22 Fun and Festive Christmas Team Building Activities

Christmas team building activities are fun games and events you and your colleagues can enjoy during the holiday season. These activities celebrate the holidays and create a strong bond among team members. Examples include a Bonfire party, Christmas Trivia, and Santa Pub Crawls. You can create a Christmas tradition with your team using these ideas, games, and activities.

These ideas are forms of holiday team building activities and are options for Christmas party entertainment ideas.

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List of Christmas team building activities

Christmas is a joyous season to enjoy fun bonding activities with your teammates. From hosting a bonfire party to playing Never Have I Ever, here are unique activities, events, and games that will make your team Christmas celebration unforgettable.

1. Cozy Christmas Bingo

Bingo is a universal tradition for many events, including Christmas. To prepare the game, all you need to do is print, cut, and distribute Bingo cards to your colleagues. You can search online for an already-prepared Christmas Bingo card. Alternatively, you can create your own card, which the boards featuring Christmas prompts of your choice.

For instance:

To play the game, give each player a bingo card and pen to mark the boards. Then explain to your team members that they must talk to other participants to find people who once experienced the actions on the card. Also, players must write down the names of colleagues who match the trait on the card within the appropriate boards. Participants can mingle and share small talks to learn more about each other during the game. The first person to fill the card vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins the game.

Here is another Christmas Bingo card.

2. Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly sweater party remains a favorite Christmas theme for many groups. The event celebrates ugly sweaters in a fun way. Your team members will have fun wearing the old sweaters made by granny or purchased from a thrift store.

You can organize the party as a contest to award the ugliest sweater. Also, you can divide your group into small teams. Then encourage each team to create a specific Christmas theme and dress accordingly. You can also set aside prizes for fun themes like the cutest, funniest, and most creative sweaters.

3. Local Christmas Events

The festive season is a great time to get away from the office and experience local events with your teammates. You will surely find countless neighborhood activities to make your day, from Christmas lighting to Christmas markets. You can also immerse yourselves in a ballet performance in a local theater or visit a Christmas village. Many vendors usually add a Christmas theme to the usual services to complement the season. For example, you can visit an escape room and find a Christmas-themed game to play.

You can also find Christmas-centric artworks displayed in a local gallery or museum. Depending on availability, you can visit an ice sculpture exhibit or ice bar in nearby areas.

4. Never Have I Ever (Christmas Edition)

Never Have I Ever is one of the most fun Christmas team building ice breakers. This game involves all players raising ten fingers. Then, a designated caller will start a sentence with “Never have I ever…” followed by a Christmas-centric action.

For instance, never have I ever:

  • Baked gingerbread cookies
  • Built a gingerbread house
  • Took pictures with a mall Santa
  • Watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”
  • Peeked at a Christmas present
  • Cut my own Christmas tree
  • Built a snowman

A player will bring down one finger for each relatable action. To make the experience more fun, you can set aside a cup of hot chocolate. The first person to have all fingers down wins and can have the drink.

5. Bonfire Party

Hosting a bonfire party is a great way to bond with colleagues during the festive season. You can purchase a fire bowl from a local store or gather your team to build a fire pit. Also, check with your city’s fire department to ensure you comply with the applicable regulations.

You should decide on the best location for your gathering. You can use a backyard with ample space or a public beach. You can also prepare comfy items like blankets, camp stools, bug repellents, and lanterns. A bonfire party presents many opportunities to do Christmas activities with your team. You can gather around the fire to listen to Christmas tales, sing nostalgic carols, and enjoy hot cocoa with marshmallows.

6. Christmas Trivia

Christmas Trivia is a fun game to play with your group. If you have a large party, then you should split attendees into small groups. A fun idea will be to ask each team to pick a Christmas team name, such as The Noel-It-All, Nutcracker Bash, The Holy Rollers, and Jolly Saint Hicks.

Also, choose a designated caller to read out the trivia questions. You can center the questions around popular Christmas movies or carols. Each team earns a point for every correct answer. In the end, the team with the highest point wins the game. You can also prepare prizes for the top teams to motivate participants.

Here are some Christmas trivia questions.

7. Picture Sessions

Taking pictures with your groups is among the most fun Christmas team building ideas. You can take a trip to a local photography studio to strike your best festive pose. The studios will most likely set up the rooms with a Christmas theme. Otherwise, you can play dress-up and come along with Christmas props like elf costumes, tree ornaments, Santa hats, Rudolph noses, and gift boxes.

Also, you can look into selfie museums within your area and check if the destination has winter or holiday-themed installations. If you plan to host a Christmas party, then you can consider setting up a photo booth with a Christmas theme. After, you can give your team members an album of the pictures taken as a token of appreciation.

8. Christmas Carol Karaoke

Christmas Carol Karaoke is a great way to get your team into a celebratory mood. You can visit a karaoke bar in town to belt out your favorite holiday tunes. You can also rent karaoke equipment to throw a party in your desired space.

