20 Best Company Christmas Party Locations in 2022

Company Christmas party locations are spaces where you can host your work celebrations during the holidays. Examples include restaurants, dance clubs, and cruise ships. With the right selection of the ideal company Christmas party location, you will celebrate your workers’ achievements throughout the year. Some holiday parties you can host at these locations include intimate dinners, cocktail receptions, or musical events.

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List of company Christmas party locations

From restaurants to museums, here are some fun and unique ideas for your office Christmas party location.

1. Restaurants

Restaurants are some of the best spaces where you can entertain your guests during Christmas. Your team can experience the comfort of holiday meals in a relaxed atmosphere as attendees bond. If you have a small group, you can reserve a dining space at a restaurant for your team. You can also check out restaurants that offer small event spaces for holiday celebrations. For large group Christmas parties, you can opt for restaurants that offer large rental areas or venue buy-out options. You can select company Christmas party restaurants depending on cuisine, party limitations, and seating capacity.

2. Art Galleries

Art galleries are a fantastic choice for hosting Christmas celebrations for a group of creatives or art lovers. The location provides a sophisticated glamor with an upscale feel that your guests will love. Attendees can explore different pieces from local or international artists while chatting with drinks in hand. In addition, you can enhance the art gallery with a mix of Christmas décor pieces and strategic art placement throughout the venue. A top tip, however, is to keep holiday décor to a minimum and let the art speak for itself. Some art galleries also offer unique setups where companies can host dining party events.

3. Breweries

Ushering in the holidays with craft ales is the ultimate way to end your work year in style. You can start the Christmas party with a brewery tour where your guests will learn the beer-making process. Then, hold beer-tasting sessions or beer-themed games where winning teams get bragging rights. For instance, you can entertain guests with a beer tasting game. Your host brewery will serve guests different beer varieties and let attendees guess the beer flavors and the possible name. You can book your corporate parties in breweries offering beer with Santa packages to activate the Christmas mood. If you are hosting a large group, then you can rent out the entire venue and let your team have exclusive access to your brewery of choice.

4. Museums

With their historic and iconic style, museums are great Christmas party venues for companies that want to offer attendees a unique experience. Besides the capacity to accommodate varying event setups, museums also provide companies a chance to leverage the venue’s cultural aspect. Depending on your choice of the museum, your guests may also soak in striking architectural details. While every museum is different, your guests may have access to exhibits and art galleries. You can also enhance your company Christmas party by holding your event in a museum that offers guest tours. While museums are great venues to entertain your guests, be wary of the cost. For larger institutions, you can expect to pay a higher rental fee and perhaps maintenance and security charges. Also, some museums may require event planners to serve food and beverages outside the exhibition areas.

5. Banquet Halls

Specifically set up to host social or business events, banquet halls are an excellent pick for holding a company Christmas party. The party locations can accommodate different event setups and host large and small groups. One significant advantage of renting banquet halls for company Christmas parties is access to in-house staff. The event planning team can work with the banquet hall staff to devise the best decoration arrangements. Some banquet halls also offer catering packages to event planners, eliminating the stress of dealing with different party vendors. Banquet halls also feature high-quality furniture and décor pieces that enhance the party setup. Other notable elements include in-house performers, live orchestras, and DJ services. If you want your guests to arrive in style, then you can search for banquet halls that offer luxury transportation options for guests.

6. Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are one of the best non-mundane corporate Christmas party event spaces. Your guests will usher in the holiday with luxury amenities in a calming atmosphere. Cruise ships offer diverse and inspiring spaces for hosting Christmas parties, such as cocktail functions, intimate parties, and dining events. Some cruise ships even offer guests an opportunity to hold Christmas parties in indoor or outdoor spaces with stunning ocean views. You can enhance your Christmas party by looking for cruise ships with Christmas caroling, gaming facilities, and DJs. The elegant and scenic setting will significantly benefit your guests and uphold your company image.

7. Bowling Alleys

Bowling is one of the best competitive party ideas to bring teams together. The sport does not require prior experience and is suitable for players of all capacities. If you have a diverse group, then you can opt for bowling facilities that also offer other fun party activities. For instance, some facilities also provide arcade games, laser tag, karaoke, and escape rooms. This way, your guests can choose their ideal party activity. Since most bowling alleys offer food and drinks, you can have an in-house catering Christmas party package. You can also let guests grab food in a nearby restaurant.

