14 Creative Company Christmas Card Ideas

You’ve found our list of the best company Christmas card ideas.

Company Christmas card ideas provide thoughtful ways to share messages of holiday cheer with your colleagues. These greetings come in various formats that can express your team’s personality. Themes can take on a lighthearted, personal tone or have a more professional feel while coming across as warm and sincere. Examples include ugly sweater photos of the team, Christmas letter roundups of the year’s accomplishments, and personalized notes written to each team member.

These ideas are similar to holiday messages for employees.

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List of Company Christmas card ideas

Whether you prefer a humorous holiday note or a more sincere greeting for your associates, here are some ideas for company Christmas cards to get you started.

1. Awkward Family Photos

If funny company Christmas card ideas are your preference, awkward family photos can bring a touch of festive humor to the occasion.

Here’s how:

  1. Encourage your crew to come up with their favorite silly hairstyles and mismatched Christmas outfits to create hilariously embarrassing looks.
  2. Have each team member choose an offbeat pose, such as looking away from the camera, smiling painfully, and doing strange things with their hands.
  3. Snap a few shots and review with the team to find the most awkward image.
  4. You can upload your image to a print shop nearby and choose fun graphics to complete your card.

Your “family photo” may be the most welcome addition to your colleague’s Christmas greeting collection!

2. Office Christmas Review

Office Christmas letters make informative business holiday card ideas for teams that have undergone great change or accomplished major milestones during the year. You can keep the process simple.

Here’s how:

  1. Choose a cheerful greeting as an opener, like, “With Christmas creeping up once again, we wanted to reach out and wish you season’s greetings for the year…and what a year it has been!”
  2. Create a bullet-pointed list of five or six accomplishments you are proud to share.
  3. Close your letter with an encouraging message, such as, “We hope your year has been as eventful as ours has and that your holidays are just as merry and bright!”
  4. Print your letter on decorative holiday stationery and send it.

Whether you use this format for an internal message or an outgoing greeting, you can maximize your communications in a single festive note.

3. Ugly Sweaters

Having your team dress in their worst holiday wear can transform your company’s Christmas card photo ideas into a makeshift ugly sweater contest for all to enjoy. Of course, if your workers already have an ugly sweater to wear, then getting ready for the photo will be a simple task. All they need to do to prepare is haul them out and put them on!

If your team is up for a fun holiday activity, then you can propose an ugly sweater craft they can do together to prepare for the photo.

Here’s how:

  1. Purchase inexpensive t-shirts or sweatshirts in holiday colors online or from a craft store.
  2. Choose a selection of craft supplies such as felt, glitter glue, pipe cleaners, and puff paint.
  3. Set aside an afternoon for your team to create their best take on an ugly holiday sweater design using their shirt and craft supplies. Encourage Christmas-themed imagery but let them use their imaginations and develop their own styles.
  4. Once their shirts are ready, schedule a quick photo session to capture your Christmas crew wearing their creations and have the image printed as photo cards.

When ordering your cards, remember to have a few extra printed for the team to enjoy.

4. Holiday Express Newsletter

By creating a Holiday Express newspaper-style newsletter, you can give each team member a chance to add their message to your office Christmas card. By having your workers write a small paragraph describing their Christmas plans, they can share a bit of themselves with colleagues and neighboring teams. Newsletter templates in MS Word will give you room for festive graphics and a fun newsletter layout. Your group can get a little silly with their descriptions to add personality to their sections.

If you prefer a paperless Christmas card, then you can create a digital newsletter using online mail sites like Mailchimp to make your letter. When your team completes their write-ups, have them send the text to you or designate a creative team member to create the final product. Then, address it to your contact list and hit “send” for an email newsletter with a 21st Century holiday touch!

5. Personalized Christmas Messages

For smaller teams, Christmas card messages from bosses to employees can be personalized messages of holiday happiness. This idea is a simple way to share your thanks for their hard work during the year and wish them and their families the best for the holiday season. You can mention one or two specific accomplishments to add a reflective element. If you are familiar with staff’s spouses or families, then mentioning them by name will make the message feel extra special. Your heartfelt wishes written on festive holiday stationery will give your crew a sincere boost of Christmas spirit.

6. Pre-Printed Holiday Cards

If your mailing list is large, purchasing pre-printed holiday cards is a convenient way to order Christmas cards in quantity. In addition, some print shops offer a selection of prepared greetings that are simple and cheerful to make the task even easier. You can choose a design, select your greeting, and add your company logo or personal signature on the interior. These services can also provide printed envelopes for your mailing list, simplifying the process of adding addresses and return address labels.

Shop for pre-printed holiday cards at Minted.

7. Christmas Pajamas Photo

With pajama-themed greetings, you can simultaneously have a dress-down day for your team and get a great holiday photo for your company Christmas cards.

Here’s how:

  1. Encourage your team to wear their best holiday-themed pajamas. If they do not have any, then you can request they wear holiday-colored t-shirts or sweatshirts with simple pajama pants or sweatpants. Or, you can gift your group special matching PJs!
  2. Gather in front of the office Christmas tree or a decorated space to create a fun background.
  3. Take snapshots of your crew in their childlike wonder while waiting for Santa to arrive.
  4. Print your photo as photo cards with fun graphics and a cheerful greeting from the team.

You can make the occasion even more festive by providing hot chocolate and cookies for your team to enjoy during the photo shoot.

8. Letters from Santa and His Elves

For lighter company Christmas card message ideas, try drafting a letter from the man up North. You can assume the role of Santa and create a whimsical memo that brings joy to both internal and external associates.