In addition, prepare a playlist of traditional Christmas carols before your karaoke party. This event also serves as a good ice breaker to encourage team members to loosen up. Plus, you enhance the party with karaoke games like:

  1. Guess The Singer
  2. Name The Song
  3. Do Not Forget The Lyrics
  4. Karaoke Mix Up
  5. Singing Contest
  6. Karaoke Charades

Creating a fun theme for the party will make the event memorable. You can also ask attendees to show up in ugly sweaters or dress up as Santa Clause.

9. Pin The Nose On Rudolph

Pin The Nose On Rudolph is a nostalgic game that will get you and your colleagues reminiscing about your childhoods. You will need a picture of Rudolph’s head and several red pieces representing noses to play. You can download a printable reindeer online or create your design out of construction paper.

To play this game:

  1. Hang a picture of Rudolph on the wall
  2. Have participants line up and blindfold the first player
  3. After, give the first player a piece of Rudolph’s nose. A tradition in the game, which is optional, is to have the player gently spin three times
  4. Then ask the player to try and place the nose on Rudolph
  5. Every player gets a turn following the same step

In the end, the player who placed Rudolph’s nose closest to the original position wins.

10. Holiday Movie Night

Watching a holiday movie is one of the best Christmas team building activities. First, decide on your preferred seating, whether outdoors or indoors. You can visit a theater and rent a private room if you prefer an exclusive viewing experience. You can also rent film equipment and set up the event in an available space.

Furthermore, carefully pick a movie to enhance the festive atmosphere and make your night magical. You can watch newly released Christmas movies or classic favorites like;

  • Home Alone
  • A Christmas Story
  • White Christmas
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • All I Want For Christmas

You can prepare complimentary snacks and drinks for attendees. In the end, you can discuss your favorite parts of the movie with your colleagues.

11. Santa Pub Crawls

Going on Santa Pub Crawls is an excellent way to take your team building activity out of the office. You can use the service of a tour provider in your city, whether a party bike or a holiday trolley. You can include other activities to make the event more exciting, like face painting, beard glittering, and Christmas Carol karaoke.

If you plan to take up the entire task of organizing the event, then you should select the pubs to visit. You should also inform each destination about your plan to visit and inquire about discounts. You can encourage your teammates to dress up in holiday costumes.

12. Name That Carol

Name That Carol is a simple and exciting festive game. For the first variation, prepare sheets of paper and write down two lines from each Christmas Carol, with the title inscribed on the paper’s back. Depending on your group size, you can play this game in two or more teams. A player from a team will pick up a paper and read the first lyrics without singing. The team will win five points for guessing the title correctly. If not, then the player will read out the second line, giving the team a second chance to win just three points.

In the end, the team with the most points wins. You can invite a pianist to play a tune from your favorite hymn book. Then each player tries to guess the name the Carol.

13. Christmas Carol Charades

Christmas Carol Charades is one of the most fun Christmas team building games. The game is just like regular charades with a Christmas twist. Players simply make gestures to express an action or phrase without saying the word.

To play Christmas Carol Charades:

  1. Split your group into teams of two players.
  2. Then have each team write down Christmas Carol titles on sheets of paper.
  3. After, fold and place the papers into a bowl.
  4. Assign a neutral participant to keep track of time and scores.
  5. When the game starts, a player from the first team will pick a piece of paper and gesture the words. Speaking any word will be against the rule.
  6. The second player on the same team will try to guess before time runs out.
  7. A team wins a point for every correct guess.

The winners can be the team with the highest points or the first players to reach ten points.

14. Festive Paint and Sip

A holiday-themed paint and sip is one of the unique Christmas team building activities. Paint and sips are fun events where you sip wine or your favorite beverage while painting a picture. You can rent a local studio or host the event in your office space. Before the activity, you and your team members should vote on a holiday theme to paint. You can use fun themes like Christmas Snowflakes, Christmas Lights, The Holy Night Drawing, and Snowman.

Pro tip: Consider treating your team members to yuletide hot chocolate and cookies instead of the regular wine during paint and sips!

15. Holiday Crafts

Crafts nights are fun and are even more exciting when centered around Christmas. You can gather your team to channel your inner artists and make creative pieces. If you plan to host a gift exchange event, then making crafts will be a great idea. You and your team members can exchange your works as a special Christmas gift.

Here are simple Christmas-themed crafts ideas:

  • Christmas wreath
  • Holiday card tree
  • Elf door ornament
  • Pine-scented candles
  • Christmas tree garland
  • DIY stockings
  • Mason bar lanterns
  • Wood block snowman

You can arrange for an artist to guide you through the activity if you are unsure how to create the items.

16. One Word Story Game

One Word Story Game is one of the most fun Christmas team building ice breakers. All you will need for this activity is ample space to accommodate your group members conveniently.

To play:

  1. Have the players sit in a circle.
  2. Then choose the player who will start the game and decide whether to take turns clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  3. The first player starts the game by saying one word and passes the turn to the next participant.
  4. Players cannot say more than one word at a time. The game’s goal is to tell a coherent story with each word combined in chronological order. In this case, the story must have a connection with Christmas.
  5. When a player says a word out of the story’s context, then that player loses and leaves the game.
  6. The last player to leave the game wins.