8. Wineries

Wineries offer a fascinating atmosphere for hosting Christmas parties. Your team will rave about intricate architectural details, old barns, and picturesque artistic spaces. With some wineries putting up Christmas holiday decorations early on, you may not need many décor items to enhance your celebrations. Beyond reveling in the ambiance, you can enrich your Christmas party with a wine tour package. A wine-tasting party is also an excellent opportunity for guests to identify different wine flavors and aromas and foster camaraderie with coworkers. Venue and weather permitting, you can add games to your party packages, such as giant Jenga or beanbags. Be sure to cater to all team players’ preferences by getting a variety of wines and non-alcoholic beverages.

9. Barns

If you are looking for places to have a company Christmas party that will offer your team an escape from the city, then check out barns in your vicinity. Usually, barns are in rural settings and feature historical elements such as handmade wooden furniture, ample natural light, and high beams. Barns are also an excellent party choice for companies that want versatile spaces to accommodate varying event setups. Your guests can decorate large Christmas trees amid bonfire chats. You may even find barns more affordable party venues than modern celebration locations. A top tip when looking for barns to entertain your guests is to get one with a mix of rustic traditional elements with modern amenities such as HVAC capabilities.

10. Rooftop Spaces

Featuring expansive views, space to mingle, and fresh air, rooftop spaces are some of the most iconic and impressive company Christmas party locations. The venues offer a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces where guests can usher in the holiday celebrations in style. Rooftop spaces also provide your team exclusivity and allow guests to mingle without distractions. Perfect for Christmas dinners or cocktails receptions, you will love the unique features of rooftop bars. For instance, you can find rooftop spaces with a secret garden vibe, a hammock, and even fun activities such as a cornhole game. Some aspects that event planners can seek when searching for rooftop bars include the availability of an all-weather outdoor space, city views, and versatility.

11. Rock Climbing Centers

Rock climbing centers are a great option if you are looking for corporate Christmas party spaces that will challenge participants. Experienced and beginner rock climbers can join rope climbing challenges and bouldering. For a Christmas theme, you can rent out the entire venue and set up holiday décor. Since rock climbing centers often feature fitness packages, you can let guests partake in special activities like yoga or weight lifting. You can also search for rock climbing centers with Christmas party events and book tickets for your team.

12. Golf Centers

If you have golf lovers on your team, then a Christmas golf party is the perfect Christmas celebration to delight your guests. Being one of the oldest games in the world, you may find a wide variety of golf courses set up in your location. Choosing the right course is essential to maximize the experience. Since some courses cater to experienced players, the golf course layout must be considered. You should also factor in the maintenance of the golf courses beyond what the eye can see. Be sure to get a golf course that offers meals and drinks, preferably with a hint of the Christmas theme.

13. Theatres

Often boasting a rich history, theatres are exquisite Christmas party venues. While different theatres offer varying facilities, you can expect to find essential party facilities, including a sound system, projectors, and wireless connections. Theatres also have a staging area perfect for hosting live performances for guests. You can choose a holiday-themed film that your guests will enjoy amid food and drinks. If your team cannot settle on one film, then we recommend casting votes between a few options. Theatres are also spacious and can accommodate a large group depending on the party setup. While outdoor theatres are ideal for hosting corporate parties, prepare for weather changes and have a contingency plan.

14. Cabins

As some of the most relaxing and tranquil spaces, you cannot go wrong with hosting your Christmas party in cabins. Your guests will experience inspirational outdoor views and distinct architectural characters such as accent timber structures and rustic finishes. Feel free to decorate with Christmas trees and holiday-themed décor. If you want to engage your team in outdoor activities outside the cabin, then choose cabins that offer gaming facilities such as playground areas, archery, and basketball courts. Some cabins also have access to fishing facilities and can be great spaces for a mini-holiday team hike. Since cabins may be set up far from the city, you can book your team accommodation in the cabin or within the party location. Event planners should keep an eye on cabin amenities, including air conditioning, heating, and a campfire pit.

Pro tip: Bring cozy blankets, fuzzy socks, and cocoa!