Here’s how:

  1. Compose a message with true Santa spirit. A simple option is, “Ho ho ho, and merry Christmas! I wanted to let you know my team, and I have been keeping an eye on you all year, and I must say I’m impressed with how good you’ve been. The team is excited to share their Christmas cheer with you!”
  2. Have each team member write a line or two of festive greetings and add them to your letter, crediting each of your workers as your elves.
  3. Close your note with a cheery wrap-up. For example, “Thank you for being so good this year and for making my job much easier. I’m off to finish wrapping so I can be ready for the big day! Merry Christmas to you and yours – Santa.”
  4. Print your note on decorative stationery with distinctive Santa flair. For example, you can use paper with red and white peppermint stripes, reindeer graphics, or images of elves and wrapped packages.

To bring extra Santa style to your letter, choose an interesting font for his signature or draft the team member with the best handwriting to create an autograph worthy of the man with the bag!

9. Christmas Casual Attire Photo

For a more upscale photo Christmas card, have your team dress in coordinated casualwear for a stylish snapshot. You can forgo formal dress and request everyone wear a common color, such as bright red long-sleeved shirts and khakis. This touch will keep your image organized, even if the shades of red vary from person to person. A holiday color set such as red and white or red and green will lend contrast while maintaining the holiday theme. If you choose a neutral background for your photo, then your crew will stand out even more in their colorful gear. You can print the image on photo cards or include the snapshot in a digital Christmas greeting to share the cheer with your colleagues.

10. Elf Dance Digital Christmas Card

With a little help from the Internet, you can animate your team members as computerized holiday elves for a Christmas card with real holiday character. Elf Dance by Jib Jab lets you upload photos of up to five folks and turns them into elves for a hilarious video. These electronic Christmas cards are free and make sending greetings to work friends and associates a joyous task. Jib Jab also lets you create an account on their website to store your videos and build a collection as the holidays roll by.

Learn more at Jib Jab.

11. Reindeer Roundup

It only takes a few pairs of whimsical antlers and one red nose to turn your crew into reindeer for a Christmas card that redefines “teamwork.” You can purchase antlers for everyone at a discount store or local big box outlet. Teams working within a budget can create their own antlers as a fun Christmas craft.

Here’s how:

  1. Purchase brown and red construction paper, tape, craft glue, plastic drinking straws, and elastic headbands, one for each team member.
  2. Have each team member trace both hands onto the construction paper and cut out the shapes.
  3. Let each team member glue the plastic drinking straws to the center of each cut-out hand, ensuring there is a left- and a right-facing hand for each team member.
  4. When the glue dries, each team member can glue their straws to their headbands.
  5. Choose one team member to be Rudolph and cut out a red nose for them to wear with a bit of tape. A team leader or manager makes a great Rudolph!

When your team’s antlers are ready, you can pose in front of the office and snap a fun photo. Your designated Rudolph can stand in front of the other reindeer to lead the team. You can upload the image to a local print shop or drugstore for printing as Christmas cards celebrating your dedicated crew.

12. Gift-holding Christmas Cards

For leaders planning to give their workers monetary gifts, Christmas cards with slots for cash or gift cards are ideal for combining cards and gift wrap. You can choose designs that suit each team member personally or purchase a single design that best expresses your holiday spirit. Then, tuck bills, printed checks, or gift cards in the slot and add festive, handwritten messages sharing your appreciation for your crew. Without boxes and gift wrap to toss in a bin, these gift-holding Christmas cards also help minimize holiday waste.

13. Christmas Wish List

You can offer your colleagues a detailed list of business-related holiday wishes for a Christmas card with a touch of humor.

Some ideas for wishes are:

  • May you remember all your passwords on the first try
  • May your fourth quarter be your most successful quarter of the year
  • May your network be glitch-free into the new year
  • May the coffee in your cup be fresh and strong to the last sip
  • May your desk chair be ergonomically sound and comfortable at the same time

You can tailor your wishes to your client’s industry or interactions with them to customize the card. Personalized touches, such as using associates’ names in your wish list, add thoughtful details to make your Christmas card extra special.

14. Cozy Flannel Christmas Photo

Company Christmas card ideas that feature flannel and forest-themed settings make cozy options for groups in cold weather climates. Your team can dress in coordinated red or green flannel shirts and jeans for an outdoor photo with woodland charm. Christmas tree displays or pine groves make ideal backdrops for a few snapshot poses loaded with lumberjack charm. If your area has snowfall, then you can incorporate a chilly setting to add even more wintry allure. Finally, an upload to a print shop with clever seasonal graphics and cheerful wishes will complete your Christmas card with a festive touch.


Company Christmas cards are your chance to express holiday happiness with partners, clients, and workers. These merry missives are also a great way to keep in contact with associates you may not deal with frequently. Turning a photo of your team into a Christmas card personalizes your greetings in a fun and festive way. Even in digital form as an email or an electronic newsletter, you can spread the spirit of the season and make your colleagues’ Christmas lighter and brighter.

Next, check out fun Christmas party themes.

FAQ: Company Christmas card ideas

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about company Christmas card ideas.

What are some good company Christmas card ideas?

Some good company Christmas card ideas are photos of your workers dressed in holiday colors or wearing homemade antlers to become a team of reindeer. Pre-printed holiday cards are a time-saving solution for teams with more extensive mailing lists. If your team is working on a budget or wants to save on paper, then digital Christmas cards will let you send your greetings electronically.

What should I put in a business Christmas card?

You can put wishes for a happy holiday in a business Christmas card, as well as a brief rundown of what may have happened for the team in the past year. You can also express your gratitude to clients for making the year successful and let them know you appreciate their contributions.

What should I write in a Christmas card to coworkers?

A Christmas card to coworkers can contain a personalized message wishing them a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Your message can also thank them for the help they have given you throughout the year. Christmas cards to coworkers from bosses or other leaders provide a great opportunity to show appreciation and offer a warm message of hope for continued success in the coming year.

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