21 Winter Team Building Ideas

Winter team building ideas are games, events, and activities you can do during wintertime. Winter provides the perfect opportunity for teams to come together and enjoy fun activities. For example, Ice Skating, Hot Chocolate Tasting, and a Snowman-Building Race. Depending on the nature of the activities, you can organize the experience in person or virtually through a web conferencing platform.

These ideas are similar to holiday team building activities and Christmas team building ideas.

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So, here are the best ideas, games, and activities for winter team building!

List of winter team building ideas

During winter, team building offers a chance to boost employees’ morale and create beautiful memories. From Ice Fishing to Winter Bathing, here are fun ideas you can use for your next team building when the snow begins to fall.

1. Virtual Gingerbread Wars

Virtual Gingerbread Wars is a fully-hosted seasonal experience you would not want to miss this winter. The event is a fun and competitive team building activity. The host will send gingerbread cookie decorating kits to your location in the United States before your event. Plus, you are free to include cocktail kits in your package to surprise your team members.

Alongside the decorating contests, your team will play holiday-themed trivia. Furthermore, the entire experience will run for 90 minutes.

This event is also available in person.

Learn more about Virtual Gingerbread Wars.

2. Cocktail-Making Classes

Cocktail-making classes are a great way to enjoy your team’s company. You can check for holiday cocktail class availability in a bar. You can also reserve an event space and invite an expert mixologist instead. This activity is also one of the best virtual winter team building ideas. You must schedule a date on a web conferencing app like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

You can purchase and send a kit ahead of the class to all your guests. After the class, you and your teammates will have enough time to socialize while sipping your custom drinks.

3. Would You Rather (Winter Edition)

Would You Rather is a popular icebreaker game you can play to learn more about your teammates. The game involves asking what choice folks will make between two options. You can make the questions related to the winter season to make the experience more fun.

For instance, would you rather.

  • Go ice skating or sledding
  • Build a snow fort or have a snowball fight
  • Skate outdoors on a frozen lake or in an indoor arena
  • Roast marshmallows or bake cookies
  • Have gingerbread or sugar cookies
  • Take hot cocoa or eggnog for two weeks

Participants will take turns to turns to answer the questions. This activity is excellent for getting to know your colleagues differently.

4. Escape Rooms

Playing an escape room game is one of the best winter team building ideas. Escape rooms are games where players have to find clues, solve puzzles, and open locks to exit the room before time runs out. This indoor activity is a great way to warm up your team during the cold months. Most escape rooms usually have a duration of 60 to 90 minutes. Plus, you and your teammates can play multiple games in a day.

To win escape rooms, team members must work together and combine brain power. Besides the fun and mental exercise involved in the games, you will have a chance to develop team bonds and effective teamwork.

5. Ice Carving

The winter season is an excellent time to engage your team in carving ice. You can partner with professional ice sculptors in your city to guide your group through the activity. You will find that culinary schools often teach this skill since ice sculptures usually complement foods.

Depending on your service, the experience can last anywhere from two to five hours. The materials needed for sculpting ice include ice larger than the sculpture you intend to make. You will also need shaping tools like a saw, sharp paring knives, and ice picks. Besides having fun during the winter season, this idea will equip your team members with a new skill.

6. Campfire

Making a campfire is one of the best winter team building activities. To build your fireplace, find a spot free from snow and protected from the wind. Alternatively, you can build your fire on stones placed on the frozen ground. You can save yourself the stress of digging a pit by purchasing a fire pit bowl instead.

After setting up your fire, gather your team members to warm up together. You can also play fun icebreaker games or tell campfire stories to keep your teammates company.

You can consider hosting a virtual campfire if your team works remotely. Evening or nighttime will be the best time to have the event. Since you need a fire to actually have a campfire, you can display a burning campfire video or have your guests light candles instead. In addition, you can include fun virtual exercises like Bingo, 50 States Challenge, and virtual Werewolf to keep guests engaged.

7. Cookie Exchange Party

If you plan to host a winter gathering, then you can organize a cookie exchange party. You would want to ensure you send an invitation at least a month before, so your guest can plan sufficiently. During this party, each guest will come along with cookies. Then attendees get to taste samples of the cookies and can even take an assortment home.

You can encourage your guests to come along with sweet bites and chocolate bars to provide more options for all attendees. You should also consider any dietary requirements. You can ask guests to come along with the cookie recipes to give attendees an idea of all the ingredients used.