15. Company Office

Utilizing your company office is a great idea if you are looking for places to have a company Christmas party within a limited budget. You can choose one ample space that will accommodate all attendees. Weather permitting, the outdoor office space is another ideal space for hosting your office Christmas parties. Holding holiday celebrations at your company office is also a fantastic idea for companies looking for convenience. For instance, you may find that decorating or coordinating the event planning will be easier, especially in cases in which you cannot hire an event planner. Beer pong is one of the best activities that will enhance an in-office Christmas party on a budget. All you need to do is set up a gaming area with a table, cups, a ping pong ball, and beer.

16. Amusement Parks

Amusement parks top the list of company Christmas party locations for adventure lovers. From thrill rides to roller coasters and Ferris wheels, there are tons of exciting activities to enthrall attendees.

Here are some tips for hosting Christmas parties in theme parks:

  • Visit the park before your event and confirm the attractions and rides open for the Christmas party.
  • Include fun activities that attendees can enjoy in the park. For instance, you can engage your team in holiday-themed treasure hunts.
  • If you do not have the whole park buy-out, then ensure that your team’s activities do not disrupt other guests in the park. For instance, do not give your team invasive challenges like picture treasure hunts.
  • Do not force participants to partake in activities unwillingly.
  • Host your Christmas party during periods when the amusement park does not have many guests.

You can opt for complete catering services or let attendees grab Christmas treats from the in-house restaurants or food concessions.

17. Dance Clubs

Dance clubs are a fantastic idea if you are looking for corporate Christmas party event spaces where your team can get loose. Dance clubs offer guests an excitement level difficult to achieve in other party venues. Depending on your club choice, you may also have access to sophisticated lighting, in-house tech support, and the newest digital video technology. To create a holiday atmosphere, you can decorate the dance club with Christmas decor and pump remixes of holiday tunes. Besides buying a round or two, you can go a notch higher and provide your guests with a bar tab with different drinks. However, offering guests drink vouchers is a great idea if you are on a limited budget.

18. Community Multipurpose Rooms

Community multipurpose rooms are excellent Christmas party holiday venues. With the Christmas celebrations, you can expect the venues to have decorations already. Most community multipurpose rooms also have full kitchens on-site and are more budget-friendly than other party locations. However, multipurpose community rooms may limit the serving of alcohol on the premises.

19. Rinks

An ice-skating party is a fun and exciting Christmas activity for companies looking for unique celebration venues. Workers can usher in the holiday season by bringing gifts and dressing in Christmas sweaters as attendees showcase their ice-skating prowess. Participants will also bond and collaborate as beginners get handy tips from pro ice skaters. You can book a rink that offers food, drinks, and other fun holiday-themed activities.

20. Hotel Ballrooms

Existing mainly to host events, hotel ballrooms are some of the most popular spaces for holding Christmas parties. The classic and widely available party locations allow event planners to customize the rooms to suit varying types of events. The large rooms also feature a large open area with interesting architectural elements such as a high ceiling. Event planners who are on the search for affordable party spaces can opt for local hotels as opposed to larger hotels.


End-of-year Christmas office parties are a clever way to reward your team for their hard work and boost workers’ morale. The first step when planning a company Christmas party is identifying an ideal location. Your venue of choice should suit your team’s demographics and fit within your brand. With most companies holding their end-of-year parties during Christmas, event venues book up fast. As such, be sure to do your research and book your venue early enough.

FAQ: Company Christmas party locations

Here are answers to common questions about company Christmas party locations.

Where can you throw a company Christmas party?

Selecting your Christmas party event location is on the first planning items of the party checklist. Some places where you can throw a company Christmas party include amusement parks, theatres, and rooftop spaces.

What are some good company Christmas party locations?

When hosting a corporate Christmas party, many details need attention. However, with the location being the primary concern, you cannot risk the success of your party with the wrong choice. Some good company, Christmas party locations, include wineries, banquet halls, and art galleries.

How do you choose the location for a corporate Christmas party?

The Christmas season is one of the best times to appreciate your team’s yearly hard work. One of the most important decisions event planners must make is selecting a Christmas party location. You can choose your Christmas party venue depending on the event type, convenience, and cost. Other factors include the theme of your Christmas party, the number of attendees, and the logistics. Be sure to check the venue policies and limits that may prevent attendees from participating in party activities.

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