears, and paper snowflakes. If you have kids attending the north pole Christmas-themed party, then you could set up a craft area. Children can make hand aprons, beaded keychains, flower drop ornaments, and little elves. Be sure to have a North Pole welcome sign covered in snow.

6. Elf on the Shelf Party

An Elf on the Shelf theme party is one of the ultimate Christmas celebration ideas for families. The Christmas tradition entails Santa’s elves watching over little ones and reporting good and bad deeds to Santa. For the decor, you could hang paper snowflakes in your party venue and use elf pictures to decorate your space. You can also have photo cutouts where guests can insert their faces into elf bodies.

Since the elf hides in a new space every morning, you can engage children in an elf-finding mission. The elves have magical powers which will be useless if any player touches the elf. Parents and guardians can partake in Elf-themed fun activities such as trivia, elf costume relay race, or elf scavenger hunts.

7. The Nutcracker

A nutcracker makes one of the most memorable Christmas party themes for families. You could start by creating a table centerpiece with a traditional nutcracker. Feel free to decorate with nutcrackers in fun and unexpected outfits like Hawaiin shirts or Star Wars costumes. A scavenger hunt is one of the best games to engage attendees. Simply hide nutcrackers and let family members search for the figurines. Of course, watching mini performances of The Nutcracker ballet or listening to the soundtrack are great entertainment options for this party.

8. Holiday Card

A holiday card party tops the list of remote holiday celebration themes for diverse teams. Guests will exchange holiday cheer through Christmas cards. You could start by playing an online raffle where participants will pick the names of their Christmas card recipients. If you have workers not too far from each other, you could let each employee make a Christmas card and ship it to another team member. Workers who are miles from each other can consider virtual Christmas cards. Be sure to give workers the freedom to make or purchase holiday cards.

9. Tea Party

You can enchant your guests by having a lavish tea-themed Christmas party. To set the mood, set out festive elements such as Christmas-themed cutlery, festive napkin sets, and décor. You can start the tea party with cheese plates or charcuterie boards. Then, let attendees pick light appetizers, then move into a high tea setup. Some of the bites you can have at your party include scones and tea sandwiches with a selection of loose teas. You could also have a tea brewing expert who will give the history of tea and have an interactive session with attendees. For remote parties, you can email each participant a tea recipe for team players to make at home. String quartet versions of Christmas carols can set a classy Christmas atmosphere for the party.

10. Gingerbread Wars

If you are looking for virtual Christmas party themes, then you could try a ginger house wars setup. Team members will receive a gingerbread decorating kit before the fun, fully hosted competition. Participants will then log into a conferencing platform where a fun host will lead the team through mini-games like trivia and decorating challenges. Participants will then decorate their gingerbread cookies, and the winning team earns creative bragging rights.

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11. Winter Woodland

If you have nature lovers in your team, then a winter woodland-themed Christmas party is a fantastic idea. While an outdoor setup is ideal, you could also enhance an indoor space with natural elements such as spruce boughs and pine cones. Another great idea for a quick and easy holiday setup is having different blooms, such as berry branches and vibrant greenery. You can also hang greenery garlands over the front entrance. The winter woodland Christmas party theme is a lovely choice for indoor celebrations with an outdoor vibe during the colder months.

12. Beer Tasting

With brew releases every winter, a beer-tasting holiday celebration tops the list of corporate Christmas party themes for adults. You can start by shopping for new brews from craft brewers. You could shop for different lagers, IPAs, sour beers, and darker ales. Then, let willing participants sip and guess the beer flavors and the drink’s name. Be sure to have the right pairing of foods to enhance each brew’s flavor. For instance, some beers pair well with cold meats, nuts, sausages, or spicy bites. Even with the holiday cheer, do not forget to remind participants to drink responsibly.