8. Snow Removal

If your team wishes to volunteer during winter, then you can consider performing snow removal services. This idea is a great way to give back to the community and help individuals who cannot clear sidewalks. Plus, the service allows for easier traveling and reduces the risks of pedestrians slipping. You should gather all the needed supplies beforehand, including:

  • Snow shovel
  • Broom
  • Ice scraper
  • Ice pick
  • Ice melt
  • Gloves

You may want to avoid using ice picks on concrete surfaces to prevent damage. If you are unsure where to remove snow, then you can go to an elderly home or visit residents with disabilities.

9. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting experiences are fun winter group activities for adults, especially if your teammates are wine enthusiasts. Many wineries often make special offers to attract more guests during this season. You can check with the local wineries to scope out the sweet deals.

If you would rather have the activity virtually, then you can purchase and send the wine samples to your attendees. Then, schedule a day to meet with your colleagues through a web conference. You can enhance the experience by partnering with a winery. An expert will teach attendees the nitty-gritty of tasting wines. You and your colleagues will have a lot of fun while expanding your palate with new wines.

10. Winter Craft-Making Experiences

You can gather your group for a memorable craft-making experience in winter. This activity is relatively easy to set up in your office space or an art studio. You can make creative items like a winter bouquet, wreath, DIY snow globe, or winter scene candle. Depending on your team’s preference, you can choose fun crafts like:

  • Candle-making
  • Knitting
  • Glassblowing
  • Calligraphy
  • Wood carving
  • Weaving
  • Embroidery
  • Pottery
  • Paper crafts

These craft ideas will allow you to create winter-themed items you can take home and show off. You can encourage the participants by reserving a prize for the most creative artwork.

11. Snowman Building Race

Snowman building is among the exciting winter office Olympics ideas. You and your colleagues can visit a park with plenty of snow for this activity. You can divide your group into two or more teams to compete as the first to build a snowman.

If you prefer to stay indoors, then you can create tiny snowmen out of cornstarch, foaming shaving cream, twigs, buttons, plastic containers, or random objects. To build a snowman out of cornstarch, gather the needed supplies. Next, mix shaving cream with cornstarch to form balls. You can decorate the balls with random items to build a complete snowman. Depending on your rules, you can award the faster participants or the teams with the most creative snowman the winner.

12. Virtual Hot Cocoa Break

If you meet with your team members virtually, then you can add 15 to 30-minute hot cocoa breaks to your meetings. You and your team can use this opportunity to learn more about each another.

You can do icebreakers like This or That, Famous People and Cities, or Never Have I Ever. Also, you can simply talk about your previous week or your plans for the winter holiday. You can add a twist to the break by tasting new chocolate flavors with your team. In that case, you should send the flavor samples to your teammates before the day of your meeting.

13. Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a unique experience where your team can fish during winter without a boat. You do not have to be an experienced angler to enjoy this activity. However, you should ensure you follow your local fishing regulations and get your license.

Before the activity, prepare your fishing tackle, including fishing poles, lures, and lines. Once you find a good fishing spot, drill a large hole and throw your favorite lures into the water. You can bring a portable chair to sit on while keeping an eye on your rod. Furthermore, you can compete with your colleagues to see who catches the largest fish. You can also come along with your favorite hot chocolate and grab a cup when your hands get cold. Ice fishing is super fun and a great way to bond with colleagues.

14. Weekend in a Cabin

Camping in a cabin with colleagues is one of the best winter team building ideas. You and your team can enjoy all the fun activities in a park while staying warm and cozy. You should make a timely reservation so your team members can prepare ahead. Depending on your preference and budget, you can camp within or outside your city. Before booking, you should research the destination you want to visit. You can check out the facilities offered by the park, from beds to barbecue grills and campfire pits.

You and your colleagues can share experiences like ice fishing, skating, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing.

15. Winter Hike

Winter presents an opportunity to have a beautiful hiking experience with your team. You will have many lovely sights to catch en route, from views of frozen lakes to animal prints on the snow.

You can also prepare a map, check the weather forecast, and follow up with the trail conditions before hiking. You should take sufficient supplies with you since hiking in the snow can take longer than expected. Furthermore, invest in good-quality hiking gear, including snowshoes and trekking poles, to make the entire experience less stressful. You can come along with your favorite snacks and warm beverages.

16. Hot Chocolate Tasting

Tasting chocolate with your team is a unique idea for team building in winter. You and your colleagues can walk to a neighborhood coffee shop to taste various hot chocolate flavors.