Setting a time limit can make the activity even more challenging and fast-paced. If a player cannot think of a word within the set time, then the participant automatically leaves the game.

17. Two Truth and One Lie (Christmas Edition)

Playing Two Truth and One Lie with a twist of Christmas is pretty exciting. The game’s objective is simple. Players make three declarations, one of which is a lie. The remaining players must figure out which statement is true or false.

You can ask each player to list out three gifts they once received. However, one of these gifts never happened. Then players will take turns identifying which gifts were real and which one was merely fictional. The game will continue till all participants get a chance to play. Two Truth and One Lie is an easy and fast game with zero points. However, you can decide to award points to the players who guessed correctly.

18. Christmas Olympics

Christmas Olympics is one of the most fun games to play with your team. The game includes several competitive activities with a Christmas twist.

For example:

  1. Gift wrapping relay
  2. Gingerbread house building contest
  3. Card-making tournament
  4. Tree decorating competition
  5. Cookie decorating challenge
  6. Christmas Charades

You can divide your groups into teams so each player can participate. Also, prepare score sheets and prizes to motivate players. The team with the most points wins the tournament. You can also prepare Christmas-themed medals to compensate the top players. You can have the medals in colors like red, green, silver, and gold.

19. Festive Dinner

The best Christmas team building ideas include hosting a festive dinner. First, you should set a day and time convenient for your teammates. Then, decide on the location for dinner. You can rent an event space, use a local restaurant, or host your guests in your home.

Also, you can use the service of a professional chef or prepare the meal yourselves. The latter idea would make an excellent team building activity. You can decorate the space to create a festive atmosphere for your guests. Also, you can plan your event menu to feature traditional Christmas options like baked ham, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, prime rib, and scalloped potatoes. You should consider your attendees’ dietary requirements beforehand. If you lead a multicultural team, then this event can be a great way to demonstrate holiday dishes from different countries and allow team members to share their cultures.

20. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a fun ice breaker where you and other players will pick what to do between two situations. This game is ideal for both large and small groups. First, you must list Christmas-related “Would You Rather” questions.

For example, would you rather…,

  • Give up Christmas trees or Christmas cookies
  • Be a reindeer on Santa’s sleigh or an elf in Santa’s shop
  • Wear an elf outfit or a Santa outfit for a month
  • Build a gingerbread house or make cookies
  • Spend the holiday in a cold or warm place
  • Stay home during the holiday or travel
  • Buy a Christmas present or make one yourself

Each participant takes turns answering a question. Although this activity is a zero-point game, you will get to learn more about your colleagues.

Check out more Christmas would you rather questions.

21. Act of Kindness

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing with colleagues, friends, and the community. From donating to a food bank to volunteering, you can use the festive season as an excellent opportunity to give back to the community. You can make DIY pet beds, toys, and custom bowls and donate the items to an animal shelter.

You can also visit an orphanage or children’s hospital to sing carols and gift toys. The festive season is a great time to show love and spend time with seniors in a nursing home. Furthermore, your team can make blankets, jackets, socks, and gloves and donate the items to the homeless.

These acts of kindness will surely make your Christmas an unforgettable experience for your team and the recipients.

22. Ice Skating

Skating is one of the best Christmas team building activities. You can visit an indoor or outdoor ice skating center in your town. You and your colleagues will have a lot of fun even if you are skating for the first time. The ice centers often offer classes for visitors who do not know how to skate.

When planning your visit, decide if you prefer a private or public session. Also, if you plan to throw a Christmas party alongside skating, then check if the center provides rental spaces. After an exciting skating session, you can further visit the nearest store to share snacks and hot chocolate with your team.


Christmas is an exciting season of love and giving in the community. Christmas celebrations can also be a great way to compensate your team for working hard. You can throw an elaborate dinner party or host simple activities like icebreakers, Christmas Olympics, or holiday crafting. Also, creating a tradition is a great idea to make your team look forward to Christmas every year. You can introduce new activities to make your Christmas celebrations special. Besides celebrating Christmas, these activities bring teams together and create a bonding experience.

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FAQ: Christmas team building activities

Here are answers to questions about Christmas team building activities.

What are Christmas team building activities?

Christmas team building activities are games and experiences teams use to observe the festive season while having fun together. These activities include icebreakers, competitive games, and local festive events. Depending on the nature of the activities, you can share the experience with your group indoors or outdoors.

What are some good Christmas team building ideas?

Some good team building ideas for Christmas include making holiday crafts, ice skating, playing the One Word Story game, hosting a festive dinner, playing Never Have I Ever, showing acts of kindness, setting up a photo booth with Christmas props, playing holiday bingo, and watching Christmas movies.

How do you do team building at Christmastime?

Planning team building activities at Christmastime requires the same process as the rest of the year. However, you can introduce elements of Christmas to make the experience special. For instance, you can replace wines with hot chocolate, play Christmas icebreakers, or encourage team members to show up in their favorite ugly sweaters. You would want to consider your budget when planning Christmas team building. If you are on a low budget, then you can play free games or attend fun events at an affordable price. Adding refreshments to your plan will be a great idea. You can also prepare Christmas-themed prizes if you organize a competitive team building activity.

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