13. Wines of Christmas

If you want to enchant wine lovers, then a wine-themed Christmas party is a good bet. Depending on the number of guests, you could select eight to ten different wines that attendees will sample. When choosing blends, select wines from other regions, varying ages, or wines made with unique grape varieties. Another great idea is offering your team $14 to $25 vouchers and letting each attendee bring in a bottle of wine. You could also provide a charcuterie board with various cured meats, cheese, and crackers. Weather permitting, you can take the wine tasting party in an outdoor space.

14. Ugly Sweater Party

An ugly sweater tops the list of funny Christmas party themes for adults. Participants will wear any Christmas sweater other team members may consider tacky or in bad taste. You could host a contest where you crown participants with the best DIY ugly Christmas sweaters. If you want to take your team back in time, then let participants recreate their grandparent’s sweaters. Be sure to enhance your party with fun ugly sweater-themed games such as ornament-hanging activities or making sweater-shaped holiday cookies.

15. Rudolph

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, is a fictional character that depicts the youngest and ninth Santa Claus’s reindeer. The character guides Santa’s sleigh with his luminous red nose on Christmas day. You can bring to life Rudolph’s unique qualities in your Christmas party and let attendees have fun with the character. You could pass bright noses for participants to wear throughout your Christmas celebration. Another fantastic idea is offering your tea members reindeer headbands for a team photo session. You could also decorate your holiday bites with bright candy to replicate Rudolph’s nose.

16. Pajama Party

For a cozy and relaxed Christmas celebration, a pajama party is a fantastic option. Your team will celebrate the Christmas holiday by wearing matching Christmas-themed pajamas. If you are hosting an outdoor party, then you can lead participants in s’mores-making around the fireplace. You could offer your guests hot chocolate drinks, wine, whiskeys, and ciders. Be sure to prepare the camera and create unique team pictures as souvenirs. Pajama parties are also some of the best remote Christmas party ideas to foster team bonding just in time for the holiday celebrations.

17. Candy Land

Candy Land is one of the best corporate Christmas party themes for employees and their families. Kids will enjoy munching gummy bears, giant lollipops, and frosted cupcakes throughout the party. You could display red and white Christmas décor and place candy canes in holiday-themed jars. For decor, you can opt for candy cane card holders and wreaths. You can also set up a game area for kids and include activities such as a candy cane hunt, jingle bell tossing, and snowball relay race. Be sure to also have fun games for parents and guardians, like Christmas-themed board games, Christmas trivia, and drinking games.

18. Christmas Dinner

Christmas meals may be one of the most common Christmas party themes. Your team will get a chance to bond and enjoy holiday delicacies from all over the world. You could have a unique setup featuring holiday décor and global holiday cuisine. Another fantastic idea for diverse groups is to request each participant to bring in a special holiday meal that is unique to their culture. Each participant can give the cultural significance of their dish and also share recipes. Some classics that your team may enjoy include roast Turkey, potato dumplings, ham, and gravy.

19. Santa Olympics

Best for large and small teams of up to 30 guests, Santa Olympics are funny Christmas party themes for adults that will enhance the holiday spirit. You could start by dividing your workforce into small teams of five to eight participants. Then, give each team leader vouchers to purchase Santa hats. One of the best competitive activities is Santa sack races. Other Santa Olympic activities to engage your team in include reindeer reins tug of war, gift wrap relay, and snowball soccer.

20. Gift Exchange

Gift giving is a beloved Christmas tradition across the globe. You could prepare for your gift exchange-themed party by setting a budget of $30.

One of the most common Christmas gift exchange ideas is Secret Santa. For this idea, each team member will draw another participant’s name and get them a present. The twist is that no participant knows the identity of their gifter. You could have every participant place their gift under the Christmas tree. Each participant will hand over their gift and state one goal they achieved in the past year.

Another fun twist in the gift exchange theme is the white elephant. In this Christmas tradition, participants will place gifts in a central location. Then, attendees will pick a random number and take the gift bearing the numeric. Participants have the option of testing their luck with unwrapped gifts or picking a previously opened item.