This experience can also serve as one of the unique virtual winter team building ideas. Before your event, you can send a hot chocolate kit to your team members containing various chocolate, mini mugs, and marshmallows. Then, create a link on your selected web conferencing software. You can host a barista to guide you through a fun experience. Your team can also learn the basics for preparing delicious hot chocolate. Besides chocolate, you can include coffee for the coffee lovers in your group.

17. Winter Bathing

Winter bathing involves swimming outdoors in cold locations like unheated pools, lakes, and seas. Before you plan the activity, you can set rules for your team’s safety. Also, you should agree on how long a team member can stay inside the water. The activity involves a level of endurance to withstand the cold weather. Generally, the baths can last an average of 30 seconds.

You should also check the water quality beforehand and come with rescue equipment, including a rescue ladder, ropes, and lights. Alongside being a good endurance sport, winter bathing is an exciting experience your team will always remember.

18. Snowball Fight

A snowball fight is a simple yet fun way group members can spend time together. All you need is a free and safe space with ample snow. To engage in a snowball fight, you would want to gather just enough participants to create at least two teams. You can assign colors to each team to distinguish the players. Also, you should ensure you come dressed for the weather to avoid being cold.

You can add barriers and build forts with snow to create hiding spaces for participants, making the entire experience more fun. For safety, you can set the rules for the fight and instruct players not to aim for the opponent’s head.

If you live in a warm-weather climate or your group prefers to stay indoors, then you can stage a mock snowball fight using fake snowballs.

19. Painting Classes

Painting classes are among the exciting winter team building activities. Gathering your group to unleash your winter imaginations on canvasses will create memories participants will not forget. You can select a particular winter theme or create any painting you want. You need a comfortable space to seat your guests while exploring your creativity. Therefore, you can rent a studio space or even use a free area in your home.

Painting whatever you can, regardless of your skill level, will be fun. You can also invite an expert to guide you through the experience. Before your event, you should prepare the needed supplies, from canvasses to paints and brushes.

20. Ice Skating

You cannot go wrong with ice skating during winter. Ice skating forms the basis for winter sports like speed skating, figure skating, and ice hockey. You can make a reservation to practice one of these sports with your team if the ice center permits. Also, you can enjoy the activity indoors on artificial ice or outdoors on frozen lakes.

Depending on availability, you can take a class to improve your game in hockey or skating skills. You should consider reserving the entire rink for a large team on a specific day. Furthermore, treating your team to hot tea after leaving the rink will be a great idea.

21. Ice Bar

Visiting an ice bar is one of the winter group activities for adults. Ice bars offer fine liquor alongside stunning sculptures you can explore. Plus, these destinations can give you and your team a feel of a winter wonderland. The temperature of these bars is usually around minus five degrees. Therefore, before visiting, you can check with the ice bar in your city to confirm if visitors receive complimentary warm coats, gloves, and hats. If not, then you should dress for the cold.

Even if you spend only a few minutes on-site, your team will have a fun experience to talk about year-long.


Winter seasons are pretty cold, and workers often experience burnout during this period. One of the best ways to boost your group’s morale is to do fun seasonal team building activities. You will find many ways to take advantage of the weather and create fun moments with your colleagues. You can challenge your teammates to an ice bath, go ice fishing, skate, or build a snowman. Winter often brings out your inner child in a joyful way. You can wade your stress off with your team by engaging in a snowball fight or building the best snowman ever.

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FAQ: Winter team building

Here are answers to questions about winter team building ideas.

What is winter team building?

Winter team building is the process of strengthening the bond between employees while having fun during the winter season. This process includes playing winter games, from snowball fights to snowman-building contests. You can enjoy a lot of these experiences in person or virtually. Alongside boosting participants’ morale, these activities are a great way to facilitate communication in a team.

What are some good team building ideas for winter?

Good team building ideas for winter include engaging in a snowball fight, creating winter-themed artwork, having a virtual hot cocoa break, hosting a cookie exchange party, volunteering for snow removal services, and carving ice.

How do you do team building during wintertime?

To plan team building during winter, you should first set a goal. The aim can be for fun, encouraging communication, or boosting participants’ morale. Also, decide on the best team building activity or event to help you achieve your goals. You should consider your team member’s schedules and plan the event at a convenient time. If your team members are in different geographical locations, then you can choose an ideal virtual activity, from cocktail-making classes to a virtual campfire. Plus, your budget should be a significant consideration. Nevertheless, you can do many of these team building activities in the winter season at little to no cost.

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