21. Casino Night

If you are on the search for elegant Christmas party themes, then a casino night might be an excellent pick. You could alert participants to dress in black tie holiday outfits and come ready to make an impression. Then, rent gaming equipment and set up games like poker, roulette, or blackjack. Players can try their luck as they sip classic drinks like champagne, wine, and whiskey. If you want to make your holiday celebration more memorable, then you can book an elegant venue, a live band, and professional casino dealers. Be sure to have Christmas décor in place, and consider using Christmas-themed cards and chips for the games of chance.

22. Grinchmas

A Grinchmas Christmas party theme is an unbeatable idea that you can use to entertain your guests. Based on the famous The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, you could let attendees mimic the grumpy and green-furred character. Another fantastic idea is to have a team-watching party and let participants bond over Grinch’s character. You could also have a diner set up where each participant will re-enact a scene from the Grinch movie. Of course, you must play the iconic theme song from the original cartoon. You can even turn the tune into a game by challenging partygoers to recite some of the most memorable lyrics.

23. White Christmas

A white Christmas is one of the simplest yet elegant Christmas party themes to enhance your holiday celebration. You could add sparkle to your celebration with an all-white holiday party featuring Christmas bites and décor. However, you could let workers wear Christmas-themed outfits instead of white clothing. Some white décor pieces that will enhance your event include white balloons, polar bears, stockings, a candle centerpiece, and a white nutcracker. For dessert, you could serve coconut snowballs, cookies, white chocolate marshmallows, and ice cream. Feel free to add pops of sparkle with splashes of silver or gold decor.

24. Christmas Caroling

As one of the best team activities to usher in the holiday cheer, a Christmas caroling party idea is an excellent pick for small and large groups. You can start by letting participants select Christmas carols to sing. Then, practice the tunes and the lyrics a few times, until you get the songs right. You can then record a team caroling session or head out to sing within your party venue. You can also spread the holiday cheer by caroling in retirement homes within your vicinity.


Holiday celebrations are the perfect ideas to bond with your team and appreciate team members for their efforts year-round. Whether planning a Christmas party for your co-workers or a kid-friendly celebration, choosing a theme will ease the entire planning process. From fun spirited to food-centric and relaxed holiday themes, you have tons of ideas that you can select. You can browse our list of Christmas party themes and choose ideas that will appeal to the demographics of your guests. Be sure to enhance your party themes with Christmas decorations and bites.

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FAQ: Christmas party themes

Here are answers to common questions about Christmas party themes.

What are some good Christmas party themes for work?

Whether you opt for an in-person or virtual Christmas celebration, you can create new memories with your team with fun holiday parties. Some good Christmas party themes for work include gift exchange, candy land, and white Christmas.

What are some unique themes for Christmas parties?

Rather than hosting mundane Christmas activities that your team may no longer enjoy, you can choose unique ways to celebrate the holidays with your guests. Some unique themes for Christmas parties include casino night, Gingerbread Wars, and Grinchmas.

How do you choose a Christmas party theme?

There is no better idea to usher in the holiday season than a festive gathering. However, getting a theme that will appeal to your guests can be rather a hassle, especially if you have a diverse team.

Here are factors to consider when choosing a Christmas party theme:

  • Consider your guests’ preferences. For instance, you may find that attendees want a relaxed theme as opposed to sporty activities.
  • Consider your party venue since different venues often restrict some party activities.
  • Factor in your budget. If you do not have a budget for Christmas celebrations, then you can still engage your team in fun and affordable party activities.

Since party spaces often sell out, be sure to book your Christmas party venues before the onset of the holiday season.

What are the best virtual Christmas party themes?

Even with remote work Christmas parties, you can still have a blast with your team and celebrate the years’ achievements. The best virtual Christmas party themes include pajama party, tea party, and cookie decoration.